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  1. Frank Hagan

    Paul Riccelli - PAR

    There are other notices on other forums like Boat Design Net and SailNet about his passing, so I'm afraid it is true. The service, according to the GoFund Me page, is this Saturday, June 9th.
  2. Frank Hagan

    Paul Riccelli - PAR

    I have been notified that Paul Riccelli (PAR) passed away unexpectedly on May 30th, 2018.. There is a GoFund me page for burial expenses.I'm posting the link for others to pay their respects in whatever way they see fit. My condolences to his family and friends.
  3. Wow, what a great model! Thanks for sharing this project with us.
  4. Frank Hagan

    Uploading Photos

    It should work now. Sorry about that.
  5. Frank Hagan

    Action Tiger builds sailboat. With epoxy!

    That was my fault; I upgraded the software and server software and set some configuration items wrong. Try to upload pics again and let me know!
  6. Frank Hagan

    Pictures won't post.

    Very strange. I upgraded again and reset the server, made sure there is enough space. What's weird is that the "error code" .... "200" ... is "normal response" (meaning it's not an HTTP error). I'll keep digging.
  7. Hi Frank, still not working.

  8. Frank Hagan

    Chick's Micro Power Cruiser Project.

    You should be good to go. I mis-read the configuration file and granted everyone a generous 2,000,000 kilobytes of file space when I thought I was giving 2,000,000 MB. Kind of like when you mis-read inches for feet and end up with a dinghy 40 feet wide.
  9. Frank Hagan

    Uploading Photos

    Had a couple of decimal places ignored; the storage space should be OK per user now.
  10. Frank Hagan

    Pictures won't post.

    Pesky decimal places. Try again guys!
  11. Frank Hagan

    Pictures won't post.

    Hmmm ... that should be 2 GB not MB.
  12. Frank Hagan

    Photobucket got you down? Use Google Photos free.

    Are your photos named like this: P1190625.jpg
  13. Frank Hagan

    Photobucket got you down? Use Google Photos free.

    Let me do some research on this. I don't think so, but perhaps someone has a utility or something that can help.
  14. Frank Hagan

    "Allow Notifications" disabled (I hope)

    It is the kind of thing that you can turn off when it pops up. Many people just close the notification without choosing to either accept or block them, and it pops up on every page refresh. I was reminded how much of a bad experience it can be when I last visited my mother, and she had constant pop ups from the notifications area (lower right) on her Windows 10 system. There was a constant stream of them, even when all her browsers were closed. You can turn them off in Windows, but it's harder to find the switch in the browsers.
  15. I have attempted to disable the pop up that asks you to "allow notifications" when visiting the site. It is done via a script as the software does not allow disabling it because the software developers are evil (well, "irritating" might be a better word). Let me know if you still see the incessant "Allow messing-about to send you notifications" messages.

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