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  1. This past summer we had a fleet of tall ships in Muskegon. We took Sanddragon out to watch them on parade and it is amazing how many people took pictures of our boat from the tall ships. We were within 50 yards of some of them and could watch them putting the sails up and getting ready to sail out.
  2. rrb We need to se pictures of the boat in the pool.
  3. Tom The wood you are describing sounds like cherry. when freshly sanded it iis a light brown and after it ages in the light it turns a dark reddish brown. It is a good find no matter what kind of wood it is. I have a lot of mahogany in my boat that was recycled from other boats. I only bought 1 piece for the shelves as I didn't have any big enough to make them when I got to the point of putting them in. It will make some nice accent pieces for you. All the brightwork except the mast and boom is recycled wood. [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
  4. Jan Raising the cabin top on a weekender is not hard. All you have to do is add the additional lenght to the panels before you cut them. I raised mine 4" but if I had to do it again I think I would go 6" as I still hit my head on ocasions. It is nice to have enough room to sit up in the cabin.
  5. Jan I have added 250lbs ballast to my weekender. I have lead that came from a boat that was given to me but was to bad to repair. The lead is in 1lb inguts and I laied them out in 2 layers in the forpeak totaling 155lbs and added another 100lbs in the laserette. I found that just the weight forward it was off balance. I went out to sail it with the weight in the front and found it didn't act right the bow was down to far and cut through the waves and had a couple break over the bow. I added the weight in the rear and it was much better. The boat was much more stable and not tippy like it was before ballast. I am going too try putting the the weight down the center of the cabin and see how I like that. The weekender is a stable boat without ballast and is a good boat to learn to sail on. I had never sailed until I launched my boat. I would recomend that you try it without ballast before you add any. Right now my boat is on its side getting some repairs that fix some things that I screwed up when I was building her.
  6. I built the chimes on Sanddragon as straight angles and am now having to repair then as the cracked on both sides in the rear half of the boat. I was thinking of grinding them off at a 45 degree angle and getting away from the bondo that I used to fill the corners in. After looking the boat over yesterday I think my repair solution should work. It is going to be kind of rough emptying the boat and taking her off the trailer to do the repairs. I should be able to do it this week and then get back to sailing. I found a 5 hp long shaft motor this weekend so I will have plenty of power to use the boat anywhere I feel like going. I found a couple of bubbles in the fiberglass that I didn't see when I had the boat unpainted so I will repair those while I am fixing the other problem I am having.
  7. Tom You don't need admin rights. You just upload photos and Frank puts them in an album when he authorizes them.
  8. The weather maps showed steady winds out of the SE at 8 mph with gusts out of the SW at 20-25. There was a cold front just off the the west at the time. The cold front has gone through and it is warmer than before it went through.
  9. I went out tonite and had a great sail. I got out on the lake with winds at about 8 mph with gusts to 25 from a different direction. It was a real learning experience. I managed to get about 5 miles down the lake. It took about 45 minutes to get down the lake and about 30 minutes to get back. I arrived at the marina at about 20 minutes before sunset. I was told on the way out that there was a storm coming in in about 3 hours so I decided not to stay out to long. Now for the problem I found about a quart of water in the rear seat locker so I am going to have to figure out where it is coming in and repair it. I didn't see any problems on the outer hull so it is going to have do some searching to find the leak.
  10. I used about 4# of the glue. I mixed it in small batches so I rarely had any waste.
  11. Phil My son had no ambition at all through high school. He was out of school for a year and a half and decided he didn't know what to do as he had had several jobs and wasn't happy with any of them. He decided to join the Marines and sence that time he has had a purpose. He has changed in ways that I never thought he would. He has taken reading up as a way to fill in the time he is bored and has grown a bunch. If he would have stayed here he may not have made it to be 21. The Marine corps has made him into a man from the kid he was. It is a good thing
  12. Tom Arnie made a mistake in his dimensions the mast is 15'1" overall length on a stock weekender.
  13. Frank another gotchya is in figgure 5 the measurement from station line #10 should be 7" not 9" as it shows in the newer plans. somewhere along the line it got changed and has caused some people problems as you cannot get the the 65" measurement for locating the bulkhead.
  14. I tried the 2 pulleys and found they didn't work properly and went with a double pulley and there was no problem. I built a spreader for the stays also and found that I need to get a wider one as it still jams up sometimes.I think 9" is the minimum that you need to keep the gaff from catching on the stays.
  15. Guys Keep building and soon you to will be on the water. It doesn't take that long to go from starting to sailing . I have had Sanddragon out 3 times and each was a learning experience. The first time out there was no wind and we ran the electric motor out of power and had to paddle back in with no lights. The second time out the wind was 20 - 30 konts and the waves turned into 3' with whitecaps all over the lake. The third time out we hade niice winds of about 5-10 knos and hade a good time untill we tried to come back to the ramp and the winds died. We did manage to pick up enough breese to tack back to the ramp sfter dark. At least this time we had lights.
  16. Barry re you talking of dragging Sprit Wind all the way over to our lakes. Just to try sculling. The lakes may be big but it would be safer to try this on a small lake. I have yet to get Sanddragon out to the big lake. I have been out in the small lake and had some conditions that made me uncomfortable. I am not that used to sailing but would not have liked those conditions in the power boat that I grew up with. I would watch out on Lake Superior as conditions can change from nice to real bad in a very short time. I have lived around these lakes all my life and found conditions to go from flat calm to 8' waves and winds in excess of 30 knots in 1/2 hour.
  17. Remod It is addicting. I started like you and found I had to have one of these boats. It is a fun project that you will never be finished with. I am looking to see what my next project is going to be. Once you get started you cannot stop.
  18. Stuart They never asked me if I would like that kind of winds. My friend that was with me is someone who has sailed all his life and it does help having some experience with you.
  19. These pictures are from when we dropped the main as the wind was comming up. The waves got a bunch higher as we were coming in and we were to busy to take pictures. My friend Will took some pics of me out in the marina where the sea was calm. We sailed right up to the ramp with no problems on jib alone. We walked around the point at the marina after we loaded the boat and the entire lake was white. I am glad that we came in when we did. [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
  20. I took sanddragon out to Muskegon lake today and went for a sail. The wind came up a little (25-35mph). We went out and the wind was about 15mph. We got out 2-3 miles in a short time as the wind was picking up the whole way. We had to drop the mainsail as we were running almost on the rail. we came back under jib alone in about 3 ft waves with whitecaps on them. It was quite an experience. I know that it was bad when all the big plastic boats were running on jib alone.we got back without incident but it was not real fun. This was on an inland lake not on one of the great lakes. I have been out on lake Michigan in these kinds of conditions but it was never fun. I have a couple of pictures but have not had time to download them yet they will follow when I have a chace to process them.
  21. Craig I am planing to go see the tall ships. I will be taking Sanddragon out to see them. when they were here 2 years ago we followed them around from the east side of the state. We were camping on land and made about the same speed that they did and they were making. It was nice to see them on the lakes as we went along.
  22. I feel sorry for you guys today we only got up to 76 for a while. Then we had thunderstorms Form and the temp went down to 65 I went out to the lake tonite it was bright and sunny all the way out . When I got there and started to set up the boat I started to hear thunder and decied not to put her in. I am not that experienced in sailing to sail in the kind of winds that go with the storms. I also don't like the lightening that goes with these storms.
  23. Barry That is exactly what I did. After I put the wood on I took a router with a 3/8 roundover bit and rounded both top edges.
  24. Simon I was the one taking the pictures. There is a picture of my first mate and myself in the gallery.
  25. Barry I didn't like the idea of open edge of plywood so I ripped a cedar 2x4 into 1/4" strips and installed them on all therr sides covering the 1x2 rail on the outside and the plywood on the inside. I installed a thied peice over the top and rounded the corners off with a router. It turned out well and they are easily replacable when they get damaged. [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
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