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  1. Kudzu

    CNC or Water jet service?

    Anyone had any experience with a company that can cut boat frames kits from plywood? I have always hand cut mine but my allergies are getting worse and I need to look at hiring someone to cut the kits for me. Really interested in someone that does water jet because of the square corners but having a hard time finding anyone that regularly works with wood.
  2. Kudzu

    Water in Shad

    My experience is just like yours. I always have water in the boat and have gotten to the point I don't even notice it anymore. I just expect it. You do drag some water in getting in and out. Paddles drip in. and seams are rarely totally waterproof. If you ever turn your boat upside down with water in it I will bet you will see some water dripping our around the seams. We poke dozens of holes sewing them and as hard as i try mine to seal these, they always leak a little. I suspect water seeps through the skin some even though I don't know this for a fact. It is possible you have a few pin holes in your hull but if you only have a cup or water I wouldn't worry about it. I have found those tend to seal themselves. I assume detris in the water gets pulled in and seals them. Best way to check is put the boat upside down on saw horses. put a light inside the hull and darken the room. Any pin holes will be very obvious as tiny bright points of light.
  3. So many questions.... I will hit a couple. #6 If you use polyester fabric, Anything will stick to it. If you want paint, use Rustoleum if you can stand the limited color choices. It is oil based, you have to use acetone to thin it and clean brushes but it is the most durable paint you can get. If you want a clear finish you will need an exterior poly or varnish. Need something with UV inhibitors. have not done one in a long time so someone might have a specific answer. #7 Stonefly is designed for you to sit low and be paddled with a Double blade paddle. But you can use what ever you want. #8 Sure, as long as they are securely attached. I cater to the person with limited skills so I specify easiest way. All that matters is it is securely and permanently attached. 9. You can use wood, it doesn't last as long but I have used them and after a year of so had to replace them.
  4. Kudzu

    Are these the staples?

    Never seen galvanized before so can't speak with experience but they should work. Galvanizing is a good rust proofing. Jut don't know how well they are coated. I would be temped to try them.
  5. Kudzu

    Are these the staples?

    Yes and no. Yes, right end but they are steel and you need monel or stainless. Steel will rust and stain your finish and eventually fail. Problem is that I cannot find Monel or stainless with staples with that tapered ends now so you are stuck with Square ends now
  6. WILL BARTER FOR A VINTAGE CAMPER We are looking for a Vintage Camper/Trailer. I know it is a long shot but if you want a new kayak built maybe we work out a trade. I want to make it very clear I don’t want just ANY camper. I am looking for something very specific! Must be a Can Ham or Toaster style exterior. Built from around 1965 or older Preferably 14-18 foot in length with single axle MUST have real wood interior and cabinets. No MDF NO PAINTED INTERIORS! If the wood has been painted, I am not interested. MUST HAVE a bathroom or at least space to add one Fixer-upper or something that needs work is fine, as long as it is solid and mostly complete. I don’t want rotten junk that needs a complete frame up rebuild. Keep in mind I am located in North Alabama so delivery/pickup is a consideration. If you have something email me some photos and we will talk. Do not post it on the board please. Here is a screenshot from Google images to give you idea of what we are looking for.
  7. 2n1 is two boats in one. We designed this Recreation design so it can be paddled either tandem or as a solo boat. It is wide and stable, will accommodate larger paddlers and has a large open cockpit. 2n1 should have high stability and be suitable for a lot of different uses. The large open cockpit provides lots of options, such as taking out the kids. Have a dog that likes go paddling? Fishing, paddled solo there is lots of of room for tackle, a cooler, whatever you could want. And you can raise the seat height up too. Plans are now in the store. More details at http://www.kudzucraft.com/web/boat-designs/boats/2n1
  8. Kudzu

    Whats included in kits?

    Inside edges are rounded. Outside are not.
  9. Kudzu

    CATFISH * fishing catamaran

    I worked a lot on a sailing trimaran as a personal project but just lots of structural issues. Sails put a tremendous force on a boat and I just couldn't come with anything that would go fast (my goal) and that I could feel safe with. SOF is flexible that goes against what is needed in sailboat unless your just poking around. I love sailing fast,hate sailing slow. I think that is one place plywood/epoxy construction makes more sense. It possible but not sure how practical it is.
  10. Kudzu

    CATFISH * fishing catamaran

    This is the first draft so it will change I am pretty sure, 10 foot long pontoons 4 foot overall width as drawn. That is a perfect size to fit in the back of a pickup truck. I wanted to keep it at 8' length but I figure you put a big guy on there, trolling motor, battery, cooler and fishing tackle.... suddenly your looking at a very realistic 350 lb load. 8' pontoons sunk to deep for my taste and the longer it is the better it will ride in choppy water. The way I designed it I think it might be feasible to just add another frame in the middle and extend it to 12 ft or even 14 ft when building it. Everyone wants short boats but they pitch bad in anything past small waves so there is an advantage to longer pontoons in rougher waters. As for the weight, really don't know. The hulls will probably be 12-15 lbs each? But the beams, seat framing, etc is so variable it hard to guess. I think 40-45 lbs. boat only is realistic if you really watch the weight but I haven't worked out the construction details of the bridge yet. So it just an fair guess at this point.
  11. Something new and way different than a kayak. I was inspired by an idea from a fellow that used to live near me. Powered by an electric trolling motor . Catamaran for stability. Higher seat height makes casting and flyfishing much easier. Short length make is easy to fit in a pickup truck bed. Just a concept at this point but I think it had a lot of potential.
  12. Kudzu

    New design concept

    I still want to do a real Sea Kayak tandem but very small market for those. But the wife and I are interested in one so it might happen. But this recreational boat has a lot more market appeal and pretty sure it will sell.
  13. Kudzu

    Adding rub strip down the road?

    I have never tried it but I suspect if you just staple and paint it would leak. I always put the stip on at the time so I don't know.
  14. Kudzu

    Tips and Tricks

    Propane works too. If you have those hand held torches, just put the head in the can, open the valve and seal it. Yes is is flammable but so is varnish and oil based paints.
  15. Kudzu

    Keel length-Vardo

    You have to trim it to fit. Look on the plans at the lengths of stringers, it says These are minimum lengths and will require trimming on the boat. I never give exact lengths because it gives you room to make a mistake.

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