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  1. In terms of getting back on board, Michael Collins (Greybeard on the Watertribe) has a folding step on his transom. It’s a folding aluminum step like we have on fire engines. I wish I had taken a picture.
  2. I mentioned it on Facebook. I will get there Friday afternoon. I'm camping in loop 3 and bringing the Core Sound 20 Mark 3 and maybe a Sassafras canoe.
  3. Where the tack is attached is also important. On a reach, I put it on the windward rail next to the main mast so that the staysail is roughly parallel with the other two sails. Going downwind (really about 20 degrees off of downwind), let the main out forward of the mast (by the lee) and attach the tack of the staysail on the lee side of the main mast on the rail - the effect being a single large sail. The sheet goes to the block on the end of the mizzen boom and the halyard to an eye on the rail aft of the mizzen mast to support the mizzen mast. I simply secure the halyard to a cleat on the forward side of the mizzen when it is not in use.
  4. I had previously built a CS 20 MK 1 from plans. That helped. I also spent 4 weeks at Graham's shop assembling the boat enough to put it on a trailer and take it home. By then, I wasn't going to box myself out of something by closing in a space before I had done all the work there. Only in putting on the motor mount (see my wife's funny video) did I not do something in a reasonable order. So, the answer is by luck and pluck did I get around not having builders notes. I did have to call Graham several times and I did ask for detailed drawings for things like the masts and rudder .
  5. We built a dodger from a Sailrite kit. It came almost to the mizzen mast and provided a lot of protection for the off duty sailor and a good sleeping area using floorboards meant to bridge the area between the seat and the centerboard trunk. Pictures at http://capt-doug.blogspot.com/2012/02/completed-boat-work-on-core-sound-20.html I also think you should add the third mast step. It is not much rouble to add and provides an excellent option in a dismasting. It was designed for the sleeve sails without reefing, but it can be a godsend.
  6. Nice pictures Chuck. I take the girls sailing there when I m teaching sailing at nearby Camp Merrie Woode. I need to bring my Core Sound up there.
  7. Looks great Hal! When will you be bringing her East?
  8. I'm so sorry. I did use treated wood as several have suggested. I sealed with epoxy, but I didn't know about the reaction with aluminum. Now to figure a way to heat and remove the wood plugs from the new boat. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Am I right to assume that the Messabout is the last weekend in October (October 30-31?
  10. I'm working at camp in North Carolina, so can't send pics. The line goes through a fairlead on the bow, then past the tabernacle (with a stainless rub strake to keep from chafe) to a reinforced cleat aft of the forward bulkhead. I did not feel that the forward edge of the bow was strong enough. The boat moved around a bit at anchor the one night I spent on anchor. I need to play around with having the rudder and centerboard up and down and maybe a reefed mizzen out. The stove is mounted on the aft cabin bulkhead so as to swing free and allow steam to escape. The stove can be seen partway down on this page http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/12/howto/stoves/index2.html. It's the one on the left with the Coleman gas tank hanging below.
  11. I put on a Trac aluminum motor bracket and a Trac mounting plate to be used with a Torquedo travel electric motor. That way I can get in and out of boat launches and not hold up all the bass boats. The cracked easily disconnects, leaving only the mounting plate. I've also been thinking about doing the EC as a Class 6, electric and experimental, and sailing from the finish to the start and then back, using g a solar charger and doing it as a cruise rather than going 24 hours. Just a thought - if I sit very still, maybe it will go away.
  12. Putting a motor mount on the transom, I got into the locker while my wife held the wrench on the bolts outside. Then she decided to film me trying to get out. Next time I'll have to find a smaller person to do this.
  13. On this rainy morning I have been watching the videos on selecting paint and painting your boat on offcenterharbor.com. These are excellent and informative, as are the other videos and articles. The only thing better would be spending time with Graham and Alan in the B&B shop. This is a paid site ($28.00 a year), but it's worth it.
  14. Graham was thinking of putting the battery on the hull (cabin floor) just forward of the ballast tank. The box containing it could serve as a step down into the cabin (you need something to serve this purpose).
  15. Hirilonde Hmm, does the mast rotate on a mk3 ? No. It's mounted in a tabernacle, which means a tricolor will stay properly oriented.
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