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  1. Finally makin way. My construction base is on a dirt floor, so I cemented it in with 4x4's. I am transferring my drawings to the plywood with carbon paper. I'm using a deer antler tip ground to a small diameter, just a little larger than a pencil lead to use as a tracing tool. It has to be sharpened occasionally and then polished a bit to keep it from tearing the Mylar. It works really well, but care has to be taken to not press to hard, and you don't have to to leave a nice line. Stations 6 and 8 are cut out with their doublers as well. Here are a few pics.
  2. She looks real nice in the water. Thats a good lookin boat, and I think the bow flair is just right for her size. I'll call you in about 6 months and you can come up and help glass and fair my boat. Dave
  3. Can't wait for the pics. After seeing Grahams CD on the Ocracoke 20 and a video clip of Marissa running, I had a good feeling about the boat. That's why I choose to build the Ocracoke 24 out of the other Carolina style designs out there. Impressive work Lance. And good to hear you are pleased with her performance. Dave
  4. Thanks for the comments fellows. The express style is what I have in mind. I owned a 31ft Ricky Scarborough Express, selling her about 6 yrs ago(another story) best boat I ever owned. Graham included a drawing in the plans of the bow decked over and a hard top of sorts above the helm. I would like to have a hardtop with glass windows and enough headroom to at least sit up just forward of the helm in the cabin. I'll just have to turn her over and see what works. A head up forward is a requirement. Your boat looks great Lance and I have spent several hours studying your thread. Very helpful and motivating as well. Can't wait to start building. Dave
  5. I built a Penobscot 14 in 1998. I followed the builders plans and sealed the boat in epoxy. She still has her original paint and varnish. Some varnish has peeled in a few small spots the size of a dime or so. But still looks practically new. Keeping her stored in a barn has helped as well. The mast steps are correct but should be, I believe 10 to 14 inches long and epoxied to the keel. The plans called for a channel cut on the bottom of the step to drain any water that gets in there. The mortise goes all the way thru the step. It is a good sailing boat. Mine is a Gaff rigged Gunter
  6. Wow, now thats a boat. Looks like a lot of lead there.
  7. Getting started. Put the drop ceiling in the barn over the weekend. 3 days of it.This is where I'll build the boat. I will put a door on the front,do some framing and finish with some plastic and a tarp, and insulate the whole works. I'll have 12' X 27' inside. I ordered 43 sheets of 4 X 8 Okoume and 300 ft. of Douglas Fir today. I think I'm close on the plywood as I will put a cuddy and a hardtop on her. I'll bet I'm short on the Fir, but now I can get started. Now back to the basement for a while to keep the wife happy.
  8. Your boat looks great, and all of your pics will be a big help to other builders, including me. I have seen a lot of bad stainless. Some stainless screws never have problems and some out of the same batch will bleed rust. I would go with the best stainless you could afford. When my boat gets that far done I believe I'll go with Bronze if I can find it. Stay away from Brass in the marine environment. It will turn to mush. I hate the idea of drilling holes or driving screws below the water line. But I will install my trim tabs that way. I don't know if epoxy is the way to go or something like 3ms 5200 sealant. Maybe some one else has the answer. Nice boat and a great job.
  9. Received my plans today from Graham and Carla for the Ocracoke 24. I have poured over them for several hours and can't wait to get started. I called him, not being able to find the planking page. It was rolled up inside the full size Mylar plans. Sorry Graham. Everything looks pretty straight forward, but I'm sure i'll have questions in the months to follow. It is a nice set of plans with a lot of info on where to get materials, including what he carries. Willing and helpful on the phone for a guy so busy and I appreciate that. I looked at several other boats by other designers for the Carolina type boat I was after. I kept coming back to the Ocracoke. When I found he had plans available for a 24 footer I didn't hesitate. I would have purchased a Jig kit for the 24 if it was available. I believe he has them for the 20 footer. She is the right size to trailer, and economy and performance are at the top of my list. I saw his boat Marissa running in a you tube clip and liked that boat a lot. I have a lot of work to do to the boat barn, getting it ready for this build while I order materials and build the jig. I'm also redoing our basement. I'll do all 3 at once until and can concentrate on the boat itself. The barn should be warm enough this winter for epoxy work, I'll make it so. I'll start a building thread and do photos when I get started like the one being done now on the Ocracoke 20. Which will be a big help to me in the following months as well. I think the builder is NZ (thanks NZ) she looks great. Dave
  10. Update: I talked to Graham last week and plans for the 24' Ocracoke are available. Although he is busy at this time, I'm to call him next week to place my order. I can hardly wait. The beauty of this hull has got me, and with the 24 ft. version I'll have the size I need to add the cabin and enclosure I want. At this time I'm working on my barn getting it ready to build this boat. I have to finish redoing the basement of our house to keep the wife happy as well. Bustin to get started. Dave
  11. Kudzu, personally I like the Cypress platform. I think it would look good with the Mahogany. Hope you don't run into any major problems. I like the little lapstrake boat.
  12. Oyster,I no longer own Miyot, but she still sails out of Wachapreague Va. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Just found this site, so I'm new. I just emailed designergraham with a few questions. Can't wait to hear from him. I have built 2 boats. An Arch Davis Penobscot 14, and just completed a Haven 12.5 last month. They both sail wonderfully. I about fell over when I saw plans for the Ocracoke 20. I had just about settled on Arch Davis's Jiffy V-22 for my next build. Its the right size for my fish and dive plans. It has a small cuddy and open enclosure. Then I saw the Ocracoke. I had owned a Ricky Scarborough, 1978 31ft. for 5 yrs and building a Carolina boat was a dream, but I could find no plans. Boom, there it is. My question to designergraham is this. Can the plans for the Ocracoke be expanded to come close to the size of the Jiffy V-22 or can I add the cuddy and open enclosure to the Ocracoke without adversely affecting the stability of the Ocracoke? I read in this forum somewhere about programs for design, perhaps their is a program I can use to expand the plans of the Ocracoke to the 22 x 8.5 ft. size. Or perhaps designergraham could do that for a fee. I didn't ask him that yet. Anyhow it would be nice to have another Carolina boat just like my old one, only a smaller version. I would be a happy man. Can't wait to get started. Dave Marsh My old Ricky boat was named Miyot, and still carries that name. Here is a picture of my Haven 12.5
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