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  1. For some reason, I started poking around again here and backyard boats tonight after a lengthy absence. Don't know what got me to surfing these boards again. Nice to see familiar names again, and some surprises. Fire Escape sold? Adla apparently rescues Black Falcon? What else...? On this end, remarkable sailing summer this year in Kentucky. Green River lake has been absolutely beautiful. Light of Day, my classic V21 restoration project continues to move along slowly as to final details. As someone just said in a post launching can be a mistake; you start sailing instead of working. Anyway, hi, folks.
  2. I always did like that dragon design you used to have. That would be a sail to see.
  3. Whoo Hoooo! Adla and Morgaine are back! What a great post and a great sail. The Lurking Frog
  4. I am impressed; a great project. Speaking of room and access, one thing I did was seriously modify the cabin roof of my weekender, the now departed Charlie Girl II, with a slot-top arrangement ala Jim Michalak (see duckworksmagazine.com) to give more safety and stabilty when moving forward. I could walk almost to the foot of the mast without having to climb topside. I thought that was a neat safety feature. Might still be some pictures back in the achives. Still lurking. Doc A in Kentucky
  5. Things seem to stay green in Washington. That is one fine looking Weekender. And that particular color scheme is my favorite on a Weekender. DocA in Kentucky.
  6. Looking very good. Very good indeed. Docfrog in Kentucky. Still lurking around.
  7. Agree completely; that's fine looking boat. DocA
  8. This boat gets better looking all the time. I concur that the interior looks superb!
  9. Fantastic. I've been completely fascinated by the Morningstar odyssey. I delighted that it will resume in kinder waters. DocA V21 Light of Day
  10. Hey, Adla. Good to know you are still around. Re. Boat on the rocks. The first time I took my daughter out on Charlie Girl II, which had some serious philosophical issues about turning to port, I managed to put her (the boat) square on the rocks of the little lake we sailed on. Ellen looked at me with a perfectly straight face and said. "This is really complicated, isn't it."
  11. Yup, all kinds of folks hanging around. Hope nobody was hurt in the squall. DocFrog V21 Light of Day
  12. You might want to take a look at some of Jim Michalak's (spelling...?) designs. They are a bit out of the box, often boxy, and go down to some very small sail and motor designs. But they are extremely well thought out by a very competent if somewhat unusual designer. You can find them on Duckworks Magazine in the plans section. www.duckworksmagazine.com. DocFrog V21 Light of Day
  13. Two really neat inflatable PFD's, and all our kids home from various points of the compass. And a great day's sail on Green River Lake with Barnacle Bill in his Vic18 cutter with my younger son. DocFrog V21 Light of Day
  14. And the same to all, a bit late, and a prosperous New Year with fair winds. DavidA V21 Light of Day
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