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  1. Hi Tony, The oil base paint will saturate the fabric which gives the interior its colour. Thanks for the compliment. John
  2. Here are several pictures of the Kudzu Firefly kayak that I just finished building. She is covered with the premium fabric and 3 coats of oil base paint. The frame is constructed with western red cedar and Baltic marine plywood. The wood was stained a medium red mahogany color followed with three coats of satin marine oil base varnish. Her finished weight is 34 pounds. This is my third Kudzu boat. The first was a Vardo kayak, followed with a Stonefly canoe!! Not sure what my next build will be.
  3. I recently finished my Stonefly canoe and waiting for the ice to melt to see how well she handles.
  4. Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished canoe. Thank you. The frame weighs just over 36 pounds.
  5. Finished the wood work on my Kudzu Stonefly S-O-F canoe today and now preparing for the application of the fabric.
  6. Thank you! The kayak is bright orange so the name Comet was selected after the orange Comet gold fish.
  7. Pictures of "Comet" my Kudzu Vardo kayak on its maiden voyage! Initial impressions were favorable; the kayak accelerates at a decent rate, easily holds her cruise speed and tracks straight and true. My getting into and out of Comet will need improvement! Overall she's a fun kayak. My daughter Laura painted some pacific northwest American Indian art on my kayak.
  8. http://shop.skinboats.com/2-Part-Urethane-Coating-for-Kayak-Skin-goop1.htm http://shop.skinboats.com/Rare-Earth-Pigments-REP.htm https://www.systemthree.com/…/water-reducible-linear-polyur… http://shop.skinboats.com/840-X-TRA-Tuff-Ballistic-Nylon-and-Coating-Value-Kit-840sgkit.htm These are the links to the products I used for the covering and finish of my Vardo.
  9. Took the opportunity of retirement to build a Vardo kayak. The process thus far has been a great experience with the only difficulty obtaining decent western red cedar for the stringers. I ended up splicing clear pieces together to meet my needs. I used marine spar varnish to preserve the hull. The fabric is nylon and I used a powdered pigment to obtain the orange color. Today I'll finish the deck and I'm thinking about adding some west coast native American Indian art work to the finished boat. .
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