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  1. Outboard advice

    A Yamaha has been on back of every boat that I have owned and the ones my father owed when I was growing up. If I was buy a new motor, those are the two brands that I would be looking at as well. Service as stated above is very important, well supported brands in your area are paramount. I have seen Yamaha's on the back of boats from Singapore, to Mexico and Africa in my travels as a commercial mariner - they seem to be the global standard for reliability. Unless the Zuke is substantially cheaper, I would vote for a Yammy.
  2. Point Comfort 18? Whatcha think

    Oyster, Yes sir, I contacted him through the Wooden boat forum and have spoke with him at length after reading his tread on his build of it, very helpful. I bought the plans tonight so I guess its happening.....
  3. Point Comfort 18? Whatcha think

    Alexscott, I spoke with Alan about a more "Florida style" skiff, and he said it is in the works but they are swamped right now with other work. From looking at builds of others doing the Point Comfort it doesn't look to bad, the bottom aft is sheet ply and the forward section starts at the stem with four inch ply planks canted aft and increasing to 12" where it meets the sheet ply aft with another layer staggered on top of those, both layers are 1/4" meeting the 1/2 aft bottom sheeting.
  4. Point Comfort 18? Whatcha think

    Gentlemen, I am already contemplating my next build even though I am not finished with my Spindrift 10. My brother and I want a skiff to do so fishing out of and after a extensive search I am leaning towards Hylan and Brown Boatbuilders Point Comfort 18: http://www.dhylanboats.com/design/plans/pointcomfort18_plans/ I really have been enjoying the Spindrift and would like to stay with B and B but I do not like the lines of the Jessy and I think the Marissa is to much of a "in between" boat, its more than a skiff and not an offshore boat, that is the reason I have wandered in search of something else. The Point Comfort 18 is open ( I would build the version with side benches and not with the raised for-deck, and use a tiller outboard) will move right along with smallish power and seems to be a not that difficult build haha - famous last words! and I love the lines of the boat, relatively low freeboard , and its workboat heritage. I have a lot of respect for you guys and would like to hear your opinions if you have the time, is there something I am not seeing? any pitfalls or problems that a more experienced eye could see would be of great value to me. Thanks in advance, Hulsey
  5. Spindrift 10 build

    Walt, I read your full tread and I did not realize that you used Sapphire, from the picture it looks a little more "royal blue" and I thought the Sapphire was a bit more purple-blue (if thats a thing!) but I am and was looking at a computer screen as the source of color so who knows.. hahaa, yours looks great. At this point I would settle for dodo brown as long as its finished! Thanks Hulsey
  6. Spindrift 10 build

    This is true! I married a Long Island girl and have to wear a hoodie sweatshirt in my house because the ac is set so low. She practically never leaves the house May through October while I will be outside all day, it’s hot as hell sometimes but doesn’t really bother me.
  7. Spindrift 10 build

    This is true! I married a Long Island girl and have to wear a hoodie sweatshirt in my house because the ac is set so low. She practically never leaves the house May through October while I will be outside all day, it’s hot as hell sometimes but doesn’t really bother me.
  8. Spindrift 10 build

    Them Yanks dont understand, the struggle is real for us southerners when its cold! When you have to wear shoes and long pants, quality of life is just not what it should be! Cold weather is not fit for human consumption.
  9. Spindrift 10 build

    Welp..... life got in the way again!! aghhhh. Only got 17 days off this hitch, as I had to return early for my relief and out of the 17 days I worked 15 of them building fence and a pool cabana for my carpentry company I run in addition to my Merchant Marine job. I have the paint sitting in the garage ready, and fairing materials ready to go into epoxy. I plan on take my next time home OFF to finish this damn thing! Summer is a-coming and the kids are wondering if it will even float! I gotta finish up so I can build something else! All ready have it picked out, just gotta finish.......
  10. A Two Paw 7 build, "Catnip" . .

    here is the link for the cornering tools if interested. http://www.leevalley.com/us/Wood/page.aspx?p=32682&cat=1,42524
  11. Spindrift 10 build

    Here is the child improved oil finish to the ply I was talking about, lubed it up pretty good! I decieded to just make my rudder out of laminated fir as I had some good looking stuff from a trim job I had done a while ago. I much prefer to plane/work solid wood where possible. it came out good I think, I followed the bevel lines very close, very satisfying running a plane. got the seat top finial cut and the boom laminated ready for shaping. I ordered Interlux Brightsides in Sapphire Blue for the hull and Matterhorn White for the interior, Interlux Pre-Coat as primer. The water line will be Matterhorn white. See how it goes....still much to do! I wish I had cut a better radius on the optional aft bulkhead, I regret it every time I look at it from this direction. Looks like Stewie's head from Family Guy
  12. Spindrift 10 build

    So....I got home last night and early this morning I was going to mark out the ply left over from the seat tops cut out to make the rudder, and apparently my 4 year old slung some 3and1 oil on that piece while I was away. At least I think it was 3-1 as the little can was right next to the plywood and it sure smells like the stuff. Trash now right? I dont think it would epoxy well now, it isnt completely covered but its sure got some on it.
  13. Midnight wondering from the Ch. Mate

    Already have been talking to Alan about the Jessy 15! haha
  14. Midnight wondering from the Ch. Mate

    Thank you all! really appreciate the time and effort to satisfy my wondering. Now what to build next..................I'm not even done with my Spindrift, but the end of it is in sight and I am already looking ahead! I think something with a engine at least, I need a skiff of some type for fishing and knocking about. I had a 25 Mako several years ago before the crash in the oil field removed all luxury items from my life, it was pretty spendy to own and run. Until oil is back to 80-90 a barrel, Ill be fishing the oysters bars and creeks - not the Stream
  15. Midnight wondering from the Ch. Mate

    Thrillsbe, I too have heard that about cypress, I assume it is due to the fact the Cypress contains cypressene which is an oil and contributes to the decay resistant properties. I have glued it down with hardwood flooring mastic ( 1000 sqft in my house ) and used Gorilla glue with it on outdoor projects and it glues just fine. I have researched it quite a bit and it is a 3 out of 5 for glue-ablity or referred to as having good gluing properties. It is less dense than SYP which I can attest to, when green it is very easy to work. Cypress is also prone to "ring shake" where the annular rings separate from the heart, however I have only seen this in beams which I build pergola's with. But with epoxy Im not sure, I think it would make great ribbon material as it is flexible but strong in my experience.

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