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  1. Stareed

    No Interlux Pre-Kote over epoxy?

    Think I will just buy a gallon of Interlux 404, West Marine has a match the price thing going on, and the store in town has some. The boat has been sitting for 3 weeks at this point ( I go home tomorrow) but I still will be putting some epoxy here and there when I get back and do not want to wait another couple of weeks, I only have 3 off as it is. Thank you all for your imput
  2. Stareed

    No Interlux Pre-Kote over epoxy?

    Sounds like I made a 100 dollar mistake, not the first and Im sure not to be the last.
  3. Stareed

    No Interlux Pre-Kote over epoxy?

    What about a first coat with the Epoxy Primekote and then Pre-Kote on top for sandablety- new word!
  4. Gentlemen, As I set here at work obsessing about the paint job I will be attempting when I get back to land, I may have a problem. I bought Interlux Pre-Kote and Brightsides to paint the boat with and while going over the data sheet, I found this on the last page: Compatibility/Substrates - Apply to clean, dry, properly prepared surfaces only. Do not apply over clear epoxy such as Epiglass Epoxy. For epoxy resin, use Epoxy Primekote Y404 as primer following proper preparation to the epoxy resin Ugggghhhh..... I have, I know read about many people using it over epoxy, is Interlux worrying about the epoxy blush? Is it "that will not work, buy the more expensive stuff" ploy? I have already bought the Pre-Kote and would not like having to buy another gallon of 100 dollar primer, plus I wanted the high build aspect as well, the boat is pretty fair but I wanted "smooth as a women's lower back" surface and from what I've read the Epoxy Primekote 404 is not very high build. Dont want to screw anything up at this point so close to the finish line. Please advise
  5. Stareed

    An other OC20 build !!

    Damn! you level of craftsmanship is other worldly! such a good job!
  6. Stareed

    Spindrift 10 build

    Chick, No CS20 MK3 for me, the next one will burn some of this stuff we look for deep under the seabed! I get to drill all these holes, might as well use it for fun to make up for the pain of getting it! You guys are the best! wish I could meet all of you. I dont think I have really gotten to much direct advise on the actual boat ( hopefully because you all approved of what I was doing) but have gotten parenting and marital advise which has been spot on. Sometimes you go looking for something and find things that you never knew you needed but are better off than your original intent in the end.
  7. Stareed

    Spindrift 10 build

    PAR, so far to date I have "ruined" a kitchen scale ( I put it in a gallon ziploc to prevent epoxy I was mixing from contacting it) still ruined as it was removed from the kitchen - had to buy a new one, a mini food processor I used for making wood flour - ruined, had to buy her a new one, all the kids crafting sticks (tongue depresser and popcile sticks for mixing and epoxy) - had to buy new, all of her pastry bags for filleting - had to spend a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond with her to buy her and myself a new supply along with other useless female stuff...heavy price. New door knob for the pantry - I had epoxy on my hand and need the vinegar for christ sakes! got thickened epoxy on it and didnt notice- she did- now have my own jug in the garage, and a new door knob on the pantry. Saran wrap and wax paper - I now have my own. The side yard, apparently it is not a boatyard? She and I have different use allocations for spaces " F#cking half million dollar house and it looks like a damn boatyard" Oh I gottcha on the vacuum, I once many years ago heard for a year about how she wanted a fancy Kitchen aide mixer, the 600 dollar one- Merry Christmas, she really wanted it, it was expensive- great idea.....no the hell it was not! Been married 18 years, still act like a dumbass- which I was recently called in a non-joking manner, but at this point I cant quit and she cant fire me!
  8. Stareed

    Spindrift 10 build

    I started this project one year ago, but to be fair I was only home 6 months which also encompassed family time, running a business, and taking care of the house, so not that bad in my estimation. Man have I learned a lot! and the I have the fever pretty bad at this point, this little boat was a test of my ability and desire to build boats. I had no idea how bad it would be, its bad though... I would go as far as saying obsession, building a boat brought together all of my wants in one package, I love wood working and boats - what a perfect marriage ( that will make your actual one more interesting hahahah). Wife asked me "what are you going to DO when you finish, your going to be lost" to which I replied "already have the plans in my closet for the next one!" she went from a joking mood quickly to a "oh hell no look" what do they say....begging forgiveness is easier than asking permission- that must have been a married man who coined that one!
  9. Stareed

    Spindrift 10 build

    Had a pretty good time off this hitch, got some work done on the boat. I followed PAR's advice and used some solvent and removed most of my daughters oil treatment from the little fordeck piece and epoxy coated it with no issue, could not even tell it happened after covering it in the ol' goo. Spent the first week home epoxy coating everything the required three coats which took some time. While I was coating the parts in the garage I moved the boat outside and started fairing the hull, its amazing to me that "flat" plywood could need much fairing, but with all the wire's and gunnels ect. I guess little puckers and hollows develop which surely showed up when I put the fairing compound and longboard to it. Wife kept asking why I was sanding and sanding something which she deamed smooth, I tried to explain the difference between smooth and fair but was unsuccessful. My neighbor is a sheet metal car restoration guy of very fine and rare old cars, I had him come over and inspect my work, and after rubbing it all down with his eyes closed, it was announced that I had done an incredible job ( his words, very proud of that comment) for a first timer. I then temperately installed the seat tops and the fordeck with finish nails and ran a round over bit around the edges to ease them, after which I glued it all up with no problem. I wanted a nice look on the inside so I taped of the seams on the seat top and fordeck and made a 1 1/4 radius fillet tool and tried to make a nice fillet for appearance, also ran it around the center board trunk where it meets the deck. Some more filling of little holes and spots and sanding and pretty close on the interior. I made the tiller out of cherry and attached it to the rudder cheeks. At this point "all" that remains is to paint and rig it up and throw it in the water. At the beginning of this thread I mentioned that my kids really had no interest in this project, but guess what..... my son requested that we sign him up for sailing camp this summer so that he could learn to sail "his" boat, made me pretty damn happy when I heard that! So, when I get back to land this time on May 10th - 1. final fair of interior 2. drill out everything for hardware 3. Paint 4. install hardware 5. Make oars 6. Order Sail 7. Done! 8. Build next boat!
  10. Stareed

    Outboard advice

    A Yamaha has been on back of every boat that I have owned and the ones my father owed when I was growing up. If I was buy a new motor, those are the two brands that I would be looking at as well. Service as stated above is very important, well supported brands in your area are paramount. I have seen Yamaha's on the back of boats from Singapore, to Mexico and Africa in my travels as a commercial mariner - they seem to be the global standard for reliability. Unless the Zuke is substantially cheaper, I would vote for a Yammy.
  11. Stareed

    Point Comfort 18? Whatcha think

    Oyster, Yes sir, I contacted him through the Wooden boat forum and have spoke with him at length after reading his tread on his build of it, very helpful. I bought the plans tonight so I guess its happening.....
  12. Stareed

    Point Comfort 18? Whatcha think

    Alexscott, I spoke with Alan about a more "Florida style" skiff, and he said it is in the works but they are swamped right now with other work. From looking at builds of others doing the Point Comfort it doesn't look to bad, the bottom aft is sheet ply and the forward section starts at the stem with four inch ply planks canted aft and increasing to 12" where it meets the sheet ply aft with another layer staggered on top of those, both layers are 1/4" meeting the 1/2 aft bottom sheeting.
  13. Stareed

    Point Comfort 18? Whatcha think

    Gentlemen, I am already contemplating my next build even though I am not finished with my Spindrift 10. My brother and I want a skiff to do so fishing out of and after a extensive search I am leaning towards Hylan and Brown Boatbuilders Point Comfort 18: http://www.dhylanboats.com/design/plans/pointcomfort18_plans/ I really have been enjoying the Spindrift and would like to stay with B and B but I do not like the lines of the Jessy and I think the Marissa is to much of a "in between" boat, its more than a skiff and not an offshore boat, that is the reason I have wandered in search of something else. The Point Comfort 18 is open ( I would build the version with side benches and not with the raised for-deck, and use a tiller outboard) will move right along with smallish power and seems to be a not that difficult build haha - famous last words! and I love the lines of the boat, relatively low freeboard , and its workboat heritage. I have a lot of respect for you guys and would like to hear your opinions if you have the time, is there something I am not seeing? any pitfalls or problems that a more experienced eye could see would be of great value to me. Thanks in advance, Hulsey
  14. Stareed

    Spindrift 10 build

    Walt, I read your full tread and I did not realize that you used Sapphire, from the picture it looks a little more "royal blue" and I thought the Sapphire was a bit more purple-blue (if thats a thing!) but I am and was looking at a computer screen as the source of color so who knows.. hahaa, yours looks great. At this point I would settle for dodo brown as long as its finished! Thanks Hulsey
  15. Stareed

    Spindrift 10 build

    This is true! I married a Long Island girl and have to wear a hoodie sweatshirt in my house because the ac is set so low. She practically never leaves the house May through October while I will be outside all day, it’s hot as hell sometimes but doesn’t really bother me.

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