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  1. When I skinned my Stonefly I used a pair of canvas pliers and a block of scrap wood to protect the gunwales. So I cranked it pretty tight but I also used the heavier poly, not sure if that will make much difference. Pull it hand tight, fold it over and use the pliers for that extra 1/2" of stretch then staple away.
  2. I do believe all the corrections are up to date here: http://www.kudzucraft.com/web/correction-and-revisions
  3. My stonefly weighs 40 lbs complete.
  4. I think this is correct: but the top piece is the frame for the boat. The bottom piece is the bracket that gets mounted to the strong-back and supports the keel. The frame then sits on top of the keel and can use a clamp to hold the frame to the bracket while build up the rest of the boat. The hole in the center of the bracket is so a string can be passed through all the brackets and they can be aligned on the strong-back. Take a look at the first pic in this post: Can see how the "brackets" get screwed to a 2x4 board running perpendicular to the strongback. The keel then runs through the brackets and the frames get clamped to the brackets.
  5. I stopped by the Victor LakeShore yesterday and yes, they are still purchasing and stocking the WRC, forgot to look at the price. I need some 8/4 walnut soon anyway so will probably be making a road trip to Pulaski to check out their big warehouse.
  6. Can I ask where you got the hatch? I am thinking of doing the Vardo specifically as my touring/camping boat so planning hatches in both bow and stern. Nevermind on the hatch, just realized you were in Finland... Nice looking boat!
  7. Wife's Curlew was first, then did the Stonefly canoe for myself. Made the kid's one for my youngest and now making a SUP for my oldest. Planning an expedition kayak for myself though.
  8. You did it backwards Build the wife's boat first then she is more open to as many boats as "you" want...though now I'm running out of storage space.
  9. Dave, yes, I got this last material from Pittsford Lumber and he said they were no longer ordering WRC. Checking Bristol Valley they also dropped it from their web-site/price list but we did not travel down there as we were able to get what we needed from what was left at Pittsford. I had not tried Lakeshore yet, need to pay them a visit at some point. Am in Webster.
  10. Nope, but we have Matthews and Fields who list WRC decking on their web site...so that's a choice.
  11. Went on a mission yesterday to find some Western Red Cedar (WRC) for my current project and both of our local wood places had removed WRC from their web-site, since we needed some other stuff we still went to the closest one and he did have enough material for our project but said the prices had been going up so they weren't purchasing it and what he had was all he had (if I had had my trailer would have bought it all). Just wondering if others are encountering similar issues and how they're getting around it? I have identified another local company that sells WRC decking but haven't gotten prices yet, other wood species? I have used decking in the past, but not as cost effective. Cheers!
  12. Ha, sorry don't log in much, also started a new job in May down in Henrietta so busy there. Bay Creek told us the water level was the highest it's been since the early 1950's, up by about 5'
  13. Nice, I'm in Webster BTW, plan to get out paddling around Ellison with the scouts next weekend with my canoe and kayak.
  14. Sorry, just saw this, been in winter hibernation, meaning I have been working on getting my ski patrol re-certification done (never take a 3 year break again, they make you redo the entire training process, ugh). Only 4 weeks left til final testing day though... Taking Jeff's advice I bought a pair of canvas pliers and used a block of wood to protect the underlying wood. Make sure your staples are long enough to penetrate the fabric and the wood, I think I used 1/2" all the way around the boat, I also bought the pneumatic stapler that Jeff recommends, pretty cheap and worked flawlessly. Then I bent some aluminum strip around the stem and stern, screwed that to the frames and filled in the gaps with silicon. After some light sanding of the silicon I painted the whole thing and you cannot tell how the stem and stern were done at all. I used the 11 ounce poly from Jeff, can really crank on that stuff and not worry about it opening up.
  15. Even with the pliers I could not get all the wrinkles out on the Stonefly, but repeated ironing did the trick...
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