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  1. I also have the mast and boom from the Hunter 170. It's stepped from the sole, and is 24'. It's got spreaders and wires, and includes the mast step. I'd like $250 for them, willing to sell the mast and boom separately. I can bring it to the messabout, but won't unless someone defintely wants them.
  2. I've got a weighted centerboard (50 lbs) and rudder from a Hunter 170 that was scrapped due to hull delamination. I'll be bringing them to the messabout if anyone wants them. Seems to me that they should be worth about $100 each. Feel free to make an offer. Thanks
  3. Bringing this to the Messabout. I'm not intending to bring it home. I may separate the boat, sails, trailer, etc, if there is interest. In any event, price is very negotiable.
  4. I have a number of spare parts that could be adapted. I'm confident I've got a rudder that would work, and probably a daggerboard. I've got a few booms, but I'm not sure what you need there. I'm located in Virginia, and it would work best if you're close enough to come by or bring the boat by.
  5. I got the boat in the spring as a refurbishment project, and I now have too many projects. The seat tops need to be replaced, and the entire boat needs to be painted. It's on a good trailer, the sails are sleeve luff in very good condition, and comes with new 7' oars. In my opinion, the work required is less than 25% of the work required to build and finish an entire boat. This would be ideal for someone who may lack sufficient time for a bigger project. Asking $2,000. Two brand new sheets of 6mm okoume included with full price offer.
  6. I'm the new owner of a Core Sound 17, hull no. 17. I bought it from the builder, who hasn't been able to sail it for the last few years. He built it in 2004, as near as I can tell. It needs a little refurbishment, mostly refinishing, with some localized rot here and there. I figure there's about a week's worth of work to get it going again, which probably means it will take a month, once I get started. I haven't decided if I'll be doing any upgrades, or just fixing what's there. I'll be sailing it primarily on the lower Potomac River. I usually sail multihulls, so this will be a new experienc
  7. You don't want carbon to directly contact aluminum. You could put a fiberglass sleeve over the aluminum first. Probably a better idea would be to start with foam, and cover that with carbon sleeves. I'm not sure how you would keep it straight. The issue with the thin-wall aluminum is that it won't significantly contribute to the strength of the mast, only to the weight. The carbon will carry the load until it fails, then the load will go to the aluminum, and that will fail. An all aluminum mast would likely be as light, and cheaper. Windrider sells a carbon mast for their 16' boat
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