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  1. I have read all three on the day they came out but it is showing no views.
  2. Chick I recognize that problem myself. I try to limit my building to one boat at a time. Use it for a while then want something different.
  3. That does look like it might be a tight fit.
  4. I use an old heavy duty soldering gun with a flat plastic cutting tip.
  5. Chick I would take it but it would cost more in gas than a new trailer. It sounds like a good deal though.
  6. The only problem with that trailoe is the tung is to short.
  7. I would be willing to pay that to cover one.
  8. I went out and went about 5 1/2 miles out against the wind.and found out my seat isn't very comfortable. It paddles very well. I have a short (8') sot kayak and got tired in less than 1 mile. With this one I was barley tired when I got to the turn around point. I only had 1 minor problem my leg went to sleep and I didn't notice and fell into the water when I tried to stand up. It only took me about 3 hours to make the whole trip of 11 miles but I am fairly sore from sitting in one position for so long. I took a couple of pics which I am attaching.
  9. Thanks I just wasn't sure how far back I should go. I was thinking of but joining the pieces if I needed more than the 14" that is the length of the board.
  10. How long of wear strip do you put on these kayaks. I found a cuttting board that almost is a perfect color match on my hull.
  11. Jeff You are right about using a roller. It makes a much more even coat and is faster to do.
  12. Thanks that is what I wanted to hear as I now have 2 coats brushed on. I will try rolling and see if it goes better.
  13. I was wondering how many coats of paint people are using to finish their sof boats.
  14. Jeff How thick should the coming be . I was planing for between 1/2" and 3/4" but am not sure.
  15. Bill That looks about right. I have one I am building ready to lash up. Right now it is held together with bungee cord.
  16. I think the original plans showed it 17" above the deck.
  17. I checked and I raised the boom up to 33" but I raised the cabin height by 5" so it doesn't look so high. The boom clears the bimini by about 2".
  18. Herschel I have a ratchet block on the end of the boom. It works well and reduces the load on the line you are holding. I found the bimini cover at Bass pro shop clearance center when I was up in Mo. for some training for work. I built the framework from schedule 80 electrical conduit. It took some adjusting to get it right and so it worked. It is something you need when sailing down here in FL.
  19. Herschel I have sailed my weekender several times on just the Jib and had no problems. The first time I was out in high winds we were running in 4' waves on the jib alone and it was betterthan trying to use the main.I knew that I was not able to use the main when I went out.
  20. Scott and all I will be unable to make it this year. I just got a new job and cannot take the time off. I will look forward to making it next year. I will try to make it out to see you somewhere along the way.
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