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  1. The store calculates shipping based on weight and distance. There is no way I can put in all the options or combinations in. Flat Rate boxes can bey much cheaper and there is no way to put those into the store software. BUT, I was mistaken on the price. I just double checked and it is $89.95 to ship to Australia in a Flat Rate Box. Obviously no discount there. International start at $30 and I thought I had shipped to Australia for that price but I am obviously mistaken. Heck, the flat envelope for documents is $41! And Postal Service is always the che
  2. I can ship enough for one boat for about $30 US using the Postal Service.
  3. I wonder if it is the thinner? I have not thinned the ones I painted?
  4. If you are talking commercial products, Yakima or Thule, hands down. I prefer Yakima because there is a large used market on Ebay and you can put together a rack much cheaper. I have tried cheaper racks and that is just what they are. My absolute favorite is my trailer. Easier to load and unload.
  5. It is the link you are using. It is a search results and bring up ever page that mentions hatches. Even the older page without photos (now deleted). Here is the page. http://www.kudzucraft.com/web/adding-hatches
  6. I used to carry a bilge pump but rarely do now. They take forever to empty a boat. I learned to empty most of the water from the boat while swimming. Enough for me to be able to re-enter. If I have someone with me we can get 95% out and just don't worry about the rest. If we take a break I can get out of the boat and dump it out. But, generally I just don't worry about it and empty it when we get back. That is why I said turn it upside down.
  7. Before I designed boats I built a skinny, little boat that was WAY less stable then my skills at the time. I rarely paddled it and because it was a struggle to keep up right. I was sitting on an old typewriter pad (are you old enough to remember those?) about an 1/2" thick. I borrowed something similar from a fellow paddler because I forgot mine. He left early and I pulled up to a leaning tree, braced myself and pulled out his cushion and tossed it to him. Sat there in the boat a couple of minutes talking and suddenly realized that I wasn't struggling to stay upright.
  8. Not sure what the image is but it is not a real boat. Probably an image of one of the developmental models of the Messabout Series. The Mess About 15 has the extra stringer but it is flush, not a chine.
  9. All my designed are chinned. Very hard not to in a SOF boat. I don't remember any specifics on the Book offsets but there isn't a multi chinned Messabout.
  10. Check out my web site, I have at least two videos on there show skinning. Building Shad part 6(?) is my latest and shows my methods best.
  11. My intention was let that beams just extend enough to clear the skin past the laminated beam. What I do is clamp the lower coaming ring in place then stretch a piece of fabric (old t-shirts work great) to determine where the beams fall. I trim them so that they don't leave any ugly humps under the skin. HBREWS solution seems to work out rather well. Was not what I had in mind but it if looks good that is all that matters.
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