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  1. A lot of time is spent thinking, but I think it is time well spent.
  2. Better weather is just around the corner. Enjoy your boat. Looks great! I know you will be pleased with her performance. Well done.
  3. I may not understand your question. I used solid stock for the stringers and just beveled them with a plane in the areas that required it.
  4. Here's a link to a video:
  5. Underway photos. Can't say enough good things about this boat. Here are some pics from todays river cruise. The photos of the boat at speed are 35 knots. Grahams design really turns heads. While getting the trailer inspected at Monro muffler, all the mechanics came out and walked around the boat wanting to know where I bought it. While trailering, people are honking and giving the thumbs up. Where I stop for fuel, people invariably walk around the boat and just look at her. Performance is just as good as her looks. I get a thrill evey time I run her.
  6. Haven't posted in a while. Still keeping up with your build. Nice console, I like the foot rest. Should have done something similar on mine. She is looking good. Dave
  7. Very nice. I like your foot space at the bottom of the console. I noticed fishman also made a step at the bottom of his console. Although different from yours, still a place for your feet. I now wish I had done something similar. Leaning post placement is critical for a comfortable fit. Mine is just square at the bottom and although it works, its just not quite right while standing and leaning against the seat. Your boat is going to be a nice rig.
  8. I remember this all to well. Looking nice and clean Adios. Just make sure your getting a nice consistency with the epoxy and not getting any voids. Looking really good.
  9. Congrats on the turnover Russell, a milestone in the build.
  10. I made the holes for the wiring chase pipe just a little over size. Braced my pipe as best I could so a very slight gap was around the pipe and filled the gap with 5200 and used enough to make a nice fillet around the pipe on both sides of the bulkheads and decks. I wanted the joints to be flexible. That was my thought anyhow. Seemed to work well and time will tell the tale.
  11. Good to see some progress photos. Press forward. I expect to see a spring launching.
  12. Actually I've had the GPS effect the compass quite a lot as well. Usually the compass or device manufacturer will have a compass safe distance in their instruction sheet. You must put the compass where you want it to go with no devices or metal objects any where close to it. Then you can observe the compass dial while moving each device slowly to the position you would like it in. If the dial compass dial moves even slightly you are to close with that device. Usually 2 - 3 feet for a radio with a speaker in it. In some cases you can get closer. I personally like no deviation in the compass to start with. Another big compass deflector is an EPIRB. 4 feet can be to close.
  13. Super clean. Looks great. Is your radio to close to your compass?
  14. Its a Glen L design. Its called the Flying Saucer. Fast little boat.
  15. I laid a board on top of the console. I got 7 ft. 8 inches from the ground to the top of the console. That is with the boat on a bunk trailer. The T Top is folded forward. I got its height by adding the length of the folded section to its lower support legs and from the deck to the ground. So the top of the T Top, if it were up in its locked position would be 10 feet from the ground.
  16. Ok, I took some measurements. Tip of the bow to the ground while on the trailer ( 6' 8" ) Ground to top of T Top while on trailer is approx. 10 ft. Tip of bow to trailer is about 5 ft. Back of engine to tip of bow is 26' 2" and back of engine to tip of trailer tongue is 29' 8"
  17. 1blueheron, I got your PM. The boat is in the barn with the T Top folded down. When I get it out the next time and I remember, I'll get the measurements for you. I could have given my console a better finish, but I don't care and neither does anyone else. The boat is actually freaking awesome. Here is a pic of my latest build. I have been busy, but finished this little boat in 9 weeks. I didn't have to purchase any lumber to build it, I used all the left over paint, lumber, etc. from my last 3 boat builds.
  18. I'm using West 410 fairing filler. I hate that stuff. It sags like crazy. I try making it as thick as possible but it doesn't want to support its own weight. Does anyone have any advice on use of fairing fillers? Try 407, I've had no sagging problems and it still sands well and is stronger than the 410. Boat looks good.
  19. SteveVa, sent you a PM
  20. I'm sorry, I don't remember and did not keep track. I did run out and had to order more. I think I used 54 sheets of ply altogether if that can help you figure up what you have used and what you may need for the sides. I will caution you on the staples. If you can't get some kind of leverage on your stapler you have to reach in with a long clamp. The staples will not pull the planks together, only hold them together. And in places body weight is not enough. I could brace my body against the sides of my barn and put more than body weight alone onto the stapler. It is hard work and a pad is necessary between your hand and the head of the stapler. I used a cloth folded up and covered with duck tape to protect my hand and it still hurt somewhat. Work the stapler in a pattern. Working from central areas to the edges. Don't get your epoxy to thick. I liked it to flow a little as I worked and got squeeze out somewhat like a ribbon if you know what I mean. Get a couple of those clamps with the vice grip handles if you know what I mean. I could reach in about 10 inches from the edge to clamp. They are a little pricey but you only need a couple. Worked great at the bow where planking was only 8 inches wide or so. Looks like you are doing fine.
  21. Adios, that transom is beautiful. Looks like your making excellent progress. I believe you are going to be happy with your boats performance when finished. It is one solid, well handling boat. Light and easy to trailer. Excellent fuel economy, both for the tow vehicle and the boat itself. I can't say enough good things about it. Solid, fast, nimble. This boat has it all. Hold on when you push the throttle. She will set you back. Put her in a hard over turn and she will lean into it, holding you to the deck with centrifugal force. Like a race car on a banked track. Like shes on rails. What can I say, I love the boat. Dave
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