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  1. Progress is continuing, albeit slowly. I have a family to worry about, boat work comes in short snatches when I have time...
  2. It would, but then I wouldn’t learn how to loft frames from offsets. There will be a significant amount of satisfaction gained from turning a handful of charts with numbers on them into a living, breathing craft. See hirilonde’s comment in regards to waste... Thank you.
  3. It has all begun. I’m lofting the frames onto poster board, these will get transferred to Baltic Birch once I have a construction space organized.
  4. The book got here Friday, gonna find some suitable paper and begin drafting the plans!
  5. Thank you sir! I cannot wait to start the lofting process!
  6. I just ordered Jeff’s book Fuselage Frame Boats, and am looking at possibly building the Poco Barta. I wanted to build the Vardo originally, but I love the rounded bow and fantail stern of the Curlew and Poco Barta. I was curious as to the stability factor for Poco Barta, and any other info you guys may have. I know it’s not a common build, but I may just tackle it for that reason alone. Thanks!
  7. I’ve been digging through the recesses of the interwebs for about a month now; researching Greenland kayaks and assorted shenanigans. This is apparently the place to be for all things SOF, so here I am. Sometime in the next few months I’ll be ordering the plans for a vardo and beginning to gather materials. Looking forward to sharing my build process with you all.
  8. I suspect you are correct, and I’m only 35. Hard work and patience are quickly going out of style, with the exception of what seems to be a minority of younger folks. The reward/work matrix has been skewed by so much instant gratification.
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