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  1. timgoz

    Tom Thumb 26

    Hello, Does anyone have any input on the above design? Any owners/builders who could share some images would be appreciated. I know the basics of the design so am looking for those with personal experience with the boat. Thanks. Tim
  2. Thanks for the info and your opinions.
  3. Hello, I'd like opinions on what you all prefer as to the make of 4-Stroke outboards in the 25hp. range. The application I am intending is for a cockpit well mounted unit in a 26ft. LOA cabin cruiser, (Redwing 26). I'm leaning towards a Honda but am open to suggestions, hence this post. Thanks. Tim G.
  4. Hello, I am in the planning stage (& material aquisition) of construction for a lapstrake plywood 21 foot sailboat, (Dix's Cape Henry 21). Where I work I can obtain grade 2 Douglas Fir at a good cost. This would be a suitable wood for the stringers & deck beams. But, with the abundance of not I would have much wastage and/or scarf joints. The plans call for "clear" Douglas Fir, which obviously is much more costly. Other siutable woods are Meranti, Mahoghany, or "simualar woods". The boat will be epoxy coated and filletted. Any suggestions? Thanks. Tim G.
  5. Thanks Ken, At my job we use alot of 2x12 inch Douglas Fir. I have the luxury of choicing prime boards. The design I intend to build does not reqiure a whole lot of timber, so selecting enough choice timber for the build will be no problem. a huge outbuilding on my friends farm has just been made available to me also. Things are working out nicely. Now to accumulate the needed $$$ to get things rolling. Take care. Tim
  6. Thanks to both of you for the advice.
  7. Thanks again PAR. Glassing the flats sounds like a good possibility. The exposed edges I think I will totally saturate with epoxy and used thickened epoxy on the outside (any thoughts?). I like the idea of glassing the panels prior to finally cutting and fitting. Much easier & less messy that way. Take care. Tim
  8. Hi, I intend to build a lapstrake plywood boat (cape Henry 21). The desiegner, Dudley Dix, recommends you not glass & epoxy the hull as it is tricky getting the cloth to lay properly on a "lapstrake detail". That said, some have used a ligh5t weight glass to sheath the hull. I would like to do the same. An option is Dyanol??? I think it is called. That material supposedly conforms to adverse shapes better. Any thoughts or opinions on the above would be much appreciated. thanks. Tim
  9. Thanks PAR, I am located in SW Pennslyvania just above the West Virginia border at the edge of the first ridge of the Appalachin Mountains. Yesterday I got to inspect the building at my friends farm where I will construct my boat. The word "spacious" does not do it justice. I could construct, with ease, a 50 footer let alone my intended 21 foot boat. My lumber will be safe and dry. I have obtained Dix's study plans (Cape Henry 21) but am still saving to obtain the full plans. There are some things I'd like your opinion on but do not have the time right now as work starts soon. Have a good one and thanks for your help. Tim Ps. Where are you, Florida comes to mind?
  10. Hi, I am a new forum member who plans on building a Dix Cape Henry 21. At my workplace we have access to very nice Douglas Fir. Though I plan on waiting until right before I commence building to buy my marine ply, I would like to start accumulating select boards of D. Fir now. We mainly use 2x12's so that is what I'll be storing. Dix recommends painting the ends as i thought he would. My question would be at what distance should I place centers (supports), how big should the centers be, and should I place them between each layer of boards. I will make sure the storage area is leveled out. Also; what type of marine ply (3/8 inch) would you all recommend. I want the best I can obtain and am willing to pay whatever it takes.I do not believe in "false economy" as I am to poor to be cheap. Thanks for any help you can give me on the above & have a good day. Tim
  11. Hi Chad, I just received my study plans for the Cape Henry 21. I hope to commence building in approx. 1-2 yrs. She does have charm, that is for certain. Tim
  12. Nice job. Hopefully in approx. 5 yrs. I can post the same. Tim
  13. Mark, I jumped into a inlet off the Labrador Sea once. It was a 1 minute swim, 30 secs. which involve getting my backside back into the boat. The Lund skiff tied to the transom provided a convienent transition point for doing so. COLD!!! Tim
  14. Hi Mark, If I can find it, (I am very disorganized), I have a copy of "The Sailmakers Apprentice". If you reimburse me for the postage I will let you borrow it. Then you can have a go at installing reef points on your own. Tim
  15. Hi, I intend to build a Cape Henry 21 and am interested in what any of you who are familiar with the design might have to say. Thanks, and have a good day. Tim
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