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  1. Thanks seems logical now now I can progress to a Christmas launch
  2. Just got home from work and had a read I still cannot see where I mount the 2 frames that are 1’0, if the frame mounted on the strong back is fixed at 1 foot and you measure from the same point the frame that makes the stern assembly must be 11 1/2 inches or 12 1/2 inches from the common measuring point. If I still have it wrong could you assit with chapter and verse in the manual please cheers TC
  3. No I need a new set of dentures
  4. Building a Ravenswood I hope you can help me I have two frames marked 1'0".How do I mount both frames in the same position. These are the stern frames
  5. Good looking Kayak What colour red earth pigment did you use,
  6. I am just going through the process of buying my plywood, I am in Sydney, where did you purchase yours perhaps they have a distributor in my fair city. How is the rest of the build going?
  7. Looks good stuchambers, good luck with the build.
  8. Last year i bought some marine plywood from Bunnings for a skin on frame canoe i was building, it was ok but the top and bottom veneer seemed little brittle and splintered a bit perhaps my jig saw blades were not sharp enough. So far it has been OK. https://www.bunnings.com.au/2440-x-1220-x-12mm-aa-grade-mixed-hardwood-marine-plywood_p0320024 Its a lot less expensive than some but that is not the final consideration I too am looking at a Ravenswood just making the final decision and considering the timber for the stringers etc thinking about paulownia at the moment nice an
  9. Thanks I will take a look.
  10. Labrat any pics of the curlew?
  11. Thanks for the info guys, I was as you were Labrat a bit worried about the strength, as it lighter than WRC and thought of upping the dimension but I guess i will stay with the plans as per Kudzu. As he says change something and you are on your own. I have used paulownia in a previous strip built Redfish kayak a few years ago I enjoyed the build of this but they take a lot of time that we don't always have and now i am getting on bit older I like the idea of the light weight of skin on frame construction, i will be ordering my plans for a Curlew in the next few weeks. Pics below of
  12. Hi Guys New to this forum, has anybody used paulownia timber in the construction of fuselage frame kayaks its very light and water resistant. Its fairly cheap here in OZ compared to WRC thought it might be viable.
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