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  1. Ouch, I bet that water was cold still! Been there, running before 25 mile wind with the boat surfing at 7-8 and you think the fun will never end. In the excitement it is easy to forget the difference between apparent and true wind. To do a gibe in that kind of wind is not for the faint of heart and slow of hand but you learnt that already. Better luck next time PeterP
  2. Don , Gordy is/was a member on this forum. You should be able to send him a PM. Graham was going to pay him a visit last year on his trip out west last year I believe. He may be able to give you more info. PeterP
  3. Gordy used to live up there part of the year. He is a good hand and may enjoy the diversion. PeterP
  4. Thanks Ken, I will investigate. The 28 footer needs a bit more water to launch than your 17". I need close to 3ft of water so even at Graham's water level rules. PeterP
  5. I have a family get together in Charleston, SC next May and I thought -why not take Petrel down there. Any suggestions as to good launch facilities would be welcome. PeterP
  6. As one of the projects this winter I am re-doing my cockpit hatches. Number one problem with the originals was the size - my old ones were too small to take the folding bike. We have made a couple of trips where having a bike would've been nice or where we ended up renting them for touristy price. Stupid to do that if you have the gear sitting at home. So, while I was re-doing the tops I decided to go with different latch system. I'd had stainless Seadog hasps previously and I developed an intense dislike for them. They were the exact hight to scrape my shin/calf at every turn. Nothing worse than an old guy with skinny legs covered with sores - half of them still bleeding. So I made my own stuff- using generic cooler latches. Less than $9 a pair on ebay. Obviously, these are not lockable, but I have never ever locked my cockpit hatches anyway. We'll see how these work out. All the best in 2018 PeterP
  7. Not saying you are doing it wrong but get the kids hooked up. The minute the kiddies are onboard so to speak you go from selfish guy wasting family money to hardworking dad bonding with his kids. Most women like that. Then you take them out sailing in a boat they helped to build, their faces light up and it's all in a bag. Perfect time to tell the good wife that the 10 footer is just a tender for the real boat of your life. Whatever that might be but (usually) a lot bigger than 10 ft. PeterP
  8. Drew, July is not the best time here to be on a sail boat. Gets pretty hot and humid, the winds are flukey and the bugs are beyond belief. Spring and fall is much better. Sailing and fishing. Just sayin' PeterP
  9. Wasserboot, thank you for your praise. I remember reading your post about wanting a boat for shallow water in the North Sea in Germany. How is that coming? PeterP
  10. One of the most sublime feelings in my life only happens on a sailboat. Picture yourself well away from land, the boat is drawing gently but steadily in a breeze, the sun warms your face and then your entire microcosm is inexorably moved up then gently let down. There is a mixture of awesome endless power and gentleness in that movement that I never get tired of experiencing yet find totally beyond any words I possess. Ocean swell. The Book says that sea can be as terrible as the face of God. But not this day - today is probably the closest I get to re-live the time of awaking consciousness back in the womb where -floating in our liquid world- danger, terror or privation had no place. Not there not yet. The silence of sails is an essential key to feeling this. Petrel is doing great. She took us on several trips and I have some pictures I would like to post
  11. Longtime no hear. If only Howard would bob up - it would be like old times. For me at least. PeterP
  12. That second video looks fabulous. I've had my share of video one. I'd like to haul my Petrel out there one day and kick around a bit. PeterP
  13. Always amazes me how fast crap can happen even at 2 MPH. The guy who invents brakes for boats is going to make a killing. I will personally buy the first three sets that roll off the assembly line. After putting a 50 cal size hole into my 17' in similar circumstances to yours -by coming to a dead stop on a dock bolt - I make it a policy now to ALWAYS end the sailing part of the trip 200-300 yds off the dock. Luff up, roll up the sail(s) then row to the dock. No motor on my 17'. That flogging sail still generates a fair amount of power and unpredictability which is fine with room to play but can be a total mess near a dock. The repairs to my boat were not worth the bravado. PeterP
  14. Just saw this, and for a tiniest moment I had a glimpse of how I think Graham feels when he sees one of his boats go by: satisfaction of a piece of work done well. Providing pleasure to others by performing well after all these years and hopefully for years to come. Kind of makes you feel sorry for todays kids who get their life experience from 3D goggles. Glad I met you mate. PeterP
  15. Don, try that for your next passport photo. It should make for some interesting times going through airport security. PeterP
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