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  1. The forum software has an update to the interface. I have increased the contrast of the text from the default and increased the font sizes slightly. I think it is more readable now but want feedback. Let me know if you run into any problems with hard to see text, either due to color of the text. I have the main text at 16px now, and can increase it if needed. I can also install an alternate theme with larger text if some of you are still having problems reading it.
  2. It should be back and working now, Chick! I had a database corrupted.
  3. Website's up for me. If you are on a PC, go to the website in your browser and hold down CTRL and press F5 several times. In Safari use CMD-ALT-E to clear the cache. The local ISP might be caching the DNS results too, so check with them if it doesn't start resolving by tomorrow morning.
  4. Your website is back up now and the email should be working (or at least available for troubleshooting).
  5. Frank,  I'm trying to hit all available bases in getting my website back on line after being left out in the cold.

  6. Anyone have a better email or know how Tom is doing? He has a domain name registered with me for Blue Jacket Boats that has just expired, and we only have a few days to recover it at the regular renewal price.
  7. Have someone who is a family member email me at fshagan@gmail.com and I can do any of these things: 1. Suspend / cancel his account so no one can hack in as him. His posts would remain on the site 2. Delete his account. His posts would no longer be attributed to him, but would remain in the forum. 3. Delete his account and all his posts. In some cases this would require the deletion of threads if he started them. This removes his account and deletes all traces of his activity here.
  8. OK, I changed your TarDevil login to use the new email address. I sent you an email. If you don't get the reminder email for a new password let me know via email at fshagan@gmail.com and I can set a new, temporary password on that TarDevil account.
  9. Yes, let me change the email address to your current one you gave in this profile.
  10. Thanks, Dave! I know you guys don't mind when things have to be done, but I always hate miscalculating how long it takes to complete it!
  11. Yes, it took a lot longer than I expected! Sorry about that. But it's good to be back on line!
  12. When you upload an image, you can later insert it between text: By positioning your cursor where you want to insert the image and then clicking the image. Here's a short video showing it: http://screenshot.ontrapedia.com/public/fhagan/194f95df-cbe6-412d-a7a2-2002d9cb37431574174805.mp4
  13. Welcome! I've upgraded your membership to Supporting Member status. You shouldn't see any ads for the next year, and can create Galleries or Clubs from the tabs at the top of the page. People love to follow a build thread so when you get started go ahead and start one for your boat. Thanks for joining!
  14. This is a story I wrote for my old website, and found again. The Question By Frank Hagan Copyright 2000, The Gaff Rig Magazine Published by Back Yard Yacht Builder's Organization Reprinted by permission "The Question". It seems so witty to those who haven’t heard it dozens of times. Here’s a test: you are a veteran boat builder if you can reveal, Jeopardy style, "The Question" for these answers: Because I wanted to. I had all this extra marine plywood, and don’t know any marines. God told me there’s going to be a flood.
  15. Supporting members can now add up to five galleries for their projects here on messing-about.com! You can set your gallery to private, but most of the time, you'll want to share your images with the world! Access the Gallery section by clicking the tab above.
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