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  1. Hope you keep the rake on the after end.
  2. Iirc, they do this on the Pacific (Oregon?) not Carolina. I don't think there's as much of a salmon fishery on the Atlantic side.
  3. Tiger, In case you haven't seen it, here is an article by Gary Blankenship (Lugnut) about a bimini he built for Oaracle. http://duckworksmagazine.com/06/howto/bimini/
  4. I live in Belize in a non-air conditioned house on the seafront. I have a huge problem with rust spots on my refrigerator. I am thinking of spot sanding the exterior, treating the bare metal with Ospho, then coating the whole surface with either polyester or epoxy resin, then spray painting. The Ospho then spray paint does not last well at all. Any ideas?
  5. Here is a report from Jim Michalak about a similar demonstration that Richard Woods did. http://www.jimsboats.com/15apr18.htm
  6. Tiger, Do you have a link for instructions for making grommets in single braid ? How is the build coming? Pictures please Best regards Alex
  7. http://duckworksmagazine.com/12/howto/ukenpaddle/
  8. Frank, In the last few days I have seen complaints on Main (Action Tiger), B&B (Chick) & Kudzu (Frog) that they can't upload pictures
  9. A Google search for " Danny Greens nesting dinghys called 2 bits " revealed: Eventually, we found an address for Danny Greene (a naval architect and nesting dinghy pioneer) and requested plans for Two Bits or. For Pete's Sake. We learned these plans were no longer available. His designs had evolved over 20 years into the pram he called Chameleon. Chameleon is a nesting pram,10-feet.
  10. Something to consider when you decide how to rig the mainsheet is that a bimini or similar shade is HIGHLY recommended om the TX 200 site. Maybe incorporate a (removable?) boom gallows.
  11. Robert, I just re-read your reply to my query about stepping the mast thru the hole on the hatch. I didn't realize it was possible to do standing on the bottom in the aft hatch. My wise-ass comment about swimming was about standing on the housetop/hatch holding the mast vertical to stab it into the hole, when the stability might be questionable. I was thinking of Michalak's comment about OliveOil " but I should warn you that, with AF3 at least, standing on the cabin top is an invitation for capsize. After all, these are not large boats" Alex
  12. Thrillsbe, I assume you know this and it doesn't apply with no wind, but swimming after a drifting boat is a good way for even a strong swimmer to die!
  13. I am still thinking about your hatch cover, particularly stepping and unstepping the mast with the cover closed. I feel that this could only be done with the boat on the trailer- the stability afloat with someone on deck holding the mast vertical would guarantee a swim, methinks. The other problem with stepping the mast thru the hole in the hatch is how to find the mast step with the foot of the mast while working blind from on deck. Hope I'm not bothering you, because I really like your hatch cover, but with the slot open she has the safest & easiest mast raising/lowering system imaginable, and I think it's a real pity to lose that with the hatch. Can't wait to see her afloat!
  14. Further quotes on FB page: "Chuck said a couple of days/week ago they were having issues with their internet host company that for some reason was complicated to fix. But they were working on it." " Today it says something about a new Wordpress site coming soon. Stay tuned, I guess."
  15. On the Duckworks facebook page: " ok - I have just been told it is their web hosts who have the problem, not duckworks themselves, if that makes sense" Chuck said the same thing earlier
  16. After further thought, how about KISS? Build the boat with an empty cabin & spend a few nights aboard before doing any interior joinery. No good plan survives contact with the enemy- you may have quite different ideas about what you want.
  17. Looking at the plan for the scale model of the Vacationer: http://custompaperpocketyachts.k-j-g.com/papermodels/Vacationer/vacmodel.pdf it looks to me that the 'spline' line is just a baseline for the measurements of the external keel and has no relationship to the LWL. If you block the hull up with the forward and aft ends of the bottom at the same elevation, you should be able to use a level to set the interior at the right angle. From the pictures on the Stevenson website, it seems the bottom at the bow is a little above the WL and the bottom of the transom is a little below, but this may be because of crew in the cockpit.
  18. I agree with you that the Point Comfort is a really good design for a fishing skiff, but planking up the extreme twist in the forefoot may be a bear. I seem to remember builders of Princess sharpies on the forum having trouble with planking a similar forefoot. Maybe the ideal would be for Graham and/or Alan to come up with an 18 footer that could butterfly fold.
  19. Here is time & speed for the first 8 in class 4
  20. The first boat Spawn of Frankenscot http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/169350-new-ec-monster-boat/ set the all time class 4 record of 1d 12:46 in 2016 with 3 crew. She finished in 1d 17:31 Alan & dad got to CP3 at 1d 20:03 and are roughly 2/3 across Florida bay between CP3 and the finish. Halfbaked (Dovekie) is abreast of the nightmare on the way to CP3 PinkDog (CS 17) and GreyBeard (CS 17 Mk3) are out of CP2 Wizard (9' Elusion) is off Cape Romano LowRider (RoG), SambaSailor (CS 17) and OffTheCharts (Scamp) are west of Marco Island (anchored?)
  21. Is the forward hatch hinged on the front end? Don't think you could open the hatch enough to reach the mast if it is hinged aft.
  22. Robert Looking forward to see how you rig up the main- halyard, downhaul, reefing, etc. I'm guessing you'll need lazyjacks with the hatch closed. Hurry up! Alex
  23. Robert, I remember a picture of Gary Blankenship (LugNut)'s Oracle with all the hatches opened and the slot top open to dry things out, I think at CP3 in the last Everglades Challenge. It wouldn't take much to modify yours to do the same thing. Just sayin' Enjoying your posts Alex
  24. From Simon Lew's post on Watertribe FB page: "Tribute to Meade Gougeon at the EC start. Engraving by JF Bedard" (LowRider) That's Meade's last boat in the background
  25. Am I missing something, or will it not be possible to take hatch on/off with the mast up?
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