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  1. Looks like a great trip - living the dream!
  2. Edging closer to completion with final fairing about 95% done. Off to the painters soon as I don't want to spray toxic products outside the bedroom window. After covering up all of the wood with fibreglass and filler, it will be nice to bring some of the look back - in the form of a teak deck. To minimise weight, we are going with 7mm rebated planks epoxyied to the deck. Front decks will be a simple non skid finish to save weight. I ruled out using cork as I was quoted prices close to teak.
  3. The teak does look rather good! Best of all it eliminates the need to longboard/sand the deck, just glue the planks down..
  4. Thanks for the suggestion and review. I have never heard of the product, I'll definitely consider it if the price is ok. By the way, your boat turned out really nice!
  5. I haven't posted an update for a while.. A custom made fly rod rod rack and fairing well underway. Not sure what to do with the floor finish. I had my heart set on teak however not sure about all that extra weight.. Maybe cork?
  6. Steve, Hope you are still on the forum - any update pics?
  7. looking good! Sorry to hear you won't get a chance to try it out.
  8. Hi Lotus I hope you have plenty of great times in the boat and thanks for sharing the build. Your great craftsmanship has given us (other builders) plenty of ideas for our own projects. Regards Lenny
  9. Thanks Lotus Hirilonde, don't say that. I just want to use her!!!
  10. Strangely, all of a sudden it feels like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Its amazing how a few solid (uninterrupted) days can make big difference to progress. Console is finished Inc toilet. Not sure whether the design was intended to have scuppers? I have added some in any case. If they are too low I will just close them off and open them for hosing down the boat only. I don't trust engine installers so have pre-drilled the transom myself using a borrowed template. The oversize holes have been backfilled with epoxy and CF chop strand and will now be glassed over and re-drilled smaller to eliminate any possibility of water intrusion. I have no doubt engine installer would have just pumped a heap of 5200 in there without sealing any timber end grain.. Salvaged a nice teak and alloy steering wheel of a classic car - which I will make fit to the hydraulic unit somehow.
  11. You must be happy with that performance and economy! Thanks for sharing the pics - boat looks great
  12. Thanks Justin! Started piecing together the inside of the console. The whole thing turned out so lightweight using 20mm foam and a single layer of 1700. I know its only a 20footer but might try and squeeze in a 'low profile' upper station as well. I.e. stand on top of console / through hardtop. Good for spotting fish on the flats on calm days..
  13. Finally got the console installed today. Also added a level 'pad' for electric trolling motor. Starting to think about rub rails now but can't decide on best material to use for the base. I can't help but think with all the self tapping screws (required to affix the stainless rails) might create problem of water intrusion (timber rail) or not enough screw holding power (foam rail)? Please any suggestions appreciated.
  14. Sounds like you are getting closer to optimum setup.. Look forward to some pics. Is your self draining deck working better now?
  15. Congrats Lotus - she looks amazing! Elusive is a very fitting name.. You went to town with the 200hp ? - nice!
  16. Thanks Justin ! Have loved checking out your progress too - the Jessy and Marissa are nice looking designs too. Like you I chose a design based on building space and time available to me. Incidentally, this project was meat to be an 'test run' prior to building a larger boat (40' sailing catamaran) sometime in the future. Something to explore the western pacific when I retire from work. Considering how much time and energy has gone into this project, I am realising I don't think I can pull off building something over twice the size - single handed. Plus, my wife would leave me for sure ?
  17. Currently adding foam to the stern sides for 'level' floatation certification. Can fit quite a large amount under the wide gunnels. A bit unfortunate about the lost storage space, however i've always been one of those paranoid captains..
  18. Hi Lotus, Many thanks for the info and pics - thats exactly what I was hoping to achieve (either a front or rear opening).
  19. Thanks Riggs. You must be getting close to finishing yours? I am relieved to get the anchor locker finished.. Very confined space with lots of tight corners. I know 3 coats of epoxy is good enough but I can't help myself - ended up filleting, glassing and flow coating the lot. Also created some solid glass sections in the gunnels for the fuel filler and flush rod holders. Im thinking this will save the hassle of needing to seal edges of ply after holesawing. One of the constraints for my project is the request for a head/toilet from the wife. Not so easy on a 20 footer as a console could get so big it detracts from the appearance of the boat. I have come up with low profile design (43" above deck) but leaves enough head high to squeeze into when you step down into the hull. I hope it looks ok on the boat..
  20. Looking good lotus! The sides of your cabin look to be at least 2 inches thick. May I ask how you achieve thickness? Hollow on inside with a backing plate/washers for radar arch?
  21. Hi Alan, Please let us know how these turn out. I'd like to try if you have success (sound perfect for my front casting deck/hatch). Another material I have considered is Innegra.
  22. My attempt at a hatch to stop water dripping into the main storage compartment. Quite a lot of room in there (I can climb into it)! Currently tabbing in the decks and glassing inner topsides.
  23. Looking great riggs!! Not far off that milestone myself. Whats your plans for cockpit drainage? Is the design hight enough for self draining via suppers?
  24. Steve - I think deep down it is many a man's dream to build a boat (or something similar) - however never materialises due to a wife who says NO, money, lazy man syndrome, motivation etc? You would be an idol to many if they saw the masterpiece you have created to-date. Keep up the great work
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