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  1. Home Depot has some select pine from New Zealand. Okay to use for the tiller? It's called Claymark Select Pine.
  2. We had 4 guys in the boat---so a fair amount of weight. Moderate wind. We were going against the wind. Tiller broke during a gust. At the time, there didn't seem that there was a lot of pressure on the tiller.
  3. A friend looked at it and thought it might be teak wood. Maybe not the right choice? Anyway, thank you guys for the help. Thanks also to Alan at B and B who replied to my email and offered more help come Monday. Nice to have a boat that has such good people behind it.
  4. We had 4 guys in the boat---so a fair amount of weight. Moderate wind. We were going against the wind. Tiller broke during a gust. At the time, there didn't seem that there was a lot of pressure on the tiller.
  5. My tiller broke today on my cs17 in the middle of the lake. Made a duck tape repair on the water and was able to let the wind blow us back to my side of the lake. Thankfully, the wind was blowing the right way. I bought this boat as the third owner, but I think it came with the plans so I should be able to re-make what I need for the repair. Wondering whether there are any updates to the design that might help me. Also wondiering about the wood choices. Wood that broke looks dark and slightly reddish. Mahogany? Are there any drop-in consumer replacements that I should consider? Does B and B sell the rudder/tiller assembly as a kit? Thanks in advance for your help. I'll attach some pictures.
  6. Hi, I've been racing lately on my midwestern lake in minnesota with my CS 17. I've been getting beat badly. I really fall behind during the first leg to windward. I make plenty of mistakes, but I also don't know for sure how far to "sheet in". I found this picture of a CS 17 going windward. I haven't come anywhere close to sheeting in this tight. Is this how the boat should look going windward?
  7. Thank you everybody for your advice. I'll try to put some of it into practice this weekend.
  8. I see some CS 17's have installed topping lifts to hold up the aft end of each sprit. I assume this is mostly for getting the sprits off the bottom of the boat during storage? Are there any sailing benefits of the topping lift?
  9. Thanks for this advice. I will probably have more questions down the road.
  10. Any racing advice for someone who’s about to start a race in light air with My core Sound 17? I’m in the second day of racing. Had some trouble yesterday getting stuck when tacking. Wondering whether my weight should be forward since I’m going solo? I’m welcome to any other Css 17 sailing tips.
  11. Anyway, that's what I did. Just drilled a whole into the bottom plug and all the water drained out. I'm not sure why I thought that was so complicated.
  12. Hi. I just took my CS17 out of the water up here in Minnesota. I noticed that the mizzen mast had a fair amount of water in it. What do you think is the best way to get all the water out? My first thought was to just drill a 1/4 inch hole in the bottom wooden plug, drain out the water, and then plug it back up with something. What do you think?
  13. tfrei

    sail trim

    Also, if I can add to this question, the baggy appearance near the clew looks ugly to me. Should I be doing something to make this "look better"?
  14. The picture below is from a newly re-rigged c17 that I converted from a sock-style sail plan to a sail track plan. I'm very pleased with the way it sails so far. I don't have a lot of experience with sailing a cat ketch like this with the sprit sail design. My question is this. Does this look right for the main sail. It has one reef set in and there appears a prominent vertical crease in the middle of the sail. I tried to increase the snotter tension, but it seemed fairly tight as is. Maybe this is normal for such a rig when the sprit is on the lee side of the sail? The breeze was maybe just above a gentle breeze. What do you think? -Tom
  15. Thrillsbe, yes, I just ordered a couple more of the soft shackles. I'm using one already and I really appreciate its weight and flexibility. Thank you. -Tom
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