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  1. I have read all three on the day they came out but it is showing no views.
  2. Chick I recognize that problem myself. I try to limit my building to one boat at a time. Use it for a while then want something different.
  3. It looks like anotherone just got hooked.
  4. That does look like it might be a tight fit.
  5. I use an old heavy duty soldering gun with a flat plastic cutting tip.
  6. Chick I would take it but it would cost more in gas than a new trailer. It sounds like a good deal though.
  7. The only problem with that trailoe is the tung is to short.
  8. I would be willing to pay that to cover one.
  9. I went out and went about 5 1/2 miles out against the wind.and found out my seat isn't very comfortable. It paddles very well. I have a short (8') sot kayak and got tired in less than 1 mile. With this one I was barley tired when I got to the turn around point. I only had 1 minor problem my leg went to sleep and I didn't notice and fell into the water when I tried to stand up. It only took me about 3 hours to make the whole trip of 11 miles but I am fairly sore from sitting in one position for so long. I took a couple of pics which I am attaching.
  10. Thanks I just wasn't sure how far back I should go. I was thinking of but joining the pieces if I needed more than the 14" that is the length of the board.
  11. How long of wear strip do you put on these kayaks. I found a cuttting board that almost is a perfect color match on my hull.
  12. Jeff You are right about using a roller. It makes a much more even coat and is faster to do.
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