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  1. Never really tracked the fuel consumption accurate. In general I get according to the gps around 3.3 mpg at speeds above 6-7 mph.. It doesn't seem to make much difference what speed I'm going. The top is about 21 mph. Weight full of liquids must be close to 4400 lbs. Engine is a 75 hp Evinrude. Propeller 14 x 13. That should be a 14 x 11, the 13 doesn't get to the rated rpm for that engine. The big problem I have with that engine is the vibration at idle speeds. Going anywhere at no wake speeds is horrible. Going at a speed where the vibration stops results in people yelling an gesturing at me. I am changing the 2 stroke oil to the xd100 which will be equivalent to 100 to 1 mix. Also need to take it to a different dealer for service. Previous one blamed it on my gas. They replaced filters and the result was no improvement. The engine shakes at idle speed even without the gear engaged.
  2. Looks like an interesting project. Do you know the specs on this one like the weight and the length? Also noted the cockpit door and a railing. Egbert
  3. ejds


    Here is the Southport award for power boat 20' - 29' Here I am between two other award winning boats. I do feel a bit small between them.
  4. ejds


    Two Bluejacket boats at Georgetown this year and there are quite a few owners here. Egbert
  5. Just mailed my Roanoke show registration. Don't really remember talking to you in Georgetown, talked to quite a few people there. When I see you in Roanoke it all might come back. Egbert
  6. I am signed up with my Bluejacket 25 for Georgetown. I haven't signed up for the Roanoke show yet but I'm planning to go there with my boat. Egbert
  7. Looks like I will stick with a 3 blade. Thanks for the comparison. It is always good to have a spare with you. You have more rocks than we do here in the Chesapeake Bay. Mostly plain mud. Egbert
  8. I don't use my roof as a gym, even if it would have the space I never could do those moves. Egbert
  9. Seeing you have a Garmin GPS, do you use anything to pre plan a route on a computer and save the route to the GPS? Last week I did use Garmin Homeport to do this. Egbert
  10. I'll just stick with what I finally got used to, Miles, Inches, Feet etc. My boat goes faster and can cover more distance in statute miles. I grew up with the metric system which is even faster. I haven't tried the SOF dinghy in the water yet. Have been to busy with other things. I did learn that towing a dinghy is a major pain. The only way to carry it would be a couple of davits on the transom because I have no roof space left. The dinghy has nesting capability but that is more to carry it on the truck. Egbert
  11. Here are some readings I took earlier. rpm mph mpg gph 2000 6.5 7.3 .9 2500 7.5 3.3 2.3 3000 8.0 2.5 3.2 3500 13 3.1 4.3 4000 16 2.82 5.8 4500 18.5 2.94 6.3 4900 21.7 2.97 7.3 This was on our nice flat creek with just me and 45 gallons of gas on board. It doesn't help that my boat is over 4000 LBS Same here as you mentioned in an earlier post playing with the engine trim seem to make very little difference. The bow raised to about 3 degrees max Egbert
  12. I use statute miles for everything. I went on a trip last weekend onto the Chesapeake Bay and was getting at the most 3 MPG. This was with a propeller that is a little too big for my engine and boat. 13 pitch instead of 11. I was also towing my little Nutshell Pram. It was hard to find the optimal speed towing a dinghy. With the waves on the Bay and my wake the pram was also filling up with water. Looking forward to your 4 blade findings. Egbert
  13. Is your engine hooked up to a chart plotter, that will give some info about the fuel consumption. Mine does tell the "Miles per Gallon" and it doesn't seem to make much difference throughout the speed range. I would have thought going slow would give a better mileage. About 3.5 mpg. I know little about propellers, just that they need to be sized to get the rated engine rpms at full throttle. Larger diameter gives more pushing power, greater pitch more speed. I had to go back in pitch a bit to get the rated rpms. Just kept the original propeller as a spare. I would like to know what the difference is between 3 or 4 blades. I am building a push boat for a Chesapeake Skipjack at the Reedville Fishermen's Museum . Hopefully through that I can find out what a 4 blade vs. a 3 blade does. But that will be a while. Your boat just looks astonishing and you should be proud of it. Egbert
  14. Congratulations on launching Rosie. She just looks beautiful, specially floating in her element. Egbert
  15. Isn't it something to see the whole boat for the first time. Congratulations on this milestone. Egbert
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