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  1. Thank you Steve, Really did make me slow down a bit.
  2. Dont know what happened above, I wrote it in Word and copied pasted it here, came out as a image
  3. Congratulations, I have enjoyed watching along as you built it and enjoyed your humor as well. Whats the next build?
  4. Walt, Understood, We (my brother and I) are going to build a small pole barn, about 12x24 and put some cheap metal roof on it and have tarp curtain sides to keep the rain out and the looky-lou's away, it will be semi permanent, we are going to just use 4x4 posts and a simple raked roof, no hip or gable. When we are done he'll use it for his landscaping business- which means he'll be pay for the materials haha. If it flys away, we most likely are going to have more serious things to worry about.
  5. Oyster, Thanks for the info, after speaking with my brother today we will be building a structure on his property for this next build, I really like being able to pop outside and do a little bit when I want, but this actually may increase productivity as I will have to be more efficient in planning, more 8 hour power building days and less messing around in the shop. I am gone 6 months of the year, and previous to my current job I was gone 8 months a year - the whole house is her's, I just visit my family at that location! Wish I had room to build a proper shop, maybe one day.... when I no longer need to go to sea for money, but in 25 years I may want to move to Kansas haha- I had a Captain once who said " When I retire, I'm going to throw an oar on my shoulder and walk inland until someone says "whats that" and then I will know I'm far enough away form it"
  6. Gentlemen, The day is slowly approaching when I will be evicted from my boatshop...... I mean garage, the 17' solid spar I made for the mast for the Spindrift and store on top of the garage door tracks was apparently the straw that broke the wife's patience, well that and the year it took me to build it; Oh and the fact that she recently found the plans for the 18' skiff that my brother and I plan on building this fall- to which she said "oh hell no, no more boats in her garage". She wants her storage space back for bins of useless stuff like various seasonal decorations and all the other female "stuff". I have pretty much taken it all at this point, workbench and tools, boat, and all the other stuff have engulfed the whole space, she was not satisfied with the shelving that I made for her, I admit its 8' off the ground and you need a ladder to retrieve that bin that says "scrap-booking supplies" that she uses never. After 19 years she has put up with a lot from me and I love her, so I am in search of a portable garage thing with a tarp cover that I can put on the side yard to house the next and current boat, I have successfully negotiated the rights to half of the garage to retain all my woodworking tools as they make money for me, when I am not offshore. My plan is do work in the garage and assembly/storage in the shed. Anybody doing the same? What brand to you recommend? there seem to be endless choices. I am in Florida and while I dont need snow load protection, I do need sides and a front and back to keep rain out and the ability to roll up the sides for ventilation to avoid dying in there from the heat while working on the boat.
  7. What a great wealth of knowledge gone, spoke with him several times, he even offered to give me a few things. So sad, we will all be worse off with out him on these forums, I learned a lot from his posts. Fair winds and following seas Paul. Hulsey
  8. Think I will just buy a gallon of Interlux 404, West Marine has a match the price thing going on, and the store in town has some. The boat has been sitting for 3 weeks at this point ( I go home tomorrow) but I still will be putting some epoxy here and there when I get back and do not want to wait another couple of weeks, I only have 3 off as it is. Thank you all for your imput
  9. Sounds like I made a 100 dollar mistake, not the first and Im sure not to be the last.
  10. What about a first coat with the Epoxy Primekote and then Pre-Kote on top for sandablety- new word!
  11. Gentlemen, As I set here at work obsessing about the paint job I will be attempting when I get back to land, I may have a problem. I bought Interlux Pre-Kote and Brightsides to paint the boat with and while going over the data sheet, I found this on the last page: Compatibility/Substrates - Apply to clean, dry, properly prepared surfaces only. Do not apply over clear epoxy such as Epiglass Epoxy. For epoxy resin, use Epoxy Primekote Y404 as primer following proper preparation to the epoxy resin Ugggghhhh..... I have, I know read about many people using it over epoxy, is Interlux worrying about the epoxy blush? Is it "that will not work, buy the more expensive stuff" ploy? I have already bought the Pre-Kote and would not like having to buy another gallon of 100 dollar primer, plus I wanted the high build aspect as well, the boat is pretty fair but I wanted "smooth as a women's lower back" surface and from what I've read the Epoxy Primekote 404 is not very high build. Dont want to screw anything up at this point so close to the finish line. Please advise
  12. Damn! you level of craftsmanship is other worldly! such a good job!
  13. Chick, No CS20 MK3 for me, the next one will burn some of this stuff we look for deep under the seabed! I get to drill all these holes, might as well use it for fun to make up for the pain of getting it! You guys are the best! wish I could meet all of you. I dont think I have really gotten to much direct advise on the actual boat ( hopefully because you all approved of what I was doing) but have gotten parenting and marital advise which has been spot on. Sometimes you go looking for something and find things that you never knew you needed but are better off than your original intent in the end.
  14. PAR, so far to date I have "ruined" a kitchen scale ( I put it in a gallon ziploc to prevent epoxy I was mixing from contacting it) still ruined as it was removed from the kitchen - had to buy a new one, a mini food processor I used for making wood flour - ruined, had to buy her a new one, all the kids crafting sticks (tongue depresser and popcile sticks for mixing and epoxy) - had to buy new, all of her pastry bags for filleting - had to spend a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond with her to buy her and myself a new supply along with other useless female stuff...heavy price. New door knob for the pantry - I had epoxy on my hand and need the vinegar for christ sakes! got thickened epoxy on it and didnt notice- she did- now have my own jug in the garage, and a new door knob on the pantry. Saran wrap and wax paper - I now have my own. The side yard, apparently it is not a boatyard? She and I have different use allocations for spaces " F#cking half million dollar house and it looks like a damn boatyard" Oh I gottcha on the vacuum, I once many years ago heard for a year about how she wanted a fancy Kitchen aide mixer, the 600 dollar one- Merry Christmas, she really wanted it, it was expensive- great idea.....no the hell it was not! Been married 18 years, still act like a dumbass- which I was recently called in a non-joking manner, but at this point I cant quit and she cant fire me!
  15. I started this project one year ago, but to be fair I was only home 6 months which also encompassed family time, running a business, and taking care of the house, so not that bad in my estimation. Man have I learned a lot! and the I have the fever pretty bad at this point, this little boat was a test of my ability and desire to build boats. I had no idea how bad it would be, its bad though... I would go as far as saying obsession, building a boat brought together all of my wants in one package, I love wood working and boats - what a perfect marriage ( that will make your actual one more interesting hahahah). Wife asked me "what are you going to DO when you finish, your going to be lost" to which I replied "already have the plans in my closet for the next one!" she went from a joking mood quickly to a "oh hell no look" what do they say....begging forgiveness is easier than asking permission- that must have been a married man who coined that one!
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