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  1. Tyler It appears that your keel is off center most of the way along it's length and I think that is what your problem is with your centerlines not lining up.
  2. Barry I was figguring on getting 2 12' 4x4s. That would be enough to make the mast and the bow sprit.
  3. sailor 3356 I think I hace about 4 coffee cans of them around here somewhere.
  4. Tyler make sure the bow of the deck is lined up on the stem as it will cause errors if not centered. It looks like you are making good progress.
  5. Paul At this point I have not built a mast. That site is from another builder. I would like to be far enough along to have to worry about a mast.At this point my boat is ssetting upside down ready to be fiberglassed but I am waiting for the weather to warm up enough to do it.
  6. Brent Try this site. http://users2.ev1.net/~fshagan/bm.htm It shows how to build them.
  7. Charlie Those are some nice looking boats.
  8. Kevin that is a great looking wheel. I have been thinking of going with a tiller for Sanddragon.
  9. Rob you are right about the brakes being overkill. They may pose problems with the salt water. Living in Michigan I have enough freshwater that I don't have to go to where there is saltwater and tides to contend with.
  10. That is a good looking kayak I have been thinking of building one myself for those days when there is no wind to run Sanddragon.
  11. Pat Mellema


    It looks like it has stablized and seems to be working.
  12. Here is a picture of my trailer but I have a bunch of wood to remove from it. I will have to make some modifiications to it. I bought the trailer and boat for $50 so I think I got a good deal.
  13. Joe That sounds like a fun thing to do on a nice spring afternoon.
  14. Well today I ordered my glass cloth for Sanddragon. I think the weather is finally starting to break up here. It will be warm enough to put it on soon . I have been on hold for the winter since mid october when it turned to cold to do any more work on the boat.
  15. Frank This is a fun idea. I don't post much but I read all of them.
  16. Dingo Here is the original post. http://www.messing-about.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=380
  17. Dave I decided in August of 2002 to get the plans for a weekender and got it ready for fibrtglass before the weather turned cold. I have about 3 1/2 weeks in but my job allowed me to work about 10 hours er day on this project. Hopefully I will be able to finish it up as soon as the weathet changes. It is supposed to be 0 out tonite so it will be a while yet.
  18. I used 5200 on all the joints in Sanddragon they are all joints I don't want to come apart. The 5200 does make a good seal on the joints.
  19. Jake Looks great. I hope mine comes out that well.
  20. I am in Grand Rapids. Not very far away. My boat is sitting upside down under a tarp for the winter.I have it ready for the fiberglass on the bottom but I am waiting until it warms up. I know there is someone else here in Grand Rapids but I haven't met him yet.
  21. Knut That looks like an interesting device. I do not know what it is called but it looks like it would make an easy adjustment of the tension on the forstay. I think it would be about as easy as just hooking up the shackle that they recomend in the plans. I have not completed my boat to the point of doing any rigging yet but will get it done soon so I don't have much experience with this type of thing.
  22. Paul Gas in Michigan is averaging about $1.75 / gal for regular.
  23. Frank the gallery picturs still don't load with netscape 4.7 :cry: . I don't have any problems as I have switched over to mozilla and that works.
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