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  1. Thank you Andy, and you are correct, up here in Wisconsin the water temperatures are falling. If I wasn't in my backyard on a body of water no deeper than my chest and under direct observation, I would have dressed differently. I have been "swimming" this time of year more than a few times, even been under the ice a couple of times. Up here we run our boats until you can walk on the water and you are correct Hypothermia is not something to be fooled with. Thank you for pointing that out.
  2. It's not all the way done yet, needs a seat and some rigging, but it floats. Far from perfect and I made more than a few mistakes, and I am okay with that for my first attempt. I think I need some work too. Wettim.mp4
  3. Yes exterior oil based stain blocking primer and I can't say that I can understand it either. I plan to start a ought kayak this winter and I'll use primer on that one. If the fabric loosens on the new boat, then I can blame me, not sewing it tight enough.
  4. Having decided to move forward, I painted the top of the kayak with exterior stain blocking primer. I thinned the primer down much more than I felt I should have and it still seemed to cover good. after 24 hours the polyester was still as tight as when I started. I then put a coat of Rustoleum overtop of that. Once dried it looks good, no sags just as tight as when I started. My feeling is the 9 oz polyester did not like the Rustoleum or I should have thinned the Rustoleum down much more than I did. This of course is just my observation and most likely incorrect. This is my fir
  5. Okay I ended up with the same results using the 9 oz fabric and Rustoleum. I really thought I had the skin on tight, I busted 50 pound test braided fishing line a few times. I did not heat shrink expect for a few wrinkles around the coming. To be honest I didn't see much movement from heat shrinking, maybe I should have had the iron hotter. At this point I only have one coat on the bottom and sides and can't decide how to proceed. Besides aesthetics and performance in the water, are there other issue with this wavy fabric? Will the boat be useible, sound?
  6. Thank you. I would like to try varnish but am waiting to try it on a scrap and see what it looks like. Thinking about paint as a.back up, just in case I don't like the way the varnish looks. I should start skinning in a day or two. I am learning lots.
  7. Has anyone tried Tractor enamel paint? It is an alkyd enamel paint formulated for adhesion and durability. There are different brands, Rustoleum, Krylon, Majic... I've used it on metal and it's pretty tough. If you add the Catalyst Hardener it gets rock hard. Just thinking. Thanks
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