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  1. Check it out. Took the guess work out of it for me. http://www.ezacdc.com/
  2. Frank, I am on the low end of the bling sale. I am into my 271 Boat, Motor and Trailer for approx. $30K. Used motor and trailer. Epoxy was procured from US Composites at a fraction of the other guys. I was buying 6 gallon kits for about $45/gal delivered. The wiring kit from EZ ACDC was a huge money and time saver. Plus it took the guesswork out of connectors wire gauge heat shrink etc etc.
  3. 3 blade alum. quicksilver 14X13. http://boatpropellers.iboats.com/Honda/90_HP_(1999Newer)_13.00-Pitch_Black_Diamond_QA2032X_Propeller/211/19122/?cart_id=412948265
  4. I will need to look at it to be sure. I had a couple of props on the oat not sure whats on it now.
  5. I know I know a boat is never finished until it sinks. I did get around to adding the lower rub strip, and I think it looks great. The back door is assembled and varnished waiting to be installed before the season along with a fresh coat of paint all over some interior trim etc etc etc. Also a 1953 Chris Craft 17 foot mahogany utility with a small block in it to go into the garage fo restoration. Gonna be busy Yea
  6. I have not been here for a while, sorry I am late to the party. I am running a 2008 Honda 90 VTEC on my Bluejacket 271 .I purchased it used from a Honda Marine dealer, with 1000 hours the motor has performed flawlessly so far. My cost for the motor controls and the rigging that I did myself was less than 50% of a new one Observations after two seasons and a couple of hundred hours. Top Speed @ 6000RPM = 28MPH Cruising speed 18 - 20 MPH @4000RPM +/- Fuel economy 3 -4 MPG Weight of Boat, Motor, full fuel and water = 3600# The 90 is probably too much, but it is awfully nice to have the extra umph when navigating around the massive bleach bottles that throw up a tidal wave bow and stern when making way.
  7. Great input, I was thinking of placing a mast to the Starboard side of the sliding door. Securing the mast to the rear bulkhead and footed on the cockpit sole over a longitudinal member. BTW no Harleys, just a dinghy on the cabin top or a SUP or a Kayak
  8. Thank you PAR, I love your designs. I guess one of my immediate questions is: Can I place the mast off center and still be as effective?
  9. So great to see so many Bluejackets coming together and being used. After a 140 hours on our Bluejacket 271, all of them beyond expectation, we are considering what we can do (if anything) to improve the usability of the boat. One thought is the addition of a stay sail to reduce motion on the hook. Being a light boat with a good amount of wind-age, stability could stand a little improvement. Thoughts please
  10. Just curious, was my last post a real thread killer or did you find some value in the link?
  11. I found EZ AC DC a great deal easier than wiring from scratch. Very easy to use on my Blue Jacket 271. Plenty of flexibility and easy to understand. Here is a link to the "universal" wiring harness. I used the 25 to 39 foot harness. http://www.ezacdc.com/boat-wiring-products/boat-wiring-harness/ Good Luck Jim
  12. The previous post of that great looking Bluejacket has prompted me to post a couple from this past summer.
  13. Looking great. Nice job now enjoy your hard work.
  14. Here is another one. I have changed the prop and figuered out a few details. Looking to do more sea trails tomorrow.
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