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  1. Been remiss waiting for the snow to melt. Tadpole shot with the happy lasher added in to give a sense of scale. Yes the 11 year old glued the scarfs, sanded, sawed, and lashed. All under supervision of course.
  2. So I am now going to attach the coaming. I do have one question: I have the bottom section of the plywood coaming under the skin. The holes in the plywood sections have all been pre drilled. However, I will never get screws in the bow and stern section of the coaming as there are fuselage sections that are in the way of getting the screws in, much less screwing them in. Suggestions? KJ Lummis
  3. Nothing says Christmas in Canada like making a kayak with snow on the ground. I do have some questions regarding the Ravenswood laminated deck beam. The assembly manual ver 5.1 has the laminated deck beam section but not specific to the Ravenswood. I don't have the dimensions that are necessary. 1. When I eyeball where the deck beam will go it appears the starboard and port beams will go above the deck beam, and the center beam will go below. Is this correct? I found a picture that shows all three underneath. It will be a major bend on the port and starboard deck beams to get them underneath. 2. Are there specific dimensions for the curve, or a method for me to get the proper curve? I have included a couple of pictures. The beams still have to be cut to a shortened length. Electrical ties are just holding everything in place before I lash it. KJ Lummis
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