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Today we start a new forum for those who are building Bluejackets, have built Bluejackets, thinking about building a  Bluejacket or are just interested in discovering what these boats and the people who build them are about.


First, there are some active blogs set up by current builders:


Bluejacket Builder’s blogs




Dave Hargett….11801 Kelly Dr….Lago Vista, TX 78645 (Winter)

1694 CanterburyCommon….Annapolis, MD 21401 (Summer)





Edward Fredholm…. 5705 Highland Hills Circle….Austin, TX 78731





Jim keenan….3 Field St….Taunton, MA 02780….508 801-5731





Henry Hassell….17251 Ingram Ln…Amelia Courthouse, VA 23002         hhassell@tds.net




Chuck Smith….308 NE 61st St….Oak Island, NC 28465





Egbert Dees….105 Cove Lane….Heathsville, VA 22473….804 580 3531





Philip Smith….885 E. Maddox Rd…. Griffin, GA 30224….( 770) 227 5039….




There is now one Bluejacket 28 making the Great Loop voyage around the waters of the eastern USA.  Henry and Dianne's story of their cruise is here:




Of course, the Bluejacket website is :  http://www.bluejacketboats.com/


Come along and we will see where this takes us.

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2700 miles so far and the vessel De De is still hanging in there.  The captain and the admiral are also still hanging in there.  Felllows the Bluejacket 28 is doing it's job.. and quite well I might add.  Currently in Ottawa , IL.  To those still building .. get with the project and join us on the water.. Its great fun...  Thanks to Tom L.  for his attention to the Bluejacket series.




De De

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Hi all,


Thanks for putting this in place. 

Can't wait to be done with my boat.  I hope to be completely done by coming spring.   

Here is a  picture from Tom's Bluejacket 24 for a test


I can't seem to get this to work with the pictures I have on Flickr.  To get a picture on here have it on some picture hosting site,  This one is on Tinypic.  From the toolbar in the posting window select the green square icon "Image" and give it the URL from the picture on the picture hosting site.  Same procedure as on the Wooden Boat forum.


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Thanks Jim.  My emails to you bounced earlier. 


Posting photos on this forum is very simple.  I haven't done it lately but you can post from your computer files without having to go through another host.


Here are a couple photos. One from Brisbane Australia and the other from Washington State.  Hope it all works.  Just click on the "Other options" button and browse your computer.  I usually reduce photos to less that 100kb.



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Hey Egbert, after you have one approved post (which you now have) you can upload images to the forums. Try it now with a pic on your computer. Just click the little image icon, next to the < > icon on the tool bar.


Keeping the spammers at bay is hard, but we do a pretty good job by requiring the first post to be approved before allowing full access and upload rights, etc. Otherwise we get pictures none of us want to see!

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Thanks for approving the post.  It is a lot easier posting pictures directly from the hard drive instead of using a third party hosting site like I described earlier.  Flickr, where I keep my pictures, doesn't allow referencing the pictures directly.  

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Thanks for approving the post.  It is a lot easier posting pictures directly from the hard drive instead of using a third party hosting site like I described earlier.  Flickr, where I keep my pictures, doesn't allow referencing the pictures directly.  

 Yeah, Frank does this right.  I don't know why other sites don't follow the same method.  Some make it so difficult.

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Did something change in relation to posting pictures.  When I click  the image icon the only option I get is entering an URL,  I don't see the "other options" button to upload from the hard drive.



Just start a new thread or reply to this topic.  The more reply options button is in the lower right corner and that will bring in the browse and upload options..  Even I can do it.

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Sorry, Egbert! Use the "Attach Files" section below the editor. The "upload file" link was removed from the image icon for some reason a while ago, and I always forget.


Click the "Browse" button to select the file, then the "Attach This File" to upload it to our server:




It is attached as a thumbnail at the bottom of the image by default, but you can place it into the body of the message by positioning your cursor where you want it, and clicking "Add to Post":





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Hey Tom, contrary to popular belief, maybe I  ain't all that "challenged" after all . :P:lol: Frank I still can't create a post in Office and copy and paste it in the box or copy a link from Photobucket and paste it directly in the box. Any ideas? Maybe the software can't deal with the mispeelings and the creative " wording and phrases" that this here writer formulates? LOL TIA

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Tom, Saw Henry and De De when they passed through Grafton several weeks ago.  The sight of a BJ28 in my own back yard reignited that old boatbuilding fever.

We talked, some years ago, about lengthening the 28 on either side of the engine, providing a little more flotation, and easing entry from a dinghy or the water.   I noticed De De had a little problem with cockpit flooding when loaded down for cruising and extra people on board.  Have you given this mod any more thought?




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Somehow I missed your post.  You are welcome to visit anytime and I plan on being at the messabout so that would be a good time.




I have developed some plans for a couple types of extensions or brackets that make boarding much easier and also add buoyancy.  These are included with the plans if wanted.  We had 4 Bluejackets of all lengths at Georgetown and Charleston last October and did not have any water entry problems through the scuppers even with the cockpit loaded with people.  I have seen this issue though and have suggested that the cockpit sole be raised.  There is only one negative to doing this.  That is that the step down to the pilothouse will be greater and the headroom for entry will be reduced unless the pilothouse top is raised.  I consider this a good thing.  Henry plans to raise the cockpit sole when they get back home.  


One mistake that is often made about outboard brackets is that they offer more cockpit space.  This is wrong because the boat is as long or as big as it is from stem to the end of the outboard.  They do offer more space if the bracket is added to an existing hull but in a new build, making the boat as long as the end of the bracket will always give more cockpit space.  Still, the boarding/swim platform advantage can be attractive with an easy entry door in the center of the transom.  The plans show this version also.


A further advantage to raising the sole is increased fuel capacity, which has also been an issue for Henry for one of the long legs of the trip that he has taken care of with an added temporary fuel tank.  I recommend in the plans than a custom aluminum fuel tank be part of the building process.  This offers  a lot of additional fuel volume because the off-the-shelf tanks from Moeller don't make good use of the available space.  When properly installed and protected, I consider aluminum tanks to be a good deal even at the added expense and they will have baffles that prevent fuel sloshing about. 

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