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  1. Even I am always amazed at the weight of the frame. Of course the skin and paint will bring that up but even so they are so easy to handle compared to Tupperware boats.
  2. In the 12 years that VARDO plans has been available I have never been asked that question. Sounds like you caught a 12 year old mistake to me. Plans list quantity for all three (even though it does appear only two are needed) Deck beams are listed on the plans and long enough. You don't have to waste those, just cut a scarf and glue them up to length needed. I do it all the time. Never built a boat that didn't have a few scarfs in the stringers.
  3. BINGO!! Thank you. After reading it the only real restriction for me is the battery can not be directly under orover the gas tank. I wasn't planing on that so not an issue and another Internet know-it-all put to rest.
  4. I don't frequent this group often and probably should. Restoring a '62 CC Sea Skiff and need to relocate the battery. Existing space is VERY tight, Was located in the bilge. I can find a battery that will fit but there is no way to put in a box and I really want to do that. So I need to relocate. Tons of room under either of the front seats. But I am leaning toward putting it aft, under the rear seats. It is large open space with super easy access. The gas tank is located behind the seat. 30 gallon galvanized tank. Battery would be adjacent to it and with all the ventilation I see no issue. But I have people in another group howling at the idea. Some are saying it is against CODE I assume they mean some regulation but I can't find anything anywhere that addresses this. I don't see the problem but I thought I would ask here. Is there a safety issue with a battery beside/under the tank? I would be in a box and tied down.
  5. Store is and has been open for a while now.
  6. It and Curlew are my favorites. For different reasons but that is the two I paddle most.
  7. That is why the engineer in me could never build a traditional boat. I couldn't stand the thought of designing something and not being able to build it exactly. Then it being to unstable or having bad manners after all that work. Plus not being to reproduce the same hull shape again if I wanted. Not against traditional boats, just no interest in building one.
  8. Looks like you did a very nice job there.
  9. Plus Okume would be a much better quality plywood too. Assuming the DF you get is typical of what I can get. It is really disheartening the difference in American made plywood and imported plywoods. While I prefer to buy American the imported plywood is FAR superior to anything I have seen made here. But as you said, shipping is very expensive. I need 3 sheets for my Chris Craft. Shipping is as much as the plywood so I am trying to work up an order for all the wood for the boat at once.
  10. Not sure what is going on but Seals has said they are not taking any more orders this year. They say that they have no more manufactoring capacity left(??). Try ordering this winter for next year. That means no Skirts too. So I am looking for a new source for backbands and skirts.
  11. What Dave said. I have never been able to get three coats on with 1 quart and always have bit left over on the 2nd quart. I always buy 2 quarts because the gallon will go bad before I use it again. As for thinner, what ever they recommend. Rustoleum uses acetone. I have tired cleaning brushes with other thinners and it ruined the brush. Did strange things to the paint so follow the instructions and used what ever they recommend. And by all means thin it! Thinning it allows it to soak into the fabric and will stain the fabric a consistent color and looks MUCH better. If you don't you have a horribly blotchy finish inside the boat. Plus, while I have no proof I think that it helps seal the fabric better. If you skin off some paint on the surface, and you will, the fabric will remained sealed with the paint that soaked into it.
  12. Probably is the next step. I am a little short in kids boat but not having any around me it is very difficult to gage much less design kids boats.
  13. Trying to email you about your order and your email keeps bouncing. HELP!
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