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  1. Where in Virginia? You might check with the designer.. tom Lathrop.. currently two in Virginia a 25.5 and a 28. the 28 is getting ready to hit the Great Loop for the second go around..
  2. Forgot to mention that Jim Kennan From Taunton Massachusetts is coming down to Georgtown but not bringing his BJ27/.
  3. 0 Yes. the wife and I are headed to Georgetown WBS and then following it with the Manteo WBS. Will not have our BJ 28 but will be in the RV. Just starting to do some upgrades in prep for some cruising in 2020 , possibly another Great loop. Saw a new BJ24 at the Port Townsend WBS last month as well as a BJ28 that cruises Puget Sound.
  4. Ken... On DeDe we also used a Rochna with about 15 feet of 5/16 chain ? and 200 ft of 1/2 3 strand line.. Only had one drag and that was my own fault as I did not get a good set and did not expect a big blow that night. Wife was able to pull with out too much trouble ... occasionally I had to had to assist with a little engine help to break it free.. Not close to boat at this time so can not check.. Hope we get to visit toward the end of August.. Will communicate when we are getting ready to leave Alaska.. Henry
  5. Good Evening Ken.. I went thru several Props before I settled on a 14inch 13 degree prop after trying several different pitches.. As the Yamaha propeller chart does not cover boats of our length for the 90 hp it is a roll of the dice. The company that put the motor on had only one prop to try and that was a 15 pitch.. that did not allow the motor to reach red line rev. at 6ooo. it would get up to 5500. I then tried a 11 pitch.. and that allowed the motor to go over the 6000 mark and shut down.. I then tried a 4 blade 13 pitch prop which has done what was expected. Best info that I can offer.. and keep me in the loop on that motor.. I am interested. Side note .. I will be in the Vancouver area The middle of August 2019. Would like to catch up with you and see your build.. Henry
  6. Hello Ken.. Started out with larger flapper style but with transom rake the flapper would not stay closed.. after raising the transom it was easier to use the ping pong ball type.. worked great this past winter on a ninety day cruise in Florida.. had a three inch drop vertical with horizontal dischage.. copit stayed dry even on launching from trailer when transom in water well above the discharge level.
  7. Egbert we were just about the same place when you add the head, motor, trailer, radios, water and gas tanks.. I also added about 2 K for the replacement of the side windows. Henry
  8. Well here is a stab at our BJ28 costs. 56 sheets of Marine BS1088 ply.. about 4K Raka epoxy ..about 3.5 k including cloth and then wiring ,hydraulic steering, lighting, refrigerator assorted hardware.. I am thinking with out trailer , motor, electronics etc somewhere between 15 and 20 thousand. These are ball park figures. Currently we have over a thousand hours on the Yamaha F90 motor. Henry
  9. I guess I need to throw my hat in the ring on this subject.. The wife and I did the Great loop with our BJ 28.. in 2014-2015.. The boat did well .. This year we trailer-ed our De De to Florida for 2 months of boat time.. Boga Chitta, St Lucie river.. Okeechobee waterway to Ft Myers and back and then a week with Two other BJ25.5 . All went well.. Unlike Egbert, the wife and I often overnight in Cracker barrel parking lights or Walmart.. Its free other than buying a meal.. We also do this with the 5th wheel RV when going from one place to another. www.flickr.com/photos/bluejacket28 for build pictures... Henry
  10. Frank.. Just got you email message and I will try later today to get some costs together.. Like Oyster says getting the hull together is the foundation.. Adding the bling plays with the cost factor.. But there are benefits. Our Bluejacket 28 has been a joy to build and to use. ( Great Loop in 2014-2015) Work boat or Yacht .. That is the question.. Which set of plans do you have ? 24 , 25. 5 or 27? Day tripping or extended cruising? Man cave or Admiral's delight? Big ticket items.... Marine ply, epoxy, motor, trailer, electronics, Refreg, and composting head,,,, come to mind... Our epoxy (Raka ) cut the cost of the other big names.. Will check with my Chief Financial Officer and get back to you on a better idea of costs..
  11. Likewise enjoyied the visit and thanks for the ride to reprovision.. 5700 miles and doing great.. Love this 70 plus weather. We are expecting some cool morning s in the next week but hope we are further south.. Just enjoying the fruits of out labor. Henry and Diane vessel De De laying Naples Harbor
  12. Chuck ..there are barbed fittings that insert in the braided tubing.. they are secured with ss radiator clamps.. and have standard plumbing threads on the other end.. Henry..
  13. Cheers Toni.. Be sure to check out the Builders Photo Blogs that several builders have posted .. The links are on Tom's web site. Good information there. Good luck on your build. It was great fun. And be sure to ask questions here. Henry De De
  14. Will get back to you on arrival time when we get alittle closer. And certainly we like to show off the little boat than can...
  15. Well, The wife and i built our Bluejacket 28 and left home two weeks later on the Great Loop.. I guess you could say we are the Bata testers for Tom's BJ series. So far we have traveled 5200 miles through 136 locks and have another 2 or 3 thousand to go.. Our travel blog is www.facebook.com/vesseldede and our building blog is www.flickr.com/photos/bluejacket28 We are headed down your way later this month with a stop in Punta Gorda for the holidays. Around the first of March we will head back up the east coast to Norfolk va.. one year and about 7000 miles.. All on the little vessel DeDe A great boat for the loop..
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