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  1. Scott and all I will be unable to make it this year. I just got a new job and cannot take the time off. I will look forward to making it next year. I will try to make it out to see you somewhere along the way.
  2. Herschel Yes I did put a bimini on my weekender.I have raised the lower part of the mast. It does help when sailing here in Pensacola FL area
  3. I can't get the time off. I may be able to come out on the weekend.
  4. Ken The closest motel would be in Pensacola. Last year most people camped in their boat or on shore the night before. I am planing to stay on my boat on Wednesday night.
  5. I built my own trailer. I have since added guides on both sides of the keel rollers.
  6. Frank That is good looking deal you got there.
  7. Ed I had a canoe I sailed for a few years. My wife sold it when I got transferred to Texas. I have been thinking of building another canoe or a kayak to put a sail on.
  8. It is up but it exceeds the allowed bandwith. It worked for me earlier but after dinner it didn't work.
  9. Steve I am moving to your neighborhood this weekend. You are building a craft that I have been thinking about for a while.
  10. normoose the stevensons web site http://www.steveproj.com lists the weight as 750 Lbs. I think this is what you are looking for.
  11. Denis I used western red cedar for mine and have had no problem with it. It is lighter than the other kinds of wood I could find. I have been out in up to 20 knot winds and it is not a problem.
  12. Doc I used a hinge the same as the one on the rear but ground the cap off one end of the pin. It works very well to just stick the pin in to hold it until I hook up the for stay. I had a turnbuckle on the forstay when I started out but removed it when I went with a roller furler. I found it wasn't really needed as you can take up all the slack with the side stays.
  13. It figgures I was on call last weekend. This weekend I am off and Rita comes to visit. Makes for hard sailing that way.
  14. Doc You might want to check out this progam that Frank listed back in January. http://www.messing-about.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3128 It works very will and does not crop pics but resizes them.
  15. merrimange This is the site I use to check out the winds. http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=49525 It is set up by zip code so it should be good just about anywhere. The wind indicaters are under details for the days listed. I have found them to be fairly good most of the time. I hope this helps.
  16. Mark I had a simmular problem this summer. The forward shroud let go and really messed up the sail shape. I managed to get the sails down and fire up the moter and got to shore and put it back together with no problems but it sure shocked me.
  17. I have been out a few times this year. Last weekend I went out to lake Texoma and spent the first nite on the boat. The wind forgot to come up and the temp was 99. The highest speed I got her up to was 2.6 mph. It was a little hot and I sunburned my back through my shirt (use sunblock). I was solo so I could not get any on about 1/2 of my back. I found that the boat is a little small to camp on. I did all my cooking on shore so that helped some. I am on call this weekend so no sailing but I may go out next weekend.
  18. Craig I was nice and didn't answer. I knew right off the bat where it was but since I sailed there I figgured it would be unfair. I do like the sunset that day it made a good picture.
  19. Scott I don't think you can bore the people on this site with to much boat porn.
  20. I was in Lowes today to get some varnish today and they had the full line of Rustoleum marine paints. You might want to check before you go somewhere and have to order it.
  21. Jan i have the same cleats that you bought and haven't had any trouble using then with the 5/16 lines. They are at the upper limit in the lines they will take but I have not had a line come out of them yet.
  22. John I mounted it in 3M 5200. It should last forever but who knows. I have only had the boat done for almost a year. There is no sign of any rust forming so far. If it does develop I will have to figgure a way to fix it. After building the boat it is nice to not worry weather you can fix it when things go bad.
  23. John I used an eye like they use for a tiedown on a pickup attached to just a 3/8" lag screw. The screw was lag on one end on the other end it was machine screw and it works well. I have loaded the boat from the lawn a couple of times and had no problem with it pulling out.
  24. John On Sanddragon I put an eye that is just below the waterline to give a straight pull on the boat for loading. I had help last fall and the guy hooked it it to the upper hook. When I pulled the boat out of the water the rear of the boat was about a foot in the air. The only way to unhook it was to put the boat back in the water and hook it on the right eye.
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