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  1. If you compare the drawings on layout section you will see the strings bottom corners are the layout points. So stringers bottom edge is the point.
  2. Once you attach the gunwales and the blocks it will be more obvious. But It is virtually impossible to glue all those in place and perfectly even, so the idea is get that top of the gunwale smooth/flat for cosmetic reasons. If you are installing breasthooks on top of the gunwales then you going to need the ends shaped so the breasthook rests flat on the gunwales.
  3. Best answer is try it on some scrap and see. But you should be able to pull it tight with pliers. Sometimes you just have to get creative in your methods.
  4. That is a good question. Obviously it will float no problem and be very stable. She could paddle it with a tall seat (most likely). What I don't know is if she will sink it enough for it to track well. Unlike most canoes it tracks well and with her in might be a little loose? Honestly not sure but you could always add a small skeg if needed. I have a video on building one on YouTube.
  5. Not sure where you saw a 200 lb limit but that is not right. It will easily handle 250 lbs. Upper limit is.. well, I would have to look but at least 300 lbs.
  6. Over the years I have tried most everything and found that all can work but obviously some work better than others. I have found that there is nothing better OR SAFER than a proper set of clamps and bars with a bow line to the front of the car. My issue with anything else is that the kayak will move around. Possibly turn sideways on your car or come off the car and hurt or kill someone. What I do is go to the Yakima site and figure out what will fit my car, INCLUDING older stuff. There is a good market on Ebay for used Yakima racks. Sometimes you can buy a mount with bars and maybe even some mount for a bicycle of canoe. Sell the stuff you don't need and end up with very little in the the pieces you needed. I have even made money breaking them up and selling pieces. I needed clamps for the Suburban. Yakima showed two styles, one was discontinued. Searching Ebay I found the old style at a good price with some other hardware I didn't need. But, I sold the extras and ended up with a rack for a fraction of what it would cost to buy new. Easy to put on and MUCH safer than some cheap makeshift methods I have used in the past. Again, I will stress that the bow line tied to the front of the car is just as important as the racks are.
  7. Been thinking on this and I think you hit on it right there. Every WalMart in the country offers a 10-12 footer around $200. Instant and cheap gratification. No cares how poorly made they are and that many are down right dangerous. Glad I am near retirement age!
  8. I think that is part of it and I do think my business does have a predictable life left in it. No doubt as the older people die off this is going to not be viable as a business venture. Maybe as a side hussle. But I know that the days are numbered but I am near retirement age so I have other options and plans. But the decline I have seen is sudden, like the last year and that is what doesn't add up. Baby boomers didn't all die off to be replaced by Gen X and Melinials yet.
  9. I would just try cleaning it up and repainting. If there is a 'hole' of any sort maybe a couple of stitches to pull it closed. Hard to say without seeing it. If it is latex paint, the first I used wouldn't really soak in the fabric and just sat on top of it. I rubbed the paint off the keel and that boat would seep water not really a leak. I paddled it for a while like that and would need to bail it after an hour or two. One of the reasons I quite using latex, new stuff may be better though?
  10. That is one of my theories too.
  11. Been watching a steady decline in business the past year. I can graph it out and see sales slowly declining from what has been a very steady level the past few years. Talking to other supplies in the field they comment that it has slowed for them too and we are at loss as to why? One supplies says Political Theater. Which I don't doubt. I wonder if the proliferation of cheap China kayaks? Economy is good so that is not it. Any input?
  12. The designs calls for 4" forward. But a less is OK. Just going to far forward could cause tracking issues. It I have found that it is not really critical
  13. Is the fabric torn? Does it leak? From here looks like it just needs a little paint touch up.
  14. Kudzu

    boat speed

    Very interesting. Sort of helps confirm what the data says on the hull. But of course unless you have the strength and endurance to paddle hard for long periods of time it doesn't really matter.
  15. You build it like the canoes. Look at the section on Stonefly.
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