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  1. even-keeled

    curlew bow question ?

    I wondered if anyone would notice the 1/8 ply. It's a 1/4 scale prototype for my daughter's full size Curlew. The bow and stern assemblies tab together.
  2. even-keeled

    curlew bow question ?

    It is 2' long. Here's how I did it. I lofted for the lower stringer cutout using these coords: (0,1)(2 30/32,1 3/32)(3,3/16). The top of this cutout changed slightly in angle to meet the stringer without preload. A tiny step will then need sanding to meet the curve of the bow. My Poco had gaps where lashings are struggling to hold the bow and stern to the lower stringer. This is the remedy. Also, confirm that the distance between the lofted top and bottom stringer cutouts is the same where the bow meets frame 13. This assembly is laser-cut. Round lightening holes would be more practical when following the instructions. Cheers.
  3. even-keeled

    Firefly launch this Sunday

    Hatchless looks like a good choice. Nice baidarka. Did you use spar varnish on the skin?
  4. even-keeled

    How to add laminated beam to Tadpole?

    Something like this should clear the skin by about 1/4" and allow more room for entry. I would have kept all sides of the frame with the original offsets. As a disclaimer, I can't recommend acting on design ideas without designer approval.
  5. even-keeled

    How to add laminated beam to Tadpole?

    Since this coaming isn't as long as ones where the beam has been implemented, there's less room to add a lower frame. Depending on the child, their hamstrings may rest on an extra frame. I would make the plywood frame in question not droop so much between the coaming and the gunwales. That will give a little room without a major redesign. Maybe make a cardboard mock-up of that one frame to get a better idea of fit. I was going to build a tadpole for my daughter but she's outgrown that design. Now it will need to be a Curlew for her.
  6. even-keeled

    Ravenswood Launch (Vashon, WA)

    Looks like a finely crafted kayak. I'd like to see the long-term differences between lashed and screwed-together fuselages.
  7. The Stonefly looks great. Thanks for sharing the adventure pictures.
  8. even-keeled

    Long Beach Tadpole

    The welting cord seam looks great. I'm currently on that step with my kayak and loose weave polyester.
  9. Nice canoe. Congratulations for the speedy construction. I'm still getting ready to stitch my skin.
  10. even-keeled

    Coaming Brace

    Imagine a frame cut back so only the sides remain. Then extend the tops of those to end at a point where the coaming will rest on them. They locate at the sides of the coaming to support your weight and skin tension.
  11. even-keeled

    Builders input needed/laminted deck beam

    I'm not familiar with the strength characteristics of okoume ply so I don't know if your plan would work. Since that might be the most critical frame in the boat, I'd do a lot of destructive testing on similar beam sections. I'd also try bonding plywood sheets to get 1 to 1.5" of thickness longitudinally on the kayak. Laminated Maple is very durable. Just judging by the orientation of the short fibers in a narrow cut of plywood, the ply version would need to be built heavier to get the same strength. Can the beam support your weight plus the coaming and skin tension? I would also consider the outcomes of beam failure, from discarding the skin for beam replacement to getting trapped.
  12. even-keeled

    Builders input needed/laminted deck beam

    If you are taller than 6ft then you will probably appreciate the extra clearance provided by a laminated deck beam. I didn't want three deck stringers so my interpretation of your plan is just a minor tweak from the design. I barely fit in my frame but I'm not sure how I would fit as originally designed. I have photos posted in my other threads.
  13. even-keeled

    New Ravenswood, 'first' paddle

    Now I do, hilarious!
  14. even-keeled

    New Ravenswood, 'first' paddle

    Looks good from here, well done. I like the overlap of blue onto the sides.
  15. even-keeled

    Firefly hatch and flotation bags conflict

    Tangent: I posted a lashing method for foot rests on page 2 of the tips & tricks thread. Metal hardware is still required at the foot rest.

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