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  1. The plywood in the transom isn’t delaminating. The transom is made of 2 pieces of wood laminated together, a 3/4” solid piece and a 1/4” plywood. They are now separating.
  2. The transom on my BRS17 is delaminating from the top on one side. Was thinking of just wedging it open a little and pouring in some epoxy, then screwing it together with ss screws. Thoughts? BTW, I’m not the builder. Thanks
  3. no facebook account, no pics :-(
  4. from B&B site: The 2015 mess-about will be held on October 23 – 25
  5. I own BRS sail #134 that I bought from Sam. The boat for sale in Florida is a different boat.
  6. How do you reverse the lacing at each gorment. I tried this pattern (pic), biut the sail shape was horrible - twisted funny at each gorment. Went back to spiral lacing.
  7. any chance this will be offered next year? I thought of building a Jessy, but couldn't this year.
  8. thanks, looks like I'll have to add a place to mount the motor. With the seat continuing all the way around the back of the cockpit, the support for the rudder and the vertical bulkhead for the seat, I thinking I don't need to add re-enforcement to the stern if I use a small motor (2.5hp) and tie the mount into these areas.
  9. Looking for 4-stroke outboard recommendations for a BRS17. Bought Scot's BRS17, planning to use it around Beaufort NC like to visit Cape Lookout, also pleasure sailing and some fishing. Would like outboard as backup when wind dies or just isn't there. Long time small boat sailer, 1st time outboard user. Looking for light weight, very quiet outboard. Looking for recommendations on outboard and how to purchase. Guessing Craigslist may not prove useful due to small size and 4stroke requirement. Thoughts?
  10. This would be my first messabout. I'm really interested in coming down and seeing people's boats. What do people do for lodging?
  11. How do I delete an old account that I'm not using anymore?
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