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  1. Skin, how tight?

    While we're on this topic, I have a question about loosening fabric. I built my Short Shot last February to April and thought the skin (8 oz) turned out well. I got out and paddled her a few times during the summer and then put it away in the basement when it turned cold.........since I don't have a need for hunting baby seals. Now the skin seems to be relaxing. When the weather warms up again, will setting the kayak out in the sunshine fix the problem, or will I need to use a heat gun on it?
  2. Stonefly Canoe

    Very nice!
  3. Promblem with frames

    Measure all your brackets to their back face. Then fasten the coresponding frame front faces to them. Front face to back face. That's how they share the same planes. The relation between the end of your strong back and the end of your kayak is not critical.
  4. Promblem with frames

    I recommend investing in a pair of scissors. Just kidding. I guess your jagged edges were from your jig saw.

    Denis, I was about at the stage you are when I decided to ditch my plywood rings and build a laminate coaming. No regrets. If I build another kayak I'll do the same. But Jeff is not exaggerating, it's a lot of work. A lot of the effort was because it was my first, though. You would need to make the necessary fixtures and buy a lot of clamps unless you already have them. It wasn't essential to radius the corners, but I wanted to. That required the purchase of some new router bits. Good luck! - Ben

    Oh by-the-way, your FROG looks great!

    "How about I abandon the lower coaming ring and sew the polyester to the upper plywood coaming in the manner suggested for laminated coamings? " If I understand your question correctly, your coaming would be very flimsy, I believe.
  8. Wow! That's commitment!
  9. WRC drying up, alternates?

    Cool! But I'm interested to know what you're calling paneling. What are the dimensions?
  10. Tested the Skin in SoF

    Nice story. Glad it ended well. I paddled from Lock 6 State Canal Park to the Twins and back recently on both sides of the river. That's a couple of miles east of where you are in Rexford. Where did the boulder incident happen?
  11. NY Curlew finally complete

    Very nice job! And well worth the wait.
  12. WRC drying up, alternates?

    Did you mean to say the BB? Or was I wrong thinking the WRC is a domestic product?
  13. WRC drying up, alternates?

    Where I am in the Capital District, the Curtis Lumber stores carry WRC. Is there one near you? -Ben
  14. Vardo build questions

    I haven't used a spray skirt, so I didn't know enough to offer a quailfied answer to your question. But it looks like you figured it out. Your Vardo is looking great!
  15. Plywood Testing

    http://dmkforestproducts.com.au/wisa-birch/ These folks aren't anywhere close by?