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  1. Is this just the plywood kit, or more?
  2. I don't want to hijack this thread but I am curious about the centerboard modifications. As background, here is what I know: I sailed with Avocet this summer. We had a pretty difficult reach back to the boat launch, with strong winds and waves intersecting from two directions, slowing boats up. My boat doesn't point well, but I realized Avocet was doing worse that we were. Don's a good sailor and he mentioned over the radio that they were having some issues. He explained later that the centerboard in early CS17mk3 models was too far back, and that in those conditions they were having a hard time keeping on line. To my eye (and Don and Ted can verify or deny) it seemed that not only were they not able to avoid drifting to leeward, they were also slower than I would expect). My question is how does the position influence leeway. I know that generally centerboard placement affects lee or weather helm, but I mainly sail by feel, not by numbers, so more of an explanation would be great. I'll never turn into a marine architect, but I'm hoping to use this to increase my knowledge of how a cat ketch responds to wind forces.
  3. Thanks, Don. I caught one of the Coquina videos on the way out the door. I'm not a builder so the detailed build video series don't interest me. I'm bummed, it looked like they were going in a great direction when I started, but ran into a niche already filled by woodenboat. I love their spirit and I hope they can get back on track. You can access their dreamboat harbor without a subscription, though that hasn't had anything new on it for awhile either.
  4. Does anyone here have an Off Center Harbor subscription and could tell me whether any good new videos have been posted in the last 2 months or so? I had a subscription the past 2 years and loved it, but in the last six months or so they barely posted any videos that were not related to boat building. If there are some good sailing videos being put up there I would happily renew.
  5. Geez, Blue Duck is a great looking boat! I love that color.
  6. That swoosh/arc on the side panel is really terrific!
  7. Good looking 2014 CS17 in Freeport Maine. Bonus--proceeds from sale support the Maine Island Trail Association! https://maine.craigslist.org/boa/d/freeport-core-sound-17ft-sailboat/7549429110.html
  8. Thanks for all the informed comments! I wish there was an alternative to tropical woods, but it’s not worth it if the alternative will just be waste junk in a few years or will require more epoxy and glass.
  9. Educate me on the perils of fir plywood (assuming good selection of wood and proper maintenance once built). I’m not a huge environmentalist but it seems a little off that all these boats start off as trees far overseas when I am surrounded by rot resistant trees here in Michigan (cedar).
  10. I didn't have time to put it on here, but I saw one for sale in Colorado for $950. I emailed the seller but it sold that night (not surprisingly). I seriously though it was a typo with a missing zero at the end.
  11. Wow that is cheap ($2,500). Looks like an end of season fire sale.
  12. Core Sound in Eugene Oregon. Looks like a fall fire sale--two boats (one not a core sound) for $2,500 each!
  13. Steve Warfle had a bungee tiller lock system installed on the boat he sold me. It's like the one shown in the video, but instead of the hard rope with the S hook, it's a bungee and has a smaller clasp on it. It's perfect; you can use it to lock the tiller, but I also use it sometimes when sailing just to take some travel out of the tiller, it is less work. Also, mount it all on the bottom of the tiller, it looks much better and doesn't get in the way. I am considering putting a clasp on the line that goes across. Mine is tied, and usually not in the way, but I have short arms and reaching after to start the motor is a stretch for me.
  14. I just bought a standard VHF radio and so I went through the manual and watched a podcast, and you are certainly right, Bob, broadcasting from land is illegal. Just a word of caution from someone who has actually used their VHF in a somewhat urgent situation--in some sailing situations you should have a radio that not only is waterproof but floats.
  15. Thanks, Padre, I assumed it was the Lapwing but there are some boats B&B had planned but are not on the website that I can see. Man, lapstrake almost always looks great!
  16. Great photos and videos, PadrePoint, and your son does beautiful work! In your February post you refer to a new B&B lapstrake kit--is that the Lapwing, or something else?
  17. Here is a new listing, a CS 17 in Miami for $6,000 Seller's description: "Core Sound 17 sailboat with lightly used Honda 1.5 hp outboard, with trailer. Very good condition, lightly sailed." https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/boa/d/miami-core-sound-17-sailboat/7532138497.html
  18. Ron, does this mean you ended up buying that CS17 near Rochester?
  19. Did you used to own a Sea Pearl in St Joe? I thought I remembered one for sale there a few years ago.
  20. Weezer--Don't think I didn't notice that your Crocs match your boat. Thanks for showing all these old guys how to turn out in style at the boat ramp!!!!
  21. Sorry Reacher and Paul for mixing you two up!
  22. Great video, Reacher. As I told Ted over the weekend, thanks for getting the kids involved! Forgive the bluntness, but there are way too many old men sitting alone in their boats bemoaning that "kids these days" just want to be on screens. Invite a kid along with you the next time you go sailing! Well done!
  23. Awesome, Steve. I love Helen's confidence about law school. If she needs anything, send her my contact information and I'll see if I can reach back into the distant past and give any advice. Your former boat is still taking kids out for overnights. I had a great overnight near our house just tucked in to a little inlet off the bay. IMG_5474.HEIC IMG_5491.HEIC IMG_5497.HEIC
  24. Man, wish you could get up to TC on the Saturday to join several of us. But enjoy your family time!
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