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  1. Sadly, I no longer have the time to work on my vacationer, so I'm offering it up for free. Keel/hull/deck are done. Cabin is started. You'll need to arrange for transport. Boat is located in the Scranton PA area.
  2. Ok...it's finally stopped snowing in N.E. PA so work has resumed on the Amanda Alexandria - and confusion has returned! :shock: Can anyone lend some help....I'm more than a little confused on what is called for to make the top transom stringer/gusset. It appears (to me anyway) that the plans call for it to be formed from another 2x4 cut with a 32degree angle - but the drawings and at least one builders website, it appears to be the stringers made by ripping the 2x6 with the 32degree angle cut. Logic tells me it should be the gussets ripped from the 2x6 - but I don't want to have to tear
  3. WHEW!! :grin:Thanks a bunch Craig! I was starting to think I've either gone looney...or I that I've made some BIG mistake that was making the directions obscure (Lord knows I've made plenty thus far)!, and I was starting to really get worried...as here in N.E. Pennsylvania, there is only about another week or two of half-way decent weather to work and was really hoping to get this phase done before buttoning up things for the winter. Thanks again!
  4. OK....I've read the directions at least 1/2 dozen times, and I still don't get it. The plans for the vacationer call for the 2x4 bottom transom stringer to be placed 'forward' 1/2 inch of the rear edge...and also called for it to be cut at 32 degrees. First question...if the rest of the bottom panels are cut at 27 degrees, as are the side stringers...why 32 degrees for the transom stringer. 2nd question is why is it placed 1/2 inch forward of the rear edge, and not flush like the side stringers? Kinda hoping these are just a typo, because I'm feeling kinda dumb right now! :?
  5. OOOHHHH I am sooo good at making mistakes...If it were a professional sport, I'd be a millionaire (my wife wills surely testify to this) I appreciate the advice...and I'm actually looking forward to the whole process of building it (it's also been a great excuse to expand my tool collection)..and knowing myself, it will never really be done. I'm the sort that will tinker and try to improve on it forever....
  6. Thanks Konrad! It was this forum and whole Weekender/Vacationer community that really leaned me toward the Vacationer. I had considered designs from Glen-L, Hartley and a few others - all of which had attributes I liked, but not the absolute wealth of information that is so obviously available from everyone here (and who are so ready to share it with one another) My only hope now is that the weather up here in the Pocono's will warm up so I can glue the keel sections up. BTW...is there anyone out there with a Stevenson boats in my neck of the woods (the Pocono Mt./Wilkes-Barre/Scranton
  7. We'll...after a year of looking, planning, second guessing myself and starring off into space dreaming about it...I made the first cut for the keel on my Vacationer today. Okay...it was just one cut..but it was 30F today in North East PA...and I'm working outside! Once I've got some worthy photos of posting, I'll do so. For everyone who has been wondering what a Vacationer will cost to build, I'll be keeping a running log of actual material costs. I've started a geocities website to share everything, and I'll post a link once it's ready. I plan to name her the Amanda Alexandria (the
  8. Jeff

    Boat Show rant

    There are about 20 times more powerboaters that sailors. Yikes!! Yikes is right! you figure was virtually on the mark! In 2006, new powerboats outsold new sailboats at a rate of 20 to 1 (approx 14,000 vs 260,000.. sad that I even know this figure off the top of my head). Unfortunately, this is what you'll find in any of the big, advertised boat shows (especially those sponsored by the NMMA). I've been to the NY National Show in Manhattan, St. Louis and Los Angeles shows this year...and the offering was identical at all 3...a Hunter Edge and a few sailing dinghys and daysailors. Th
  9. Silly question Mike...but I noticed the other day that when the Super Skip Jack plans were announced, the 'venerable' skip jack plans seemed to have been dropped....have they been nixed in liue of the Super Skip. Thanks ps...we got our Vacationer plans Monday.....I can't believe how quick you got them out ( I believe it was just 3 days)! Now I just have to wait to Christmas to see them Oh well, plenty of time to start planning!
  10. I haven't even started my project yet...and I'm already getting the 'look'. My coworkers think I'm already crazy for just liking boats to begin with (hence the nickname I've been given of 'boatpuke'). Now they feel they are completely justified in there analysis of me when I mentioned I was actualy going to build one. Any yes, I've been given the standard line of "wouldn't it be easier to just buy one". But I just quietly smile and think, "Yes, it probably would...but then again...You just don't understand!" ;D
  11. I know their site has said they suspended orders for some time (at least as long as I've been peeking around here...around April or May, I think), and Salty Dog and I believe one other stated they got their plans fairly quickly....I too, got the 'mailbox full' message 2 days ago...but I've heard alot of that. Before I get daring an order my Vacationer plans next week (aka..payday ), can anyone comment on the height of a Vacationer's cabin roof? On the FAQ page of Stevenson site, it says an average of 38"....which seems quite tight (if my math is right...that's a mere 2 inches more than a y
  12. Thanks Salty Dog....I'll give it a shot, and with a little luck...I can begin posting pictures of my Vacationer under construction. ;D
  13. Cool Guy, did you try ordering via Paypal, or did you just try emailing Shannon? I was going to order a set of Vacationer plans and the DVD next week myself - and was getting geared up to start so I could be sailing by the end of next season (I even got the 'squids' interested in helping!). Does any out there have any 'inside' knowledge?. Salty Dog...didn't you just order your plans about 3 or 4 weeks ago?
  14. I appreciate everyone's help! Although I like the classic look of the Fancy Free/Vacationer, I'll look more closely at the B&B designs. As much as I want a certain 'look', I also want to engage in something that won't leave me scratching my head all night and end up having my kids grow up before I get the boat wet for the first time!
  15. Can anyone help ???... I've been trying to decide on which design to build for quite some time now- Vacationer? a Glen-L Fancy Free? a John Welsford Penguin? I've seen the owner sites on the Vacationer, and like that you can order a DVD from Stevenson for newbies like myself (although I've remodeled kitchens, installed new roof's and reconstructed entire load bearing walls...boats are new to me!) - I also like the design and layouts of the Fancy Free and Penguin (and the fact that Glen-L will supply full size patterns). Does anybody have any experience (or know someone that does) with
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