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  1. I decided to install stern eyes to port and starboard. I marked the location on one side with a cardboard template and drilled holes larger then the eye shanks. I then flipped the template to the other side. I then eased the edges of the holes and got it covered with epoxy.
  2. Does anyone have experience spraying epoxy primer or epoxy paint? I have access to a Graco battery powered airless sprayer and would like to give it a try. One issue I am trying to get answered from Graco is the use of flammable solvents in the sprayer. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Corner knees beveled, screwed and epoxied in place. One of two stern eyes. Aft braces to provide support to the rear of the aft seat. This is where I need to make a wire run going from aft forward.
  4. I have been priming the interior over the past few weeks. I have also installed the aft corner knees and built stern brackets to support the aft well/seat. I’ll provide pictures shortly. I am also going to install two stern eyes that I can use for tie-downs. What I need help is on wire runs. I am building a center console with steering, throttle and other electric. I need to run wire from aft to center, which will mainly go through the starboard flotation compartment. I would like to run some type of plastic pipe but need help with the fittings. Can anyone provide advice/
  5. @HirilondeI also have the high build primer to go on at a later time. Nice to hear you think highly of it!
  6. I’ve had 2 part Awl Grip 545 epoxy primer around here since I ordered it in January and have been hesitant to use it. Well, after reading the instructions a few times and getting the prep work done, I decided to give it a go. I decided to prime the forward storage compartment and the forward flotation compartment. I know, the later will be sealed with foam but I just wanted to use these two areas as a testing pallet. Since the base was sitting since January, I used a paddle mixer as all the solids settled. This would have been very difficult hand mixing. I also bought large
  7. @lenm the teak floor and covering boards look great. Hope you plan on keeping them this honey color for years to come.
  8. @Peter HK and @Designer thanks for your link and input. Much appreciated.
  9. I'm preparing to start the mechanical work: engine, relays, fuel lines, etc. I am going to run this through the foam compartments to the port & starboard. I am thinking of using PVC, however, does anyone have experience affixing this to the wood. I will have an opening aft (near the engine mount) and up front (under/near the center console) and I don't believe the epoxy will bond with plastic. What is a good solution?
  10. @Mark Rendelman do you mind providing an inventory of your vacuum bagging set up?
  11. Moving ahead - time to start adding the hardwood stiffeners. This one goes along the top of the longitudinal bulkhead and where it meets the inside transom, there is a small gap. I can cut out the piece in the transom and make this extend to it. I have room up front for this after the center bulkhead stiffener is installed. For the seat tops, is it best to position them flush with the center frame bulkhead as shown below?
  12. I scribed some leftover okume ply to the front and sides of the center console front seat. I centered the console laterally and marked pencil lines on the centerboard frame and cockpit sole. I then cut some pieces of cardboard and hot glued them to the console seat. Extra ply was used to fill in the gaps. I used neat epoxy on the raw wood then thick epoxy to butt joint the pieces onto the bottom of the console seat. The end result: The little gap at the corner(s) is due to me cutting the front part so the corners overlap al
  13. Between using screws to temporarily hold the side stringers, bottom strakes and keel, the screws don’t seem to be locked in if removed within 14hrs. The epoxy is very hard by then and no further compression by the screws would apply. On a side note, I had family over this past weekend for my kid’s birthday’s party. I needed some help flipping the boat right side up to continue working on the interior. I have a small center console partly stitched together.
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