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  1. Everything to do with boats is a tradeoff. One of the biggest trades is money for time. If you can make accurate cuts and have some patience you will be able to build a boat with B&B plans. I built my Spindrift 11 with plans and the templates that B&B provided. When I got into a bind I just called them up and they put me back on track. Have fun whichever way you go.
  2. I found this on the Torqeedo web site. Please don't ask me what it says. To what depth must the propeller be immersed under water? The immersion depth of a propeller has a major influence on the efficiency of the drive. Measurements performed by Torqeedo have revealed differences of up to 10 % in overall efficiency, of up to 20 % in range and of up to 5 % in top speed depending on the immersion depth of the propeller. The reason for the significant influence of the immersion depth of the propeller can be found in the importance of the boat's wake for the propeller. Generally speaking, propellers can achieve optimum levels of efficiency when they make best use of the boat's wake. The best position for this varies from boat to boat. A propeller usually achieves very good levels of efficiency at extremely slight immersion depths (as close to the water's surface as possible but deep enough to avoid drawing air). The general rule of thumb is that the top of the propeller should be 3-5 cm below the bottom of the boat. Irrespective of this, we recommend determining an efficient depth of immersion through trial and error. The easiest way to do this is to determine the maximum speed for various depths of immersion using our GPS-based on-board computer.
  3. I understand not wanting to catch your skin on anything sharp. Maybe something like this under the gunnel and you could sew a boltrope into your tent. With a break in the channel in the middle of the boat you could slide the tent on from the middle. You could have a few breaks in the channel so you have the option of only setting part of the tent. Taco Marine V25-9720WHC20 Canvas / Upholstery Track, White, 5/8"W x 9/ (boatandrvaccessories.com)
  4. Would something like this be of any use? Sea-Dog Stainless Steel Hammock Hook (go2marine.com)
  5. I would say be as neat as you can be with the epoxy. The hardest part of building is the sanding.
  6. If you don't have a sail made yet and you don't have a mast yet ? You could make the mast with a track and the sail with slides then do a boom reefing/furling system like older (60's) sail boats had. Then just pull a pin at the goose neck and away you go. Just thinking out loud because as you know I would like to have roller furling on my Spindrift.
  7. So great to read about people that use their talent for good and are so willing to share. Seem like a good friend to have. I feel very lucky to have found all of this.
  8. Thrillsbe I can open the videos on my I-pad but not my lap top. Go figure. Anyway you do have a very big "reef point" there. About the battens, I know most things on a boat are a trade off for something else.
  9. Thrillsbe, I was unable to open the videos. Thanks for trying to help. I have found a few different small boats with roller furling on youtube. I just need to adapt some of their rigging to make a simply set up.
  10. If I can ever figure out how to roller furl my sail you will be the first one I tell. It would definitely make life on the Hudson easier.
  11. Thrillsbe, I have a few questions. Do the masts turn as you roll or do you wrap the sail around and around? Does wrapping/rolling allow you to use the wraps as a reef ? How hard is this system to use if it gets breezy ?
  12. Hirilonde, I was thinking of having a tube from the step to the collar that the mast would fit inside of. At the bottom I thought I'd have some kind of bearing the mast could rotate on. I thought the boom would be attached to the tube just at the collar. I could use some ideas on how to attach the out haul and clew to the boom. I'm thinking some kind of car will be needed. I will be "just raising the sail and going sailing" but would still like to have a way of rolling the sail if possible.
  13. Andy, I'm hoping for a simple way of rolling the sail in by pulling a line that could be wrapped around the mast as the sail was pulled out by the out haul when deploying the sail. I have thought that the sail would be without horizontal battens.
  14. Paul, I have seen pictures of the Sea Pearl. I was hoping someone on a Spindrift had done it already. I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel just use the principle of making things go round and round.
  15. I would only do it if the whole sail rolled up. The purpose is to be able to douse the sail in a convenient way.
  16. Pete, I have followed along on your posts about sail handling and the steps you have taken. I have it in my head that if I could roll the sail onto the mast life would be good. A lot of the fun in boating is dreaming up things to build.
  17. I have seen some old posts about roller furling the mainsail and I was wondering if anyone has come up with a way that works well. If so please post pictures and let me know how it's done. The Catalina Expo 14.2 has something (not new but) interesting. Looking for ideas for my Spindrift 11after reading some of the things people have tried to make things easier. 2015 Catalina Expo 14.2 Sail Boat - Walkaround - 2015 Toronto Boat Show - YouTube
  18. Sew a colored thread into the line (halyard) you need marked.
  19. Thanks for the come back. Of course, now I don't feel so bad about my progress. ??
  20. Aphers I was wondering how you made out with your davit attachments. Did it all go to plan and are they working well ? Any advise attaching mine is welcome. I had hoped to be further along in the build but .....
  21. "Yes I have too much hardener now, but I can fine tune the mix for the thin bits AND the thick bits." Not a good idea to change the formula for epoxies.
  22. What we use up here in Maine. https://shop.hamiltonmarine.com/products/oarlock-safety-chains-brass-pair-33964.html
  23. I was able to watch videos on my iPad. l like all the bells and whistles you put on her. Fact you can drink a cold one on either tack makes it all worthwhile. Enjoy.
  24. What am I doing wrong ? I can't see the videos just get sound. Pictures came through fine.
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