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Update of hull 24 build

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Hello again

I have been busy most everyday out in the boat shop,  after putting in the chain locker floor I turned my attention to putting in the bunk compartment bulkheads to me this was quite a chore, but got it done in several days. While the bulkheads cured I would work on the ballast tank. I will be using two bait tank live well pumps to fill and empty the ballast tank But since these pumps are not self priming the fill pump will be mounted directly in the ballast tank as far away from the access port as practical to be able reach it for service , the wires will exit through a small hole then sealed with silicone the pump to empty the tank will be located in one of the storage compartments and  using bulkhead fittings to enter the tank. The tanks have been  Coated with two coats of devthane 379. While all other parts were curing I built the locker lids an Frameworks .when the paint dries the cockpit floor supports will go in

as always stay safe and keep on building











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I didn't add any paint to my tanks, but yours sure looks nice!

I did decide to add two pumps like you plan. I modified a bilge pump by having my son make a new lower unit to try and turn a really quiet, efficient johnson bilge pump into an efficient filling pump and I think I've succeeded. Jay used a two way pump but I didn't think I needed one so I didn't run lines/electrical. I am going to try it all out this weekend before I start drilling holes in the tank! I'll keep you posted.

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My pump is a Johnson ballast pump used on ski boats, 4 years in mostly salt water still working good!  Also with a 3 way valve handy to wash the grit an sand from the cockpit ( cleaning fish too).  As I mentioned earlier, I plumbed mine with PVC,  I think PEX would be better and if I were to do mine again I would use a stainless steel bulkhead compression fitting and PEX tubing.  Be sure to mount the pump in some sort of rubber mount, when I originally hard mounted mine you could hear it 1/2 mile away! 

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Now That I know how to add to thread all future posts will  be here. Not much going on in the boat shop but I did manage to paint the bottom and install the keel strip.painting the side will be next, but before I do I must obtain a better paint respirator spraying the epoxy is as nasty as you can get. Also will be working on building a keel roller tray for the trailer. 




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A piece of trex decking, slick side up has been working well for my CS17 trailer.   That stuff is slicker then snot with a little water on it.  The Trex deflects nicely to match the bottom of the boat resulting in a large contact surface with low friction between the brass half round the and the trex.  Not sure how well it would work on a heavier boat but might be worth a try.  Next time I'd go with PVC decking. 

Your paint job looks wonderful.  I'm enjoying your post - keep them coming. 

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After watching the post from Pete I went out on a parts run to get the stuff  to make the roller tray here in Spokane they make EZ load boat trailers so I went by the service center to find out about rollers and to my surprise they had a barrel full of these rollers and at 2.50 each I could not pass them up they aren’t v’s so I’ll have to come up with a way to center the boat on the tray later when I go to mount it on my trailer. I think the bow hook will handle the front I just need to center the stern. The tray will be disassembled the edges will be rounded over and a bottom board will be added then all epoxied.







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Looks good. I'd be sure to cut the washers and ends of the bolts off. The boat will find any sharp thing. ?


I'll be curious to see how getting the boat centered works when retrieving when you can't get the boat along a dock.  A few of my favorite ramps are just gravel slopes as they eliminates the impatient jerks and as such are little used.


With all the wind-age on a 20' boat it's hard to keep her aligned on retrieval without wading in. I did add some bunk guides to the back of the trailer to get Skeena centered, but I dunk my trailer (I'm in fresh water 95% of the time) and can't always see if it's centered when I'm not in super clear water. I'll be curious to see how getting the boat centered works. Once I get towards retirement salt water will be calling and if the goal is not to get the trailer in the water this looks like a good investment.  


Take Care, Steve

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