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  1. Going boating Thursday. Latest pics.
  2. Looks great. Excellent job on the windshields and cabin.
  3. Here are a few more.
  4. Lets give it a try. Here are some progress pics.
  5. Still will not upload images. Says they are to big.
  6. Well the side decks or gunwales are glued and glassed and I am moving forward quickly now. I have the summer off, so I am now a full time boat builder. From the console aft, the gunwales are mahogany. I choose not to glass these but just varnish them. I glued the aft deck on the compartments today as well. I am going to glue (epoxy) 3/8" thick mahogany strips on top of the aft compartment deck so the aft deck and gunwales forward to the console are varnished mahogany. Tomorrow is clean up and some detail work and I'll begin painting the interior Friday. I hope to install the T Top and leaning post as well as hatches early next week. Then the rub rails, cleats, some bling and presto, it will be done. I have all that I need to complete the boat laying on the living room floor. My wife just loves this. My estimate of 2 weeks to completion has turned into a month. But I am close. I got my HMS tuna permit, some new line and such and I'm a busy guy. I'll get some performance specs up asap. Also some pics as soon as Frank gets this image upload thing figured out.
  7. I can no longer post images. It says the file is to big. However the images are the same size as usual.
  8. can't post pictures, says files are to big. tried posting some older photos that I already posted. won't up load those either, says they are to big.
  9. The boat market is a buyers market right now. With the economy the way its been since about 2008 things are tough. In my area I see guys restore an old car and then sell it for less than they have in it. I don't understand this. Now if your in financial straights and need money I can understand selling for less. Selling for less is actually paying someone to take it away. It also devalues everybody else's like property. The same guys who complain about the price of a boat will go right to the optometrist and pay 360 dollars for a pair of glasses worth about 25 bucks and never think a thing of it. In the words of tater salad, how can a pair of sun glasses cost 325 bucks when I can buy a big screen tv at wall mart that decodes digital signals from frigin outerspace for the same price.
  10. Moving forward. Getting ready for side decks, and the aft and forward compartment decks. Its coming together quickly now. I can't wait to launch her. Here are some progress pics. I had to shim the forward bulkhead 1/2 inch and the next station aft as well, to come up to the height of the shear clamp. I don't know if this was a mistake on my part or being the first one built was a discrepancy in the plans. I know the plans have been updated since I bought mine a year and a half ago. It was no big deal to shim these two stations up, and I'm really pleased with how fair the installation is. I have to give credit to Graham for such a straight forward set of plans and a really pretty boat. I couldn't be more pleased with the boat and its ease of construction. Side decks, rub rails, paint and varnish and some electrical work and in goes the T Top and leaning post. I could have spent more time on fairing and fine detail work but after all she is a fishing boat. Thanks Graham for one of the finest little sport fishing boats around and a wonderful design. Pics of the finished boat will be coming soon. Its been a busy Year and a half of boat building. Some of the best days of my life.
  11. The river was high and muddy so I just kept working on the boat. Two more weeks will see the boat finished. There will be some things to add here and there and some painting and varnish to do but its nearly done.
  12. Glassed on the inside, some peel ply and two coats of primer. Starting the gunwales.
  13. Glassing the topsides. I'll run the deck glass up to the first stringer and run a fillet to hide the seam. If I can get the deck glassed and a coat of primer on everything I'll put it in the water next weekend and start the break in and see how everything works. I'm pushing to finish in early to mid June.
  14. Wow Hightech, its really looking good.
  15. Thanks slaudeman. Hightech, lets see some progress pics. Here are some of my recent pics. I would rather of had the rigging hose underneath the hydraulic hoses. It weighs a little and will cause the hyd hoses to chafe on the splash well deck. I installed the hydraulic hoses before the Yamaha dealership installed the rigging hose. I'm going to rig a strap to carry the weight of the rigging hose, holding it off the deck and the hoses. .
  16. Engine install at the dealers shop. The transom cut out was just perfect. Rick, the mechanic at Portage lakes marine, has done a really nice job installing the engine and gauges. I'll get some detail pics later. I couldn't figure out how to work the camera so my daughter took some with her phone. I don't think the engine will need to be moved up, anyhow it looks just right. Some performance runs will be done soon. We are starting with an aluminum prop to get dialed in and I'll get a stainless one after seeing what she turns.
  17. I hates meeses to pieces!
  18. Yes. Do you want me to do that next? I have the rail already. Ok, I'll do that next. Morning.
  19. Thanks Fishman and Hightech. It looks really good from a distance, but not so much close up. I spent about 3 days sanding and did absolutely no long boarding, just used the random orbital. Actually the hull turned out pretty well. The console is not as good but its good enough for me. I took the boat for the engine install today and it got a lot of attention at the marina. Customers came outside just to see the boat. It was the design of the pretty hull that got there attention. Not my work. It is Grahams work they liked. And I like it to. She rode well on the trailer and I got the feeling she is really wanting to be splashed. She wants to be finished and running in a swell and so do I. She is going to be a nice little boat.
  20. That is a pretty rig.
  21. Out the door for engine install.
  22. Hey Hightech. Time and money are adding up. According to the charts, the battery run from the console aft and back is actually to far. I know it can be done, and I will if I have to. But it would cost a little chunk and the boat has eaten a chunk so far. I'm not at all worried about water back there. Those compartments are relatively water tight, although water may intrude through some of the wiring routes. If those compartments flood above the batteries I'm afraid the boat would already be gone. I really wanted the batteries at the console for weight purposes, although the batteries ride better aft. The cost of the heavy copper put them aft. If my scuppers are to low, I'll move the batteries to the console. I have given up on trying to make the finish perfect. To much work and time and I'm not going to miss boating and fishing this summer. I'm still trying to do a nice job though. I still plan on a late May or early June launching. January I couldn't hardly force myself to work hard. I'd go to the boat with every intention of getting something done, stand around looking at it and just have no energy to hardly move. Now I'm spending every bit of time I can find on the boat. Tuna and flounder will come over the rail this summer. Engine install is April 5.
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