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  1. Not my boat, but I've seen it. Needs some work, but not too much. Sails are nearing end of life. Owner is a nice guy, and boat is reasonably priced. https://richmond.craigslist.org/boa/d/kinsale-sea-pearl-21/7451956640.html
  2. Hey, Alan: I don't see the Mini Trimaran on the list. Will it be at the Messabout? Thanks
  3. Sent PM with contact details, since apparently I don't have your email.
  4. I am located near Warrenton, Virginia. The boat is currently at a remote location, but I can bring it here with a day or two notice.
  5. I have to move on to other projects. Price is no reduced to $600 without new plywood or new oars. All bad wood has been removed, waiting for new. Also open to selling sails, trailer, boards.
  6. I was able to save the decks. I'm about ready to cut new seat tops and transom. Then the boat will need to be painted. I've got other projects backing up, so I'm very open to moving this on to a new owner. The boat is titled, the trailer is not, sails are in good shape. As is, I'd take $600. I'm also open to selling the sails, boards and trailer separately.
  7. I've been working on this between other projects as time permits. Boat will be ready to sail by spring. The price will go up, but will still be less than a complete kit.
  8. The quality of the plywood used in the build was good. I don't know what epoxy was used, but it doesn't seem to me that the builder used enough to properly encase the wood. I'm also confident that the storage conditions were far from ideal. That being said, any boat requires maintenance, and this one didn't get it until now. I am planning a build this winter after I'm done with the repairs on this boat. I have enough synthetic materials on hand (CoreCell, Coosaboard, etc) to build wihout wood. I haven't made many final decisions, so we'll see how that works out.
  9. I brought this to the Messabout this year to see if someone else wanted to take on this project. No one bit, so I've started the process. First step was to get rid of the rot. I've been a little bashful about taking out wood, but with about 15 hours in, I've gotten bolder. The transom is completely out. The seat tops are gone. That was pretty much what I figured before I started. Now I'm thinking I'll be replacing the decks as well. While I'm sure I could get by with refinishing the existing decks, I don't think I'll be happy with myself, so this week I'll cut out them out. My new Dremel oscillating tool is getting a workout! I'll post pics when I'm done cutting.
  10. I also have the mast and boom from the Hunter 170. It's stepped from the sole, and is 24'. It's got spreaders and wires, and includes the mast step. I'd like $250 for them, willing to sell the mast and boom separately. I can bring it to the messabout, but won't unless someone defintely wants them.
  11. I've got a weighted centerboard (50 lbs) and rudder from a Hunter 170 that was scrapped due to hull delamination. I'll be bringing them to the messabout if anyone wants them. Seems to me that they should be worth about $100 each. Feel free to make an offer. Thanks
  12. Bringing this to the Messabout. I'm not intending to bring it home. I may separate the boat, sails, trailer, etc, if there is interest. In any event, price is very negotiable.
  13. I have a number of spare parts that could be adapted. I'm confident I've got a rudder that would work, and probably a daggerboard. I've got a few booms, but I'm not sure what you need there. I'm located in Virginia, and it would work best if you're close enough to come by or bring the boat by.
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