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  1. Hello Craig, maybe this Thread can answer your Questions:
  2. Hi Bignose, they should actually be identical. Most people mount the plywood coaming so that the two bottom rings pinch the skin. So the discrepancy should probably be barely noticeable afterwards as long as you get the screws through all the rings cleanly. The upper ring should always stand so much over the middle one that your spraydeck has a good grip all around.
  3. Hi Bignose "This bracket is to be mounted on the top of the Frame locatet at 8`2". It´s purpose ist to support the underside of the Coming when you push donw on it." This Explanaition and some additional Information is noted on the Vardo Plans, sheet 2.
  4. Hi, this is an 1:20 Model of an Vardo with extra inserts for Hatches. You can see the final full scale Boat in this Post: the seam line is done asymetrical on the edge of the Gunwale
  5. Hi Garrett, what kind of Fabric is this ? I glue Polyester Fabric with "Sabacontact 70t". I have heard glueing Nylon is not as easy. I have glued a long cut. It is like new, but i have glued it from inside, where no Coating is on the surface of my fabric. I think you have to make some tests.
  6. HI Sailormon, here you can see my results by using an coated polyester and an synthetic resin varnish: https://messing-about.com/forums/topic/11660-vardo-launch-in-bavaria/?tab=comments#comment-107993 + durable glueing (stern / bow), or after scratches + hot shrinkable + not hygroscopic * shiny finish, people do not realize it is an SoF -relatively heavy, applyed many layers of resin - i think it could be more durable (e.g. scratches) so i decidet to try next time an uncoatet ballistic nylon and applying an urethan coating - we will see, i am very interestd to hear (and see) about your experiences.
  7. Very Nice! Always liked the beauty of the pure frame!
  8. I found another photo from summer. I hope it can clarify how I solved the problem: Pad 1 is glued to the underside of the coaming, Pad 2 to the side of the beam. You can find the right position by rowing in the boat and looking where your knees touch the respective parts. (Lake Constance - Bodensee)
  9. HI HBREW, i have had glued microfoam pieces (3/4" thickness) on the stringer and on the coaming where they have contact with the knees: That works pretty good for me and gives me a tight and comfortable sitting position. P.S. I can take some Photos if you like to see
  10. for an longer tour, i have alwyas an "Manual Kayak Bilge Pump" with me ..
  11. Yes you are right, i have lashed them on top of bracket 8.2, (drilled a hole in the upper center of the bracket). I didnt use the addition support brackets. For the visual appearance, i think its very impotant to make those deck beams not to short. I saw some kayak where the deck beam ends bevor it leaves contact with the skin and then you get (IMHO) ugly bumps into the skin. I think the bow of an laminatet beam/bracket can vary widely, so you have to decide from time to time if you want to go over or under that .
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