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  1. how does one go about deleting an account for a member who's deceased? http://steven.vorefamily.net/2020/02/14/michael-vore/
  2. I have two rotomolded (HEAVY) kayaks, both with skegs. Once in the water with their skegs down they track. The Ravenswood, without a skeg, is ok in calm waters, but get it in waters with a breeze, ok call it a wind, of over 5kts it wants to weathervane or weathercock, which ever it feels like doing at the time, It just doesn't want to hold a heading. I was out in 5kt+, maybe up to 15kts, today. A lot of paddling was only one side, just to hold my course. Lots of work, but still enjoyable (on the lower edge of enjoyable.)
  3. Well, not really the first time afloat, the real first was just 20 minutes of so to make sure it held water (out!) The photo is on it's real maiden voyage - 5 miles. Did another 5 the next day. The Ravenswood will take a little getting used to. I miss having a skeg. The second photo shows the area of the second voyage though the photo is taken from my Manitou-14 a week earlier. Taking any kayak through the trees felt, well rather spooky even more so with the Ravenswood.
  4. I'm still a month or so away from needing this, but with the weather the way it is, here goes the Question. I have the Kudzu Float Bags. And I've installed a loop of Para Cord both Fore and Aft to pull the bags in, advise from an old time Qajaq builder. What's the best way to attach some kind of loop to the bags without compromising the air tight quality of the bags?
  5. It's been a couple weeks on a Pool Table alongside a Firefly. I got mine out the door onto some grass first.
  6. I'm just starting my Ravenswood and have a question about 'Flooring'. I'm a bit concerned about my heels (or rather the heels of my watershoes) wearing on the fabric in the area of the foot-pegs. There is solid wood flooring under my butt, then looks like bare fabric where only 'lunch, etc' then a frame and bare fabric where my feet might wear the fabric. I'm thinking of putting some kind of removable light plastic. What does everyone else do? Or am I overthinking a problem that doesn't really exist.?
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