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  1. So, a couple of coats of 545 and this is how she looks today. Up next is to make her look fair…
  2. Not peanut butter thick, but more than neat.
  3. @lenmsorry it took so long to answer- finger joints on the bottoms and hull sides. In fact, these were my first go at using thickened epoxy.
  4. It’s been a while for me - other priorities took a lot of my time the past year. I did flip the boat two months ago and put two thickened coats on it. Today was the final coat before primer - hopefully tomorrow.
  5. @lenm Congratulations! She's an amazing looking boat. This is really the boat I want to build (but need space). Thanks for sharing the journey with us. Did you ever finish the model you built to match the finished boat?
  6. Rear starboard quarter looking forward: Forward port quarter looking rear:
  7. Sorry @lenm just saw this now. No, I’m painting it all. Fingers joints.
  8. So, seat tops finally installed: I sanded the edges top and bottom to provide a roughed surface for the glue to bond to. I have two temporary screws in each seat top to allow for proper placement with the glue. I used the spreader bars to get them in position and gravity (and a few bricks) for proper squeeze out. Forward cockpit beam all glued and clamped:
  9. Wire run installed and glued in with West System G flex epoxy with a bit of thickener. I have additional foam on its way. That compartment will be filled then the seat tops installed. After that, my plan is to flip the boat and finish the hull - primed, filled and top coated. Stay tuned.
  10. Port side filled with flotation foam and 11lbs of ballast. I have a wire run going through the starboard side that weights 11lbs and it was done for balance. I wasn’t interested in finding out whether 11lbs mattered after the fact.
  11. Almost ready to fill these compartments with flotation foam. Elbows glued and the inside joint filled with G Flex epoxy.
  12. 3” hole for a pvc wire run. Lightweight board insulation under the starboard seating. The pvc pipe will serve as a wire run from the outboard to the center console. I’ll use these as templates for the port side then install them. I may use big gap filler foam to form the box then mix up some flotation foam to fill the rest of the compartment.
  13. Profile with center console: Overview: Console needs to be finished, glassed and maybe primed before it’s installed for good.
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