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  1. The boat is coming along, I did not have much time to spent on it lately. I am 3D I have the side to put on but some how I miscalculated the measurement when I traced them.Too big, which is better the too small LOL. I will post some picture soon.
  2. I made up some new mast hoop , using a design made by Greg Miller. and they look great.
  3. Wanna see what 2 sheets of plywood will get you??
  4. I am Building a " Guppy " ;D Keeping with the tradition, I started building this one the same place I started my Weekender. In the dinning room The Guppy is a small boat I am building for my kids to initiate them to sailing. My oldest is 6 1/2 years old and love boats , so let's foster that. I will keep you guys posted on the progress. Cheers
  5. Awesome Video, makes me anxious to get out on the boat. The only problem is that there is still snow and the water is still in the solid state (3 to 5 feet thick that is)
  6. Feels that way for me too We have a short sailing season. But on the other hand we have a looooong building season ;D
  7. I held up as long as I could for one last sail before putting her away. Unfortunately crapy weather, a move and being a single dad while mom is gone on training there just was no time :'( A friend and I went today ( weather was great, bitter sweet ) towed it to the boat ramp and within an hour the season was over. :'( Now it's time think about cleaning up and tweaking the boat and finally put the finishing touch that was left out for a hasty launch. Cheers comrades of the True North Fleet
  8. Bpnjour CoolGuy Si par hasard tu a besoin d'informations en francais, tu peut toujour comuniquer avec moi par courrier electronique. Je suis Canadien Francais est je viens tout juste de terminer mon "Weekender". Au Plaisir. Denis
  9. Went for a sail tonight with my first mate, we toured around the famous house boat of Yellowknife Northwest Territories. Not much wind but we had a great time. Cheers
  10. Greg Miller and I went for a sail on great Slave lake this past Thursday. Not much wind but we had a great time. His son took some great picture. Judge for yourself. Denis
  11. Thanks Greg It is a Weekender, I still have to put the cabin hatch, handrails and splash cuming. The location is Prelude Lake in Northwest Territories The water temperature is about 15 to 18 degree celcius. And Lay off the flag LOL ;D
  12. Thanks Guys It finally worked.
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