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Craigslist Roundup: Core Sound Boats for Sale

Andy B

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Edit September 2022: I am re-tooling this thread to create an informal catalogue of listings of Core Sounds that I see on Craigslist.  I try to get them all but please feel free to add if you see one I missed.  I usually don't include any listings for boats that are already listed on the forum (either in classifieds or the B&B forum) because I don't want to step on any seller's toes. 


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I like to search Craigslist and other sites for small boats I'm interested in.  I haven't seen any Core Sounds for sale since last fall.  Two CS-17 Mark 1 have recently popped up.


First is one in Burlington, North Carolina for $6,000.  https://greensboro.craigslist.org/boa/d/burlington-core-sound-17-sailboat/7463155255.html

Second is one in Miami for $5,500.  https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/boa/d/miami-core-sound-17/7466755916.html


Both have limited pictures but seem to be in good condition and come with motors and trailers.  I don't have an interest in either or have any information other than the listing, but thought it was worth sharing here.

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Wow. I would have hoped our boats are worth a lot more than this. I was planning to list mine for 10k with a motor and trailer. Assuming these are actually in good condition these sellers are really losing on these and whoever gets them is getting a heck of a deal. Guess i'll just hold onto mine then. 

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Here is a new listing, a CS 17 in Miami for $6,000 


Seller's description: "Core Sound 17 sailboat with lightly used Honda 1.5 hp outboard, with trailer. Very good condition, lightly sailed."





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Not a Core Sound series, but B&B and too pretty not to share.  Here's a Lapwing 16 for sale near Tampa, Florida. 

2016, with trailer, $14,500.



She's beautiful!


Edit: The listing says Lapwing 3, so according to the B&B builder's log, Hirilonde?



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From Orlando Craigslist, in Avon Park Florida.  A 2005 Core Sound 17.  Recently repainted and trailer spruced up.  Comes with a staysail and a tent enclosure.  No motor.  $5,500.  I emailed the owner and he's responsive.


One of the pictures was from an old posting of the boat for sale in 2016 when it was listed for $6,200, for sale in Morehead City, North Carolina.





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