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  1. Stopper Knots Graham- I consulted my guru on ropes, wire & rigging, Brion Toss (Rigger's Apprentice). Your idea of leaving a 6 diameter tail behind your sheet & halyard stopper knots is excellent, but instead of a figure eight knot, consider a Stevedore's Knot or an Oysterman's Stopper. Both have more turns, and should be more secure in modern slippery cordage "I felt the stopper knot unroll in my hand", See http://www.handymariner.com/tag/stopper-knot/
  2. Chick, You are correct- In fact I should have compared Max - Min drafts which would be the length of the lowered centerboard below the hull. Check with Graham, but you might be able to make a virtue out of necessity by adding bilge keels like the Belhaven 19 and get not only better windward performance but also level beaching/grounding without any added draft.
  3. Drafts of the 17 & 20 Core Sounds from the website: CS 17 - 3' 6" CS 17 Mk 3 - 2' 10" (8" less) CS 20 - 3' 9" CS 20 Mk 3 - 3' 6 1/4" (2 3/4" Less) EC 22 - 6' Sure looks like a longer board will help the 17 Mk 3
  4. Chick, If you click on the attachment to my earlier msg, you should be able to see it. If not, here are the finishers in the first five days, their class, and the finish time in hours. I hope the columns line up kinda OK Challenger Class Time twobeers and Morsailesed Class 4, Triple 36.77 tenzan and Pagan Hobie C, Double Male 51.58 SewSew Class 5, Single Male 61.13 SwampMonkee and ChainSaw Class 5, Double Male 63.15 SkinnyGenes and Skinnyjeans Class 4, Double Male 65.65 halfbaked and Clacker Class 4, Double Male 66.18 DancesWithMullet Class 5, Single Male 66.25 IronBob and TheJuice Class 2, Double Male 85.17 sos (UF) Class 3, Single Male 89.10 LRock and CrazyRussian v Class 5, Double Male 101.35 PrivateHam and ImOnABoat Class 5, Double Male 90.38 mistermoon and zerothehero Class 4, Double Male 93.25 MosquitoMagnet Class 1, Single Male 96.48 Kayakvagabond Class 1, Single Male 98.47 Jarhead (UF) Class 4, Single Male 107.10 Coastie and ClamCounter Hobie C, Double Male 101.48 beav Class 2, Single Male 108.40 lugnut and HavanaMana Class 4, Double Male 116.50 Roo Class 4, Single Male 124.60 WindwardMark and LeewardLauren Class 3, Double Mixed 126.82 Triman Hobie T, Single Male 127.23 RockingBaby Class 6, Single Male 129.47 BustedRudder (UF) Class 1, Single Male 132.47 junglejim Class 1, Single Male 132.68 spiritwalker Class 2, Single Male 133.32 Not to be a wide ass, but the best way to handle computer stuff you don't understand is to ask a teenager.
  5. I have updated the results for all classes in the EC and also the UF (no CP times posted for them). I hid the columns for average speed to the CP's to fit on the page. Everyone who finished in 5 days or less is included (I hope). MisterMoon, Congrats and I really enjoyed the things you learned. Hint Hint Graham EC & UF 2016.pdf
  6. Graham, Please let us know what you found out about the Carlita in the EC 2016
  7. As far as I can tell from the Tracking Map, only Roo, Lugnut, (both past CP3) and Millarkey (almost to CP3) are still active in Class 4
  8. I bet Graham misses that spray hood he didn't have time for more than somewhat
  9. Wetfoot, I have been waiting for the WT results page to be fixed up. Last night & earlier if you refreshed Class 4 it said something like 'this is over' and everyone that had not finished got a DNF. It has just been changed so that everyone not to CP2 is a DNF. I checked on wanders (first not at CP2) and it looks like he's on the trailer at St. James City across from.Sanibel, so maybe they all have dropped out, Also the time for Roo to CP3 is shown as 2 days 20 Hours 5 Mins. DWSB said in SOS’s blog that Roo got in to CP3 at 14:47 on 8 Mar and he should know if anybody does. That is 3 Days 5 Hours 47 Mins from 07:00 on 5 Mar. The table has been updated with the latest times. It looks like Roo is on his way, and once he fights his way upwind to the Keys, he should have a reach or at least an easy lay to Key Largo (Key Largo is 39 Miles away at 240 degrees, so an east wind is 150 degrees off his bow and southeast is 105 degrees). I am also waiting to see what lugnut does- He’s been at CP3 since about 1600 yesterday. Tom, That little 'Whoops' when he got underway looks like me trying to leave an anchorage single handed EC 2016 Class 4.pdf
  10. FWIW, I pasted the Watertribe results page for Class 4 into Excel and calculated the average speed from the start to each CP. Beside the amazing twobeers with his 'triple screw', I am amazed at halfbaked doing so well in a Dovekey(sp?). I can update periodically if anyone is interested EC 2016 Class 4.pdf
  11. I hope I'm wrong,but it looks lke Graham is in trouble. If I'm reading this correctly, he has only moved 3/10 mile in the last 14 hours. Maybe his Spot was stolen?
  12. Alex, Also you have to click on [Regenerate View] button every time
  13. Alex, I can't get the facebook page either. In the tracking map, when I select All Challengers for a class, the little captions to identify challengers mainly don't work, which is a bummer. What works for me (Event / Class / Challenger / Display Detail) for Graham ( EC2016 / Class 4 / Roo / Show Tracks and All Waypoints) for Alan ( UF2016 / Class 3 / SOS / Show Tracks and All Waypoints) for Dawn ( UF2016 / Class 1 / Sandy Bottom / Show Tracks and All Waypoints) You can find anyone else you are interested in on the "list of participants" link on the B&B page. Hope that helps
  14. Docpal, Could you please post the link to the Duckworks EC page. I couldn't find it. Can't get thru to the map either.
  15. Hobie Mirage Drive Has anyone tried a Hobie Mirage Drive as an auxiliary for the Everglades Challenge? It looks like it has much more power than oars- see and it can be mounted in a wooden boat- see http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/04/s/projects/curious/index.htm If you can find a place for it in "Carlita", it might be a big advantage over oars for water over a foot or so deep, and you could have a flush plug for the well when it is not in use.
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