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  1. Pete McCrary what am I missing? Doesn't it take more inches of tape to go around the 2" tube than 1 1/2" tube? It would seem if you used 29" to go around the 2" tube to make up an 1/8" bushing, 90" around the 1 1/2" tube would be way too much for the 11/2" tubes bushing. I figure half of 3/8" = 3/16 and that's only a 1/6" more than 1/8" Also, what did you do/use to clean up the ends after the epoxy set?
  2. You could use a double block.
  3. I think the biggest draw back with the fir ply in weight.
  4. If you go to Dinghies and Tenders - Spindrift Dinghy - B&B Yacht Designs (bandbyachtdesigns.com) Then click on nesting you will see that the bow sits higher than the transom like Dave said.
  5. Good choice. I would recommend you think about the 24" model instead of the 36" model. You may find the 24" is easier to use in your boat because you will be able to stay seated while pumping. I have both sizes and use the small pump in most cases.
  6. Google optimist bailer or Anderson bailer. These will give you two options for when you are sailing.
  7. Alan are you saying that one thick coat of epoxy is as good as a few thin coats that equal the same thickness?
  8. Does the noodle fendering add flotation that would help just at the point of a capsize and maybe prevent it?
  9. I had B & B send mast tubes to me for my Spindrift 11'. Three section mast.
  10. Rob, I would be happy to sell you the Spindrift 10' sail. If you let me know where I would be sending it, I can check the price of shipping. I would have you mail me a check for the total. Tim
  11. I have a used B and B Spindrift sail for sale $150. I built a Spindrift 11' so have no need of this sail. I bought a new sail from B and B.
  12. I have a used Spindrift sail from B and B for sale. $150. I built a Spindrift 11' and bought a new sail so I will not be needing this one.
  13. Roam, Is the sail for the Spindrift 11 still for sale? you can call me 603-770-8378 or answer here. Thanks, Tim
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