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  1. If stability is the primary concern then 2n1 is going to be the most stable and is very versatile. If you are just looking to mess around on the water this would be my choice. I just forgot to list the Stabity on Mayfly but I have it documented. Just need to dig up the spreadsheets and find it.
  2. I was going to ask about the floors too. Looks good and love the idea for the yoke.
  3. Good question and I had to look, but yes. They will have different shapes but both are 18"(+/-) wide. Yes, Curlew plans were the first to get the modified frame.
  4. Sew it tight and you shouldn't have any issues. As for water based paint, I know it has improved but past experience wasn't great. Always test on scrap first.
  5. I have GREAT memory! Just sometimes It is a little short. I looked that up and just forget to mention it. Both Ravenswoods coamings are the same as I suspected.
  6. One thing I forgot to address is the question about Low Volume. Whether he out grows it will depend on his weight. While this is a smaller boat it is smaller all around. If he grows up to be a Linebacker he is not going to fit. If he stays on the slender size he could fit the rest of his life. This is not a child sized boat, just made with the lightweight person in mind.
  7. Yes, assuming it is made to the plans, all boats share the same coaming so you can share spray skirts. Well, I have to verify the Ravenswood LV coaming is the same, but the other are. Now, the early versions of my boats, the coamings had a slightly different shape, they were a bit different than the current ones and while skirts wouldn't be an exact fit even those should work on the frame.
  8. They are two totally different boats and nothing is shared between them.... maybe the coaming is? I think it is but I have to pull up the plans to be sure. I will do that latter.
  9. Makes our 20 mile trips to Huntsville seem rather pathetic.
  10. No I a very happy with Short Shot and the way it paddles. Changing the bow would be a lot of work and just change the cosmetics and most people like the pointy bow better.
  11. Just for the record, while it is common for people to alter plans, we do not support or advise it. When you start deviating from the plans it is no longer my design and you are own your own. We offer no support on modified boats.
  12. That has come up before and I had to look to remember. But the manual was wrong and the frame is located at 7'10".
  13. As Dave said. just no way to say but an easy to way to check if you have enough is turn the boat upside down/ Put a lightbulb inside. Darken the room and see if you have pin holes in the skin. They will show as bright spots in the frabric and a sure sign you need to add another coat. I do this with all the boats I paint and it works really well with paint. Varnish is going to be a bit harder to see the pinholes I expect but it should work. Probably need a not to bright light.
  14. Agreed. That is the one I have used.
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