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  1. If you have a FAQ thread you should pin It to the top of the forum.
  2. Send me mail to christopher period obee care of yahoo.com
  3. I'll give you two hundred for the boat so long as the sail is decent and there is no rot.
  4. No, I was painting the hull and discovered a warp in my centerboard case which broght me to a stand. Then life in its insensitive fury dumped on me a bit and sucked up all my free time. I've nearly come to the conclusion that I should cut the case out of the boat and fix my issue. If I did that I could add in a few mods of my own design that occured to me after its installation of the case. So anyway another year on the stocks it seems.
  5. Congratulations on your launch. She looks very pretty. It looks bit like the cs boats save for the sails. Given what iknow about epoxy, water should not penetrate. You must have had a void or hole or something similar.
  6. You will get neater when you smear epoxy on your glasses. Don't ask me how I know. The good news is that epoxy won't stick to the lens. Comes off with just a gentle scratching with a fingernail. Working clean is the first epoxy skill.
  7. I'd go with the catboat.There are a lot of 18' catboats out there. They tend to have a wider beam compared to others at thier length and that will make the cabin bigger. A single stay and a single sail will shorten your rigging time.
  8. I have plans from a couple of different designers, and I find the B&B plans quite good, a higher quality than others. Have all your builds been from James Wharram?
  9. Perhaps they meant Mandy/Amanda
  10. I see what you are talking about. It affects me as well on my iPad. To access search in the mean time you might try to go to the home page and search from there
  11. So how is the Sea Pearl rig different from the core sounds?
  12. It's cheaper to put the wood scraps in a big gap and use the epoxy for the fine adjustment. Having said that I did bed my mast step in a big pool of thickened epoxy to fill the shallow V below the step.
  13. Two at the least. Three is better. The first will soak in a bit and probably be a bit uneven. The second will coat everything well. The third puts some thickness to the coating. How long to wait is somewhat dependant on the epoxy being used. You can go for the second coat in just and hour or so. You just need to wait long enough so that you can tell that the epoxy is setting up. The third likewise wait at least an hour. More if you are using a very slow hardener or its cold. You can wait up to about 24 hours but again depending on the hardener that might be too long. I've mostly used the Bateau Marinepoxy with Medium Hardener. So long as the epoxy is tacky at all you are good.
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