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  1. Hello all, I am the guy that has been hounding Oyster for close to 2 years now with questions and scenarios. I saw his previous boat for sale on CL and we got to talking about a Bluejacket build. Much like Ken, I really fell for the look of the OB designs. Since I have limited boat building experience (rebuilt a S&G kayak last year) and still working full time plus, I decided to have Oyster build the hull for me. I have been in construction and carpentry for my whole life so hoping I can handle the cabin work. Been lurking on this and other sites for about 3 years soaking up knowledge. I plan to go down to his shop a few times to help with the build as well. I am also planning the boat shed now so it will be ready when we flip the hull and load it on a trailer. Thanks for having me on this great forum. Dan
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