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  1. Mark I wish I would have followed Barreys nethod of finishing. I assembeled minr and masked it off.I did have some blead under the masking tape. I used recycled mahogany from an old boat that didn't have enoogh of the bottom left to salvage it . The old boat was built in 1949 and the only thing holding the keel on it was the fiberglass. I may build another boat like it as I liked the design of it. It was an open canoe type and looked like it would have been fun to sail.
  2. I did get the trailer out from under the old boat today. I took a few pictures and posted one in my gallery. I have new hubs and tires for it. That is one of the things I am planing to do this weekend. The toung is adjustable and it looks like I will have to move the toung forward about 6". I will have to make a bracket to attach the locating arms as the old one is welded on and cannot be moved. I was going to try to save the wood from the transom of the old Thompson but it is all rotted and I pulled it apart pulling the trailer out from under the old boat. I will have to figure a way to build the bunks for the boat but will not have any problem with the rail to center the boat.
  3. Barry It looks like I will have to extend the toung on the trailer. The overhang is not going to be a problem as I was going to mount the lights on a light bar hung on the back of the boat. The trailer is a simple one with the axle hung by a couple of u bolts. It has rollers on it but there is only 2 of them and they are to narrow to fit the keel. it has torsion bars to keep the axle in line with the toung. The bracket is welded to the toung but the torsion bars are bolted to the bracket. I will try to pull the trailer out from under the boat with the tractor tomorrow and see if I can get pictures.
  4. Mike The video on dvd would be a great addition. I hope you would make them available to all of us who bought the original video on tape. The tapes do tend to wear out after a time.
  5. I hope to roll Sanddragonn over this weekend. Anybody want to come and help. lol I think I have enough help to do this. I will try to have my other half take pics with the digital camera during this process. I have the boat up on some tall horses to do finish work on the inside of her. I am going to seal up the forward compartment to see if it will work to keep it from floating so low if and when I put her over on her side.
  6. Barry I still have not removed all of the old boat so it is hard to get pictures. I will be cutting up what is left of the boat this weekend. I have removed the seats and rails from it as they are all mahogany. The boat is dun with ribs that are oak and I don't think there is one that is not rotted out. I didn't need any tools to take the seats or rails out I just lifted them out of the boat just being held with rot. I need to know how long the toung needs to be so the bowsprit does not run into the tow vehicle. I would like to see some of the other weekenders length from the axle to hitch and wench to hitch to set it up so I won't have problems
  7. I have a trailer that needs to be rebuilt to fit a weekender and I was wondering if any of you had any ideas on what I need to do. I have an old trailer that had a 14' Thompson runabout on it and it won't fit the weekender as it sits. What do I need to do to make suitable for the weekender. the toung is 9'3" long in front of the axle. I am looking for any Suggestions.
  8. Welcome Florin I have my weekender almost ready to turn back right side up. I have put it up on tall horses( 48" tall) and painted the interior of her. I was trying to ffigureout how I was going to be able to paint the forward section as I couldn't reach all the way into it. Putting it up on tall horses I was able to stand under it and go through the forward hatch and paint and seal the forward compartment. While it was up on the tall horses I was able to paint the interior of the cabin except the sole as it will just need to be repainted after I get it back right side up. there will be no drips on the roof of the cabin by waiting to paint that part.
  9. I have been thinking of going 1 of 2 ways on my keel. I am thinking of using a rubber coating like a truck bed liner or going with a 3/8" strip of oak to keep it from wearing I am not sure witch way to go. Has anyone tried the rubberized coating and how does it work.
  10. Dennis It is fun to be at that stage it sure beats sanding. I finally got the paint on right. I had to sand off the first coat of paint because I used the wrong roller to put the primer on. It is looking good and I should be in the water in about 1 month. You will be in the water soon with your progress.
  11. Pat Mellema


    I would purchase this for the rub rails. All you have to remember is that you need to rip it into 4 even sized pieces. It will make the rails slightly smaller then the plan call for. It should not be a problem. I used a 1x8 in pine as these are a sacrifical piece to be replaced when they get torn up. I have not put my boat i the water as yet but have had other boats and they all had rub rails that got torn up.
  12. The plans call for 5 1/2" diameter openings. The 5" should fit well.
  13. Barry Now you have me thinking and I am not sure where I made that measurement I hope that I did it right. I know the mast box did not fit tight to the bulkhead. I had to put a spacer in place to make it fit the angle of the mastbox. It looks right in the pictures that I took. I will have to go out and climb under it to check if I did it right as the boat is upside down and just about ready for paint.
  14. Darek Your last comment sounds like what is happening here. I purchased a trailer for $50 and it came with a 14' thompson wooden boat that has rotted out all along the bottom and all the ribs are rotted so there is no way to repair it. It did have a lot of good mahoganyin the seats and the top half of the transom. I will remove all the usable mahoganyfrom it then cut it up for fire wood. I will have to replace the hubs in the trailer and may have to extend the toung. It is a good price even with the upgrades to it as hubs cost a minor amount about $45 for hubs and bearings. I have the parts for lengthing the toung.
  15. Greg I plan to sail out of several ports along the west coast of Michigan. I think I will have her ready to go in late May or early June is what I am aiming for.
  16. here is a link to the pics. [/url]http://photos.yahoo.com/noeyes357
  17. anybody know where the pics went. They show up in the post but they don't show up.
  18. It finally warmed up enough today to fiberglass the bottom of sanddragon. It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I am glad I had those latex gloves as my hands stayed cleen. Here are a coupe of pics.
  19. Red I used bondo autobody filler to fill in the surface imperfections. It fills in well and sands off easy if done the way it says to do it in the plans. I also used it to make the fillets on the keel.
  20. Mr Moon I know about spousal opposition. I have run into that problem while building my boat. I have been able to get around it without to much problems. I have had to do a few projects that I had not planed on doing before working on the boat.
  21. Sailor3356 We had a house fire two blocks over on Friday night that was started when a limb came down on the power line. That could have happened anywhere around here. We had about 1" of ice here. I parked the cars out in the yard away from the trees as limbs were falling all over the neighborhood. We got lucky and only had a few small branches come down. None of the big limbs fell from our trees.
  22. Luckette We could have used one of those generators today. We lost power at about 2:30 in the morning and didn't have power back until 4:30 this afternoon. we had all of the camping stuff out ready for the long haul. I went out to find a coffee pot as that was nowhere to be found. I came up with a new drip coffee maker for use with a colman stove. I will probally end up using it on Sanddragon as it takes no additional power.
  23. Barry I was thinking of going with a longer bow sprit and a roller furling with a larger forsail.
  24. Guys I have first hand knowlage about putting a safety line on an outboard. I have used an electric motor on my canoe for years and have had it come off the mount at least 3 times. It was always fine for the first hour or two but it seams to loosen up somehow and I have had it go to the point of using the safety line to catch it about 3' down uunderwater. It has always worked when I pulled it up out of the water. With a gas engine I don't know how well it would run after taking a swim but my electric motors have always run fine afterwards.
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