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  1. I can't help with your questions. I just wanted to say thanks for the updates and it's coming along very nicely!
  2. What is a good recommendation for a general purpose surface cleaner to use on sanded epoxy wood? Ideally something I can buy locally at a hardware or box store. I’m thinking I should have the surface prepared properly before primer and paint.
  3. As you previously mentioned @Chick Ludwig, I will use board insulation for the larger compartments. I may box them out and use the remainder of the pour foam to fill them in. Next up is to either test paint and primer on some interior spaces if I get the garage warm. I also have to scribe the forward casting platform to fit snuggly. @Alan Stewart helped me out with how this will work. I’ll give it a shot soon.
  4. Here is the completed foam mold in the forward lower compartment: The mix was a 1:1 ratio. Instructions said to work fast. It took about :45 to 1:00 for it to fully thicken, then rise. 16fl oz of each part filled 90% of the form. I then mixed up 2oz of each and filled in some low spots. 20min later, I broke apart the mold and used a saw to flatten the top.
  5. My 15’ has this general profile. It would be very similar. But, it’s not been a difficult build as of yet.
  6. This exactly! I’m looking to keep things clean. Figured since I have foam, I would form it outside and drop it in. I’ll use board foam in the aft compartments.
  7. @Chick Ludwig can you explain more re: not lining where the pour foam is going to go? I’ve lined the interior of the cardboard mold so that I can pry it off easier once the foam has cured. I’ll then drop this plug into the forward lower compartment. What is the method to eliminate moisture from seal compartments? Or, do you?
  8. I mocked up a cardboard mold for the forward lower compartment. I’m going to cover the interior in plastic (bags, tape, whatever) and then fill with expansion foam. While I did say I would mock up a center console, I’m not there yet. Soon.
  9. @Thrillsbe Both points noted. I think the boat will be trailer stored most of the year. It will not be kept in water or under continuous UV exposure. I have easy access to A/A birch and maple ply. I would not use fir.
  10. @Alan Stewart I have a half sheet of 1/4 maple ply and it’s pretty darn smooth, no knots, etc. I was thinking using something like that and once coated with epoxy, primer and paint, no one would be able to tell. As for tinkering, I have a limit? I’ll do a mock up in cardboard and share pictures in a few weeks. I’ll then decide how I want to proceed. Thanks and Happy New Year to the B and B community!
  11. @Chick Ludwig 800sqft garage - a 20lb tank of LP will keep it warm enough (above 70F) for 24hrs. The garage has three insulated doors so even when it’s 30F, it heats up quick and holds it pretty well. The tank refill is $15 - not horrible.
  12. Depends on what your motive is? Just kidding! Interestingly, the boat you are building was one of the boats that drew me to boat building. I decided on this also as a bit of a test run, however, I simply do not have space for anything larger than what can fit into a standard garage. You will still have the satisfaction of building a boat and the knowledge will not be lost. God know about the maintenance requirement of these things!
  13. Due to the server issues I had connecting here the last week or so, I'm late in saying Merry Christmas to you all that celebrated. I had a fun and educating experience getting the boat to the point it's now at this past year. I'm going to be opportunistic with boat work during the colder months ahead and the updates will be less frequent. I may have previously mentioned that I plan on building a small center console for basic electronics and a wheel. I had placed an order for two sheets of 1/4" Okume ply back in August, but cancelled the order two weeks ago as the lumber yard was not able to get me a ship date. @Alan Stewart Do you have any thoughts on where I can get marine ply? Are there other wood species a good substitute? I do have some sketched up plans for a console if you have any interest in getting them in CAD?
  14. @lenm Amazing work! It looks just like my Jessy 15' except yours is larger, more complex, prettier and it has a person building it who knows what they are doing. ??
  15. Ken, I'm a little late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS! Amazing build and helluva achievement!
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