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  1. Thank you guys for the feedback. Boat sailed quite well. It seemed like it had a _slight_ weather helm unless the mizzen was almost completely de-powered and/or the main sheeted in. But it was never very bad. I should have caulked around the centerboard pin covers...had a slight leak around the pins (I think the technical term is "sinking very slowly"). Something that caught my attention is that I could really feel the boat accelerate when when the wind picked up, which was great. Final note: I had some water sitting in the bottom of the boat that I neglected to sponge up. After a week, it caused the Rustoleum Marine Topside paint to peel up off of the epoxy coated wood. Maybe I didn't prep the surface properly? Will sand it down and repaint with an epoxy based paint sometime in the future.
  2. I haven’t posted to this forum for over a decade (15 years?), and was surprised that my login stilled worked. In any case, 16 years after receiving my plans and starting my project, I finally finished and launched my CS17! What a joy to sail.
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