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  1. Hello their New to the BandB web site welcome My name is mark and I live in Spokane building a CS 20 mklll she is all but done I have done all the mods that you asked about the thread is hull build #24, I would very much talk over the project you have taken on
  2. Well it’s time I chime in I too used devthane 379 it is one heck of a good paint it can be tinted to whatever color you want. The only slight draw back is that when cured it’s difficult to sand due to its toughness.
  3. I installed a motor well on my cs20mk3 I followed Alan’s plans and it worked out well you must construct the well to fit the motor you have so you can bring it up into the well so every install will be a little different I have a short shaft tohatsu
  4. Iam hopeful that next year I’ll be there with Barbara K
  5. Iam sure that someone will be a whistle blower and release info and pics
  6. Everyone have a good time and stay safe️️️
  7. This is an fyi I was watching this old house on tv today and just learned after working with wood for over 60 years that drilling a pilot hole in your work piece not only makes it easer to start your screw but it will allow the screw to hold up 22% stronger and that I did not know so for us as boat builders this is perk I guess this just goes to show you that your never to old to learn something new
  8. Your right my neighbor has a metal brake I could bend up some sheet metal to keep the anchor on center line and a bungee will keep the anchor from bouncing
  9. I installed this anchor and roller for test fit since I had them from my other boat. I will probably use a plow type anchor that self resets it self
  10. hello been taking advantage of the good weather to put some paint on Barbara Kay I color sanded the hull from the water line up to the cabin top with 1000 grit and made a deal with the local paint shop to have 2k clear sprayed in his booth. The paint job came out ok still some dirt nubs but it’s a boat and iam ok with it. Also started the paint of the cockpit, after the boat came back started the bright work finishing, all the wood has been sealed with two coats of epoxy sanded with 220 and 4coats of total boat Lust varnish sanded with 220 also after two coats this varnish I a very high fill product and dries quickly so recoating is not a problem to apply as many coats as you want. For now the 4coats is enough to get protection on the wood and finish the boat. All this work is been inspired by the port Townsend classic wooden boat show to get finished their was a lot to see and many how to classes on of which was the ins and outs of varnishing by a women who been do this for 30years and I learned a lot, my varnish job has a lot of room for improvement.
  11. Like eating ice cream to fast I got brain freeze with all the information I will have to do more home work
  12. After watching a few videos on the uv-5r most say that it is illegal to transmit on marine bands gmrs and frs frequenices so how does that make it a good radio for use to go boating
  13. Their is a guy who gives you tube lessions on the uv-5r use and programming the channel is not a rubicon production this might come in handy for some who already has or intends to buy a uv-5r radio, I have been looking off and on for a radio for some and this just might fit the bill since I am not tech savvy the videos will help
  14. It's always darkest before the dawn and in this case before the repair looks like you have everything under control
  15. That’s a lot of work how much do you love this boat? I have made repairs to cracks that haven’t gotten to big by using small shims to force open the gap injecting epoxy with a syringe and needle you can get them at a feed store or farm supply then applying clamp pressure to close
  16. If everything else is good you can push the two panels back together and start from their with the repair is it out of the question to make a butt block and attach it to the inside hull panel or as I had to do on my boat when I dropped a lead weight onto the hull while under construction and had to fix it I made it a single side repair but in your case it can be repaired from both sides pictures show how I made the fix hope this will help if you go ahead with this yourself
  17. Having had the similar problem with auto crash (look I know it’s not a boat ) but the out come will probably be the same you will wish you had let the insurance company cover the repair because once you settle with the guy that hit you on a dollar value and get into the repair and it turns out to be c can of worms (no pun intended) your on the hook for what ever happens next not to mention the time you personally put in to make the repair and what if it can’t be saved. Take it to a boat yard and get some professional estimates that would be the way I would go about it mark p.s. It will save you a lot of headaches.
  18. I just got my 30lb masthead float and just wondered if you stuffed the cavity with aluminum foil would that be enough mass to show up on radar like a reflection ball on larger sail boats
  19. After looking at avocet video and the one on grahams carlita I chose to go with a Danforth anchor it turns out that I had one laying around from my power boat I also salvaged the bow roller and mounted it on a piece mahogany this is on center line, the anchor has about 15’ of chain also.
  20. After looking at avocet video and the one on grahams carlita I chose to go with a Danforth anchor it turns out that I had one laying around from my power boat I also salvaged the bow roller and mounted it on a piece mahogany this is on center line, the anchor has about 15’ of chain also.
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