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  1. Sure looks better than plain old flat sheets of ply
  2. Why would you need a new axle? Just switch the wheels out with larger ones. Wally world has 12's in both 4 bolt and 5 bolt and you will probably need to tweak the fenders up a bit.
  3. Well I did quite a few mods to this one as I built it. I added about 1 1/2" of rocker aft, I installed a daggerboard instead of the leeboards, I widened the stern by 3 or 4" (I forget) and the bow by 2" and I changed the rig to a balanced lug of 75 sq ft. It really zipps along, planes easily but isn't so good after a knock down. Too much cockpit. I am going to add a bulkhead and deck to the after part of the cockpit to give it more buoyancy there. The front 4+ ft is buoyancy chamber also. Here are a few pics:
  4. here are a few places that deal with boatbuilding woods...the ones that have PW sell plywood. You could also try a contractors lumberyard and see if they can get you Plyfloor underlayment in 4x8 sheets. It is baltic birch with 5 plies, no voids and exterior glue. Pretty good stuff really and about as rot resistant as occume...which is to say not very. It is a bit heavy...around the same as hydrotek meranti plywood. Caledonia - Kettle Moraine Hardwoods, 195 S 27th, 414/835 9212 - L (4-00) Green Lake - Norton Boat Works, 535 Commercial Av, 54941 414/294 6813 - L, PW Hartford - Kettle Moraine Hardwoods, 5261 Aurora Rd, 53027, 414/644 8119 - L (native & mahog.)(4-00) Madison - McCormick Lumber, 3156 Milwaukee St, 53714 608/244 4741 - L, PW Plum City - Grange Hall Hardwoods, Inc., W2326 US Hwy 10, 54761, 715-647-4544 - L
  5. Have it...read it along with most of his others.
  6. So what do you do before you empty the rum? Or is that part of the departure procedures
  7. New coat of many colors... Finally got the graphics on the Lake Scow that I built just about the way I want them. Once when I turned around and saw it suddenly it struck me as it looked a little like a USAF Thunderbird so I am considering that for the name...unless someone has any better inspirations. I also considered Liberty and Old Glory but T-Bird is the front runner right now. Oh...and yes...there are 50 stars. I wanted to put one extra right at the tip of the blue (PR?) but its 50 for now.
  8. You know... if you wave a steak under a dog's nose enough you'll drive him crazy...
  9. You don't really want to mix Kero and epoxy...leaves a nasty oily film on things and interferes with the epoxy curing properly. Propane and a tent to confine the space needed to heat...or electric and the same tent. Electric would probably be the cheapest and the safest.
  10. Count me in...and my son too if things don't go awry. Steve PS. Oh and Merry Christmas to you too.
  11. Two things with red oak...it sucks up water unlike white or live oak and the weight aloft. Make sure you seal the wood VERY well. You will also likely experience a bit more tenderness in the boat with that heavy a wood for your mast and spars. I too like the looks of the Weekender/Vacationer...although I have reservations about that extremely shallow keel and leeway.
  12. Oops...sorry. I didn't have time to read all the previous messages and I just assumed. Made an a$$ out of me anyways.
  13. A quick google came up with this: http://www.shopperschoice.com/item_name_Electronic-Specialties-Digital-Clamp-On-Tachometer_item_371483.html?source=froogle
  14. I believe there are some tachs available with a clamp on lead... Clamp on to the #1 wire and select the # of cyls.
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