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Found 5 results

  1. Has anyone tried Tractor enamel paint? It is an alkyd enamel paint formulated for adhesion and durability. There are different brands, Rustoleum, Krylon, Majic... I've used it on metal and it's pretty tough. If you add the Catalyst Hardener it gets rock hard. Just thinking. Thanks
  2. I've tried to read every old post on painting aluminum mast. Proper preparation is a consistent theme but I have a few questions: 1. Who's got an old mast paint job in good condition and how did you do it? 2. Do you prime and paint prior to attaching the sail track? 3. Do you leave the B&B aluminum track unpainted? My current plan is to degrease, sand, and immediately spray with 3 coats self etching aluminum primer. Then prime with System 3 Silver Tip primer and top coat with Systems 3 white LPU. Since I don't a have a spray gun the self-etching primer will be from a spray can, the Silver Tip and LPU will be brush and roller. I'd appreciate guidance. Thanks
  3. Hi everybody. I'm putting my CS 17 away for the winter a little early to get at some deck painting that I want to do. I'm attaching a photo of crack on the topside of the bow that appears to run along the lines of the plywood as the two halves were constructed. I'm wondering whether this is a something I should address with some sort of filler or just paint it? I was thinking of 3 possible approaches: 1) Just paint over it and let the crack expand and contract as it wants. 2) Try filling it in a bit with some slightly thickened epoxy, then paint over it. 3) Maybe try filling it in a bit with something that can expand and contract ---maybe something like 3M 4200? Any ideas? Thank you.
  4. Hi All, I've got a related thread going on my keel maintenance project (link below) but this is a little more specific. I've combed the forums some but haven't found what I'm looking for. Feel free to point me the right direction if you know of something. Anyway...the keel-replacement project is growing the more I look at the bottom and on one of the seams on my Core Sound 17, there is enough unevenness to want to fair it out. However, I've trying to avoid using fairing compound because I don't like the idea of sanding down to get to the epoxy because I've found that so far I end up hitting the weave of the fiberglass and I don't want to go all the way to wood, re-epoxy, reglass, and then prime/fair/etc. If there is an easy way to strip it (latex paint) without doing that, I'm all ears. In lieu of fairing compound, I've been thinking that I could scrub enough of the paint to get down to the primer only and then put high build primer on and go from there. I'm not looking for a perfect finish--or even close. I want to get this boat ready to get back on the water. But the seam is bad enough that I prefer to tackle this much while I have it flipped over. So specifically (though I am open to a whole different approach too)... 1) What high-build primer is good for this application? Looking for specific product recommendations. Only want to buy a quart. 2) Are there better ways to remove the paint without harming the weave? (I'd be ok with fairing compound if I could get a good starting point that the compound would stick too.) I will be repainting the whole bottom with the same paint I already have since it's (a) the same color and (b) the same as what was put on originally. All of course once I am done with fairing this bit out, attaching the keel+skeg and reinforcing the bow for abrasion with Xynole. Thanks in advance. -Bryan
  5. Hi Every one, Soon I will be painting my Firefly. I will skin it with polyester. I do not know much about paints so I am hoping some one can give me some pointers on what kind of paint would be a good choice. Thanks Jay
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